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So, you may well wonder…. is “The Sheep Laughs Comedy Show” a radio show, or is it a podcast? Good question! Answer: BOTH! It is designed to play on radio (which it does) and to be accessed on demand as a podcast… because you shouldn’t have to wait till it airs on a radio station to hear it when you want to! And, it might not air in your area!

If ours is the first podcast you’ve ever listened to, welcome! You can hear all the episodes of the show here on our site (by going here) or on your smartphone using a “podcatcher,” another word for an app that collects a podcast’s audio file. You then use the app to subscribe.

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NEW FEATURE: Visit our Youtube channel and subscribe as I convert the podcast to videos and upload more each week! You can also see the same videos on my Godtube channel.


The Sheep Laughs Comedy Show is available for your station to run.  It may be downloaded and used freely. Call me at 912-347-9579 for details!