The Prodigal Son

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This contemporary retelling of the Prodigal Son combines video with live drama to get the story across in a fresh way to your congregation.

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Andy is tired of working the family business. He wants his inheritance now so he can live life his way – and have some fun. A modern retelling of the Prodigal Son story.

Director’s Note: In this script, Andy’s exploits are filmed on video. His interaction with his family is live on-stage.



  • 3 men (one older, two younger)


Approximately 6 minutes, depending on the length of the video you make.


Adult worship service


Mark 13:11


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License of Use:

Your purchase of this script grants your church unlimited use of this sketch in your programs and worship services. You may photocopy the script for each cast member—as long as the copyright notice remains on each page. Any other physical or digital distribution of the script content is strictly prohibited. You may not use the sketches for any commercial purposes unless you get written permission first from


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