User Raves And Reviews!

Ever since I began making these original scripts available, I have been getting great feedback from churches, drama teams and individuals that have used them to great success. Once you have performed one of these skits, please email me and let me know how it went. I’d love to post your comments.

Below is a sampling of just some of the comments from the many thousands that have read, performed or otherwise enjoyed the scripts. Look over them to get a good idea of what people are saying!

Brother Frederick,
Thanks so much for “The Pastor’s Barbeque!” This is such a fun skit for pastor appreciation. We have done it twice in the past few years with two different pastors. I love this particular one. We decorate the front of the church with a picnic setting. It’s been a hit with everyone each time that we’ve done it.
-Merline Vance

Four young people from our church performed “Assignment Hindrance” tonight for our annual Spring Banquet. It was a big hit! Our theme was “Jesus Is the Anchor of my Soul”. We definitely will be doing more of your skits.
-Linda Pflasterer

We presented your skit “Mama’s Close Call” last Saturday night. We were modest in our staging costs and used minimal props. The skit was a resounding hit! It was videoed but I have not yet received a copy of the video files. When I do, I will assemble into a single file and try to forward to you. We used only five male performers and the man who played Mama was ridiculously over-blessed with balloons for busoms. The ladies loved it and some laughed until they cried.

-Dave and Jo Schoonover

Dear Frederick,
The Sullivan Southern Baptist Church in Sullivan, IL did “The Christmas Family” on 12/13. We had such little time to prepare a Christmas program and not a lot of people. The no memorization skit was perfect for us and everybody loved it. The music and background sounds were great. We will be looking to purchase more skits in the future. Thanks so much.
-Ruth Ann Lusk

Hello Fred!
The Deliverance Church for Christ in Philadelphia, Pa will be doing your script “Attack of the Monster Tongue” on Sunday 10/24 or Sunday 11/01.
I am really impressed with your site and your scripts. Thank you! I have read a couple of your scripts and really enjoy this one. I think it is perfect for this time of year. The message is one that will never grow old. It is well written. Your ability to use humor to share a sometimes difficult topic is amazing. I look forward to using this script.

J. Savage

Dear Frederick,
We performed your skit at the “Mama’s Close Call” at Elm Grove United Methodist/ United Methodist Women in Wheeling, WV on May 12.
We had 115 people at our Mother/Daughter/Friend Banquet who belly-laughed their way through this play! Even with microphones we had to pause to deliver the next lines until the audience was still enough to hear. It is still being mentioned even 4 months after the skit was performed. Thank you for making this available.
-Peggy Laing

I would like to thank you again for allowing us to use the skit “Mama’s Close Call”. Our presentation of it was a total success and I received MANY comments from people explaining that they could not remember the last time they laughed so hard. One woman in the audience even said “I had to really focus to keep from becoming hysterical because I knew if I went there, I’d never be able to stop and I’d make a fool of myself.”

It was an event that no one present will soon forget and we owe it to you and the blessing you have been! Your talent is truly wonderful. I will continue to reference Sheep Laughs for any future need of scripts and skits. To do otherwise would seem to be foolish. ?

On behalf of the Portland Church of Christ of Grand Ledge, thank you SO much,


Dear Mr. Passmore,
The Rock of Ages Missionary Baptist Church in Hephzibah, GA did your play “The Junk Man’s Christmas Dinner” on December 11.

Just wanted to let you know what a resounding success our church had in presenting your 15 minute skit to a group of developmentally and physically disabled adults in our local state hospital. The fact that all the dialogue was on a CD made our skit seem like a real production because no one had to strain to hear what the actors were saying. We ended up only having 4 adults in the cast and with time to change our costumes all the characters were covered. We will definitely be using your CD’s again at Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Thank you for making even the very smallest churches have access to quality productions through your website. Sincerely, Judy Lawson, Christian Education Minister

Hello again, Fred!

The Jordan Chapel Church of God in Edgehill, GA will be doing “Christmas Leads Us Home” on the 2nd or 3rd Sunday in December.
We did your narrated play “the Christmas Family” 2 years ago and loved it!! We are a small church and I was concerned we wouldn’t have a large enough cast for “Christmas Leads Us Home,” but we do this year and I can’t wait to start! Everyone loved the last play we did, complimenting that it was so enjoyable because they didn’t have to worry about not understanding the storyline because someone forgot their lines or wasn’t talking loud enough. Thanks so much for this format – it works great for us and is a lot easier to cast for!
W. Jones

The Current River Baptist Church in Doniphan, MO did your play “Christmas Leads Us Home” this past December.

Everyone loved the play!! Received several compliments and had several people in tears…. God has definately blessed you with an amazing talent and thanks for sharing so others can be blessed!! Can’t wait until Christmas to do another one of your amazing plays!! We have several older members at our church and it helps them so much to be able to hear the plays now since we use the soundtrack. We always had the problem before of several of the audience not being able to hear and now that’s not a problem with your soundtracks. Thanks again!!


Hello, Fred!

Everett Hills Baptist Church in MARYVILLE, TN did “The Christmas Family” on 12-15. The play was a great success and we are so appreciative of your Christian skits. If you want to see the play, go to www.everetthillsbc.com then click on “launch media player” and it is titled The Christmas Family.

Kelly Berry

Dear Fred,
We are excited to get started this Wednesday on our production of “The Christmas Family”!  I did listen to the audio preview on the script page. I probably would not have ordered the CD & gone with this program had I not listened! We have never done a program like this, so I think I would have been a little nervous to go with this without having heard a sample. And like I told my pastor, I cried with the little bit I heard, so I think it will be very touching! ?

Thanks again,
Nicole Lloyd

Dear Fred,
We will be doing your script “The Christmas Family” at the Northland Bible Church in Tomahawk, WI on December 15th.
This is the second time that we’ve used your material. I really appreciate your special format of making plays that can be done with silent actors. We have a small church and a small youth group with limited talent. We are able to put together a nice play using everyone. The time and talent needed to rehearse spoken parts is limited. With your special plays, everyone goes into this with confidence and expectation. Of course, the format wouldn’t be enough without your excellent commitment to Bible accuracy and salvation emphasis. We thank God for your work. Please keep it up!
– For Christ’s sake, Pastor Alex Lindsay


The Mount Moriah AME Church in Cocoa, FL is doing “Season’s Beatings.”

We’ve been looking everywhere for plays and skits to perform for our church and we’ve just had no luck… until I came across your website. This is a really awesome site with great material! We have ordered the soundtrack and plan to use you in the future for other events. THANKS SO MUCH!!! You are a life saver……

Crystal Ingram

The Life Tabernacle in Shreveport, LA is doing “Testimony Show” for Thanksgiving.
I was looking for the perfect script for Thanksgiving and came upon your site. Read the script and just fell in love with it immediately. This had me laughing so hard that I just had to share this with my Youth Drama Ministry and church. Thanks and I will be visiting your site for more material. Just can’t wait!!!!

Gabriella Jeter
Dear Fred,
Sending you thanks for you skits! We performed “The Gift” last night and will do again during the Sunday service today. I played Mary while my identical twin sister Chris magically spoke the voice of “Willy” in the wings as I matched her voice with the puppet. There was much nose blowing and eye wiping as we came toward the end. Our dear friend, Connie played Wendy and we were all surprised how emotional we became doing this skit. Our pastor was out of town this weekend so I grabbed the chance to introduce an extended drama into our church. Been trying for years to have the opportunity to show the “church crowd” how powerful a drama can be and how life changing the experience is. We plan on doing more of your skits down the road.
Thanks again!
-Karen Schiefer, Minister of Music, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Ellicottville, NY

We did your play “The Legacy” this past Easter. I absolutely loved it and so did our whole congregation. I wish you had more plays like this where we don’t have to say lines. It was powerful and many tears were shed during the play. But more importantly a husband and dad of two of my actors came back to the Lord and had an emotional time with Jesus just because of the play. He is now serving the Lord just because he came to watch his family in the family. So praise the Lord for the work that you do.
-Gail Miller Bethany Pentecostal Church Manchester, Ky

Hello, Fred,
Your play “The Legacy” was very well received! Our elderly especially appreciated it because they could hear every word. Also, a retired minister, who is going blind, called to tell me how much he appreciated the drama. I know there were unsaved people in attendance, so I know seeds were planted. I was able to get people to act who were really out of their comfort zone. It was such a great time with people coming together to present God’s salvation story. I didn’t know at the beginning how this was all going to come together, but I trusted God that he would make it happen. The “no lines” format worked beautifully! Fred, if you have time, go to our church website, 
http://www.bunkertownchurch.org. Click on the photo gallery, and you will be able to see a slide show.

The soundtrack was fantastic! God sure did bless you with “The Voice”. I hope we can work with you again in the future. My friend at church will be in charge of the Christmas program, so I will show her The Christmas Play to see if she would be interested. Thanks again for a wonderful, wonderful drama!

-Blessings to you,

Dear Fred,
The Full Gospel Tabernacle in Eureka, CA will be performing “The Legacy” on March 31.
Thank you for such a wonderful drama! The quality of the soundtrack is super! I am believing that Jesus is going to use this drama to touch the hearts of many of our Easter Sunday visitors.
-Vicki Barry

The Baptist Bible Church in Parksley, VA will be doing your skit “The Guy With the Cardboard Christ” on 2/12.
We love the skit. It is so true how people do think of Jesus as an image. We want folks to have a personal relationship with the REAL Jesus. Thank you for allowing us to use this skit at our Valentines Day banquet. I hope the folks enjoy it and understand who the Real Jesus is. There will, no doubt, be unsaved folks at this banquet and we pray they will look at the reality of Jesus, not just the image.
-Thanks, Aimee Molter


The Northgate Wesleyan Church in Owosso, MI will be performing your skit “Mama Knows Best” on April 27.
We are looking forward to using this skit on April 27th. We did a different skit by you 2 years ago and had such great response and laughter that we want to do another one. Your gift to us with your talents of writing is such a blessing and we want to THANK YOU! for this. Please don’t stop because they are GREAT!!!
God’s Blessings,
Jan Oliver

The Sierra Bible Church Reno (high school Awana clubbers) will be doing “The Red Tie Club” on 1/23 and 1/25.
Thank you for providing these scripts – the Red Tie Club is absolutely awesome. The high school Awana clubbers will be entering the performance in the fine arts competition at their Journey Weekend – this competition is designed to encourage clubbers to use how the Lord has gifted them for the building of the body of Christ. Thank you for such good (doctrinally sound) material!
Diane Brookes
-Truckee, Ca

Hello, Fred!
The Trinity Roth’s U.C.C in East Berlin, PA will be doing your script “Mama’s Close Call” on Saturday, May 19.
We have really had a great time with this script! We also purchased the soundtrack, which adds so much more to the skit. My 40 year old son is playing Louie and another lady at church is Mama. The only thing we have to work on is not to “break down” in laughter! Thanks for a great skit for our church family banquet.
-Hallie Elicker

Dear Mr. Passmore,
We did your script “Mama’s Close Call” on May 13 at the St. John Pentecostal Holy Ministries in North Carolina.
I did the female version with members of our Missionary Circle on Mother’s Day. I used teenagers from our youth group as paramedics. We used props, along with the soundtrack I ordered. It was a huge success! From the compliments we received, the congregation thoroughly enjoyed the skit.
Thank you so much for this website. I’m passing it on to others, and I’m sure I’ll be using more of your material for our church in the future. Keep up the great work, and God bless.
-Sylvia McCrimmon

The Church of God of Prophecy in Ashburn, Ga did your skit “Mama’s Close Call” on May 13.
This script is very funny and actually reminds us of how our older relatives acted when we were their care givers. We are using it for Mother’s Day and the CD sound effects are wonderful and really add to the performance. Thanks you for making your scripts and CDs available for use.
-Gwen Bridges

Dear Fred,

We (United Methodist Church of Winlock, WA & The Hope Grange #155) put on “The Christmas Family” under my direction last December. We had a Dinner/Theatre, to say the least it was quite an event enjoyed by all. We had a profit of over $1,000 for just one showing. The money was donated to a local cause, The Winlock Food Bank. I want to thank-you from the very bottom of my heart for writing such a well written-play.
I have been recently approached if I could find a play for this year that was like the one last year. I just read a quick synopsis of “Redemption In The Wings” and was quite impressed, being that it sounds perfect.
I just wanted to say THANK-YOU for your time, playwriting and all your efforts that many people and organizations can take part using.
Bob Giardina

Dear Fred:
Unlike a lot of your testimonials my husband and I are a enitity that has a Christmas party for couples each year in our home.  This year we did the skit “Live From Downtown.” We had 54 at our home which I know are not a lot, but what a wonderful time of fellowship and part of it was your skit that you provided.  Thank you so much.  What a wonderful gift that you have.  The skits are clean and fun.  We laughed so hard!   This is the third skit of yours that we have done over the past 4 years.  And your soundtracks are a wonderful addition. I look forward to next year when we celebrate our 25th year in doing this ministry for our church.  I hope that your skits are a part of that.    Thank you again for everything.
-Linda Bartlett
Hello Fred,

I just wanted to let you know that I had done 4 of your skits over the weekend. I had emailed you previously letting you know, but I just wanted to let you know how well they were received!
Our middle school youth did “The Stupid Dummy’s Guide To Higher Self-Esteem”…it was awesome and our parishioners loved it! Lots of laughs!

We also did “The Gift”…it went perfect! I had a puppet that looked like a “grandma” and we called her Gracie. We used a high schooler for her “voice”. Again, our parishioners loved it …and it tugged a few heartstrings.

Next we had a father/son team do the The Guy with the Cardboard Christ! (I did buy a cardboard Christ from the link on your website, Thank you!!!) Instead of a newspaper, Alan was reading the book The Dummy’s Guide…people chuckled at that right away. This father/son team just played off each other and it was a huge success…

For our last skit, we did the Pastor’s BBQ…EVERYONE LOVED IT! This really happened recently in our church (and still is in the works unfortunately) so this really hit home. Our highschoolers did this one…they acted and danced to the narration It was perfect.
I am very happy that I bought the whole Skit Kit! I will be doing more of these skits within the next few months for my church and the church I work at.

We did film our skits if you would be interested in seeing them.
Thank you again!

-Deb Ransbottom
Executive Secretary
St. Raphael the Archangel Congregation, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Our youth at the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Oneonta Alabama, performed your skit “The Red Tie Club” on 1-22 and it was a huge success. We are in the midst of putting together an order for your CDs to aid in the production as we intend to try some more. This is a huge ministry and really helped to soften up some of our old time hard shell Baptists. We have a small youth group and a small church but these skits are perfect for us. Thank you for this resource and for your willingness to share these with others. God Bless You!
Thanks, Billy McDerment

Mr. Passmore,
We did your play “Assignment: Comfort And Joy!” this past December at our church in DeFuniak Springs, FL.
It was great! I thank you for writing it and putting it out there for us. I have received feedback from several people that it ministered to them in all areas of the play (scenes). With such a large cast I was concerned about how many people that would be in the audience, but we had a FULL house! I also had more people step up and join our drama team ?
Thanks again,
-Michelle Hibbs, WEO Church

Dear Fred,
We performed “Redemption in the Wings” this year on Sunday, December 18th for our church Christmas program and it was awesome!! The whole audience was in tears as was almost everyone in the cast. It was amazing. We have performed several of these scripts over the years including, “Holiday Helpline”, “Seasons Beatings” and “The Christmas Family”. These have always been a hit, but the most wonderful part is that there is no line memorization. We got a late start this year and practiced and prepared for this play ONLY 7 days in advance. It went off without a hitch and it’s over an hour long!!!! That’s a miracle in itself. The audience hung on every word and said that the time flew by. We are already planning on doing “Assignment: Comfort and Joy” next year. These plays have the entire Christmas message from beginning to end and include the plan of salvation. It’s all you could ever want in a play!!

Lara Fullington
-Cedar Grove, TN

Dear Fred, We performed your play “The Christmas Family” this year. I have been organizing and directing the Church Christmas plays for several years. This play was the best we have ever done!! It was so meaningful and moving. Even during rehearsal we were moved to tears. It was great. You do a wonderful job, thank you for sharing your gift with so many!! It really blesses many people.

Thanks! Stacy Cantey
Lake City, SC

Dear Fred,

I just want to thank you for sharing your God given gift to build God’s kingdom on this earth!

We just did the “Great Church Robbery” live at New Hope in Kailua on Dec. 18th with props, live speaking, live narration and your CD track with sound effects. It was powerful and very well received.

The main reason I picked this drama for our church was because of the prayer of Mary Sue. It moved me when I read it and when it was done live, I had lots of feedback about how moving it was when Mary Sue prayed for Mr. Dewitt.

Thank you again Fred for making your work available online. It has blessed us all the way here in Hawaii!

God bless you as you write for Him!
Christie Valentine
-Kailua, Hawaii

Mr. Passmore,
The youth at my church recently performed the skit, “Seasons Beatings” Live From Downtown” on Sunday, December 18. They enjoyed acting it out. The congregation also enjoyed the skit. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you to use humor to get the message of Christ across in a way that is very receptive by so many different people. I will be checking out other skits to incorporate into our youth program at my church.  Also, I received the CD in a VERY timely manner, and wanted to thank you for that.
Kimberly McClam
Anderson, IN

Dear Fred,
Hi, I’m Karuna from Goa, India. I’ve gone through many of the skits you’ve written and made available on your website.They are all wonderful – so well-written, creative, and most importantly scripture-based.  We have a youth group in our church here in Goa and they are keen on performing “The Crate Escape” in the church soon. Just wanted to inform you about it and thank you for making such amazing scripts available for us. You’re truly a blessing.
In Christ, Karuna

The Hope Christian Church in Columbus OH will be performing your script for “The Great Church Robbery” on 12-31.
I just want to say God Bless you, and thank you for putting that script together. I was hoping for something for something simple but pointed to do with my youth. This title caught my attention because just a few months ago, our church was robbed, and they did take our instruments and other worship equipment. and like in the script we worshiped without for a while, but now by the Grace of God through our insurance and generous churches around the city, we have pieced together a nice setup. We pray all the time for the perpetrator, and hope that he receives his “sight.” This script speaks right to our situation, and I really appreciate it. I’m generally not the teary type, but this one got me good.

God Bless you, in Jesus’ name.
-Pastor Steven Steward

Dear Fred,
The Northview Baptist Church in Hillsboro, Ohio will be doing “Cowboy Carl and Pal The Wonder-Dog” New Years Eve.
We have used your scripts before and want to let you know how much we appreciate your ministry. Each one is excellent and the message presented clearly yet with great creativity. Our church always responds overwhelmingly that they were touched by the message. The sound tracks are terrific and easy to use.
Thanks again!
-April Coy
Hillsboro, Ohio

Please be advised, it is our intention to perform the Christmas version of The Great Church Robbery at our Christmas Sunday School class party at Highland Park Christian Church. I found your script to be both entertaining and poignant and especially meaningful during the holiday season. Thank you for making it available to us so that others may share in the richness of its life lesson.

Beulah Meredith, Secretary Co-Workers Class, HPCC
Louisville, KY

Dear Mr. Passmore,
The Mount Moriah AME Church in Cocoa, FL will be doing “Season’s Beatings” on 12/18. We’ve been looking everywhere for plays and skits to perform for our church and we’ve just had no luck… until I came across your website. This is a really awesome site with great material! We have ordered the soundtrack and plan to use you in the future for other events. THANKS SO MUCH!!! You are a life saver…
-Crystal Ingram
Rockledge, FL

Dear Fred,
Life Tabernacle in Shreveport, LA will be doing “Testimony Show ” on 11/20. I was looking for the perfect script for Thanksgiving and came upon your site. Read the script and just fell in love with it immediately. This had me laughing so hard that I just had to share this with my Youth Drama Ministry and church. Thanks, and I will be visiting your site for more material. Just can’t wait!!!!
-Gabriella Jeter

Hello, Fred!
The Crossroads Community Church in Sechelt, BC will be doing “Redemption in the Wings” on December 18th. This was exactly what I was looking for!!!! Thank you for this ministry! I have a Sunday School group of mostly boys that love to “act” but don’t really like speaking parts so I think this will work fantastically well with them.
-Julie Rempel

Dear Fred,

The Glasgow First Assembly of God in Glasgow, KY will be using your script “Assignment Witness” on Sunday, August 28.
Thanks for the use of your scripts and the witness you have for our Lord. I was moved to tears the first time I read “Assignment Witness”. I wonder how many scenarios like happen on a monthy basis that we know nothing about? Thanks for what you do. God bless the ministry He has through you!

In Christ,
Aaron DeFilippo
Glasgow First Assembly of God Drama Director

My name is Rebekah Dunbar and I am 17 years old, and live in Arkansas. I attend First Freewill Baptist Church and every year my drama team competes in a National Youth Conference that our denomination puts on.
Two years ago I came across your site when looking for a drama for us to compete with, and found so many skits that related to that year’s theme and made it easy to work with and memorize for performing. That summer we used the Bubble Wrap skit which was a huge hit, we won district and made it all the way to Nationals where we competed and won! Following the performance we had multiple churches ask where we came up with the idea and if we could come and perform it for their home church. Of course we directed them all to your website where we ended up competing against some of the churches that we gave your reference to that summer.

This past year, we used “The Crate Escape.” We did edit multiple parts to fit the conference theme and time regulations but in the end, we won Nationals for the second year! Again, we had multiple people come and ask us where we came up with the great skit idea and if we would perform it for their church. We were even asked to visit some church camps where we had the opportunity to perform and work with students our own age, that we talked to and had the chance to share our testimonies and tell them about our personal walk with Christ.
I don’t want to take up too much of your time but I wanted to thank you for doing what you do. I think all of the skits on the site are interesting and modernized which is sometimes hard to find for a church competition. This upcoming year we will most likely be using another one of your scripts to compete with. Our drama team could not have performed as well without the basis of the skits put on your site. Again, thank you and I pray that God blesses you and your site.
In Christ, Rebekah Dunbar


I just wanted to let you know that I just performed “Mama Knows Best,” this past Mother’s Day. The skit of course was awesome and everybody loved it. I had several mothers come up to me and tell me that the skit was what they needed. But there is more to this than just the skit itself.

The girl that had been practicing with me, called me Sunday morning (just hours before we were suppose to perform the skit) and told me that she could not be at church to do the skit. Her mother-in-law has been on a waiting list for a liver transplant and the hospital called and said they had a liver for her. Praise God for the new liver! I was happy to hear this but I was depressed that I was not going to be able to perform the skit. When I got to the church and told my pastor what had happen and that there was not going to be a skit, he felt like I did. When I went into the sanctuary to put everything back on the stage, I noticed that everything needed for Mama was still there. All of sudden it hit me…I needed to get my wife to be my Mama! She knew about 2/3 of the skit because she ran lines with me. After much convincing she said yes and she put on the wig, housecoat, and slippers. With a little bit of practice on the other 1/3 of the skit, she got up there and performed it like a pro. God is so good! A mother got a liver she needed and my wife (who is also a mother) got up on stage with me to perform the skit that was meant to be performed on Mother’s Day.

Thank you for your ministry and I cannot wait until I perform another one of your skits. May God bless you and your ministry.

-Kevin Sprague

Hello Fred,
I must say I thoughly enjoyed both reading and performing your skit *Mama’s Close Call.”  It was truly awesome.  The congregation gave rave reviews afterwards.  The sound effects CD was absolutely smashing.
I have been writing plays for my church for approximately 13 years.  I am working on my masters degree at the school of the arts in California (Motion Pictures and Television) to learn how to convert plays into screenplays.  I am working on a school project and didn’t have time to write one for the church for mother’s day, that’s when I searched the internet.  When I read your material I was really impressed.  I had so much fun doing your skit, that we will be using more of your scripts throughout the year.  I usually do two major performances during the year (Christmas and Easter).
Looking forward to doing business with you in the future. God Bless you!
-Faye Knight

Dear Fred,
The Grace Baptist Christian School will be using your script “The Sheep”s Clothing Store” on March 30th in a Student Convention competition.
We are a small Christian school in South Ga. and compete in Student Convention with Schools from North Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Our students have been performing your skits for the past 6 years. In performing these skits they placed 1st in everyone of them! We appreciate the gospel that is provided in these skits. We appreciate all that has been written.
-Wanda Vice
Tifton, GA

The Chelsea Bible Church will be using your script “The Wrap Group” on March 12 for a youth competition where they are challenged to use their spiritual gifts. The purpose of the event is to help youth discover their gifts and to help them better at using them. I would like to thank you for allowing us to use your skit for free. I will be using this site for a long time. You have done an excellent job at producing quality content that points to the glory of God.
-Josh Ellis
Chelsea, AL

Hey Fred,
I just wanted to drop a line and tell you that my wife and I performed “Battle of the Sexes: Round One” at our church Saturday night.  We have a mostly older attendance at our independent Bible church.  They loved it, everyone was laughing and clapping at  the end.  We are glad we ordered the soundtrack.  We had a great time and it was said it seemed very realistic.  Thank you for a nice alternative for church gatherings and dinners.  I again thank you for the website and the  great customer service, may God bless your ministry.  -Mike Shimko

Just wanted to let you know how our skit turned out. My husband and I performed your “Battle of the Sexes: Round One” skit for our Valentine Banquet at church. We had a wide variety of ages; young married couples on up to elderly and widowed. I made costumes out of faux leopard fur and we had fur on a set of risers that we used as our central point on the stage. I believe it was a huge hit with our crowd! At least it must’ve been by the volume of laughter it produced. We purchased the soundtrack and I have to attest to the fact that it would not have been as effective without the jungle noises. Our son operated the sound and we had the script on prompters – three in fact so whatever direction we were facing we could see our lines. I am so glad I happened onto your site and found this skit. I absolutely will check it out again whenever we need something and would not hesitate to recommend this site to others. Thanks for all your hard work. It is so refreshing as a Christian to be able to provide good, clean enjoyable entertainment. Blessings to you and your gifted service.
Joy Johnson
First Church of the Nazarene
Dublin, Georgia


Our little church very successfully performed “Redemption In The Wings” thanks to your help and God’s. It took just about every regular church member but our cast was perfect, just as if you had written the play specifically for us. It became a play within a play within a play as even our cast members were ministered to and affected by the powerful message of forgiveness and redemption. The tears and the laughter were real that night.

We rented an old movie theater that had been converted into a drama theater; it couldn’t have looked more like a homeless shelter even if we tried. We used the theater’s sound system and stage lighting and we pulled back the curtains to reveal the wings. The place was packed and those who came expecting the same old Mary-Joseph-shepherds-nativity story were both surprised and in awe.

People are still talking about the play. In fact, they want us to perform again so that it can be recorded for the shut-ins of our church and our community. There were even wonderful comments about the professionally done sound recording on the CD we got from you.

Thanks so much for all you put into your work. Thanks also for the extra advice and being willing to help. God bless you and your work.

Mandy Martin
Overcomers World Church
Woodstock, Georgia

Dear Fred, The Avant House of Prayer used your script “The Christmas Family” on 12-19.

This skit was wonderful. We were able to incorporate all the kids that wanted to be in the program. We had around twenty orphans so that the little kids could be included. We had three rehearsals and it went off without a hitch. Everyone said it was one of the best programs that the church had put on. Thank you so much for making this material available. Please continue to make more CD’s like this. It’s so much easier to have everything on one CD than to have the kids try to memorize their lines. The crowd enjoyed being able to hear every line. Once again thank you for making this easy for me.
-Terri Sappington
Avant, Oklahoma

Dear Fred,
I just wanted to tell you that two groups have performed your Christmas play, “The Christmas Family” this week. One performance was at the school that my nephew attends, Crockett Christian School. The other was done by my youth group at Pond Creek Congregational Methodist Church. At both performances, the cast members received standing ovations. Both groups had an audience that was really moved by the story told in the play. This was the first time(s) I had used any of your material. I wanted you to know that your play had brought joy to many and, I believe, was used by God to remind its performers and viewers of the true meaning of the season. Thank you for a wonderful play.

Judy Poston

Thank you for your time and effort to develop and make available the dramas. We used “The Christmas Family” for our church Christmas Dinner Celebration this past weekend and it was well received. We got so many good comments about the fact that with the narration CD everyone was able to hear all that went on. The content of the drama was very effective for an outreach night. We had almost 400 in attendance between two nights.

Thank you again for being a blessing to our church.

David Almand
Music Director
Philadelphia Baptist Church
Rutledge, Georgia

Dear Fred,
The Geebung Baptist Church in Geebung Brisbane Queensland Australia did “The Great Church Robbery” on the 4th of December.
We just wanted to thank you for the use of the skit. The whole night went incredibly well, and there were lots of comments on how clever the skit was. People have been saying that the event was the best in memory. We ended up reading the play ourselves, and we used the sound effects. We also made some really amazing props. I really wish someone had recorded it so that we could show you. Anyway… thank you very much!
Althea Nielsen

Dear Mr. Passmore:
I am the Worship Pastor at New Life Assembly of God in Woodstock, Alabama.  We are a small rural church of about 100 people.  Thank you so much for writing the wonderful skit, “Season’s Beatings–Live From Downtown”.  This skit is perfect for our church.  The soundtrack is professional and adds the finishing touches to the skit nicely.  We have practiced the skit, and we are planning to perform it for our Christmas service, Sunday, December 19, 2010.   We appreciate the opportunity to present your work to our church congregation and community.
Thanks again, Peggy Rowe McKay

Hi Fred!
Just a note to let you know I use your skits when I do my Bible Study at the prison here on Maui. We sure do enjoy your talent and want to Thank You very much for sharing and touching so many hearts. Thank You and God Bless You!
-Pat Hebert
Pukalani, Hawaii Prison Ministry

Hello, Fred!
First Southern Baptist Church in Huntsville AR will be doing your skit “The Great Church Robbery” on Dec 19.
I have used your scripts for the past few years and have enjoyed the reaction not only from the audience but also the participants. This year our class asked what we were going to do (instead of me trying to encourage them). I sincerely appreciate your efforts in putting these together and your willingness to share. Thank you and May God Bless You.
-Robin Warner

Hello, Fred!
The Emmanuel Baptist Church in Lansing, North Carolina did “Mamma Know Best,” on Mother’s Day.
Everyone just LOVED the skit! It was gut busting laughs. Almost felt like we should “pause” so everyone could catch their breath at times.
The Pastor’s wife loved it so much that we have previewed “The Pastor’s BBQ” and I am about to order that as well for our Pastor Appreciation Fellowship. Thanks a million for the skit and the soundtrack. We all were very pleased and due to that, we are ordering our second skit from you! Thanks and May God Bless! Laughter is like a medicine.
-June Williams

Dear Fred,
Memorial Church of the Nazarene in Orangeburg , SC did your skit, “A Day to Remember” on September 12.
At my church I usually do the funny skits, so when I and my skit partner came out the congregation was prepared for something hilarious. When we got finished with the skit, you could hear a pin drop. Everyone was shocked, not that we just did a serious skit, but that it was a skit about 9/11 and that the Jeff character could possibly die with out knowing Jesus. We got a lot of complements on how well we performed the skit, but we had a lot more to talk about the skit itself. I had a lot people to tell me that the skit made them think about their own spiritual lives and reflect on 9/11. Again, another one of your skits performed by me and again the outcome of this skit and the others is just awesome. I love your skits and I plan on performing more in the future. God bless you and your ministry.
-Kevin Sprague

The Fransego Association American Baptist Women’s Ministries is doing your skit “Mama’s Close Call.”
We are using this skit this weekend as part of our ladies retreat. Thank you so much for providing these humorous and high quality scripts so that even small groups like ours can use them.
-Laura Palada
Gilbertsville, NY

Dear Fred,
The First Mexican Baptist Church in Wichita, KS will be doing “The Tell-Tale Talent” and a Christmas script in the Fall and December 19.
We have used several of the scripts for Christmas and the youth love the comedy and the message behind them. Your scripts are ones that really draw in our youth group and church members. Thank you for writing them!!

-Tamara Creech

Dear Mr. Passmore,
The Pearl Road United Methodist Church in Cleveland, Ohio will be doing your drama “The Telltale Talent” September 12.
Thank you very much for using your creativity to help so many raise their voices to praise His name! We have a very small youth group, but we love to perform your skits and the congregation loves the humor. We have done “Season’s Beatings” and “New Year’s Eve at the Bad Habit Club” and the house was roaring for both.
May God bless you,
-Tina Cunningham


We are planning to use your fantastic script ‘Creature in the Closet’ as a means of outreach to a village on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Scotland. We have a new church plant here in Wallyford and have the opportunity to go into the Wallyford primary school to speak about spiritual health. We will invite the pupils to join us in the church hall one evening for this performance, a short gospel chat and some games.

It really does look an entertaining script and that’s exactly what we’re looking for in this situation as we don’t want to scare the kids off at first contact but do see room for talking about the deeper issues with these precious souls.

May the Lord Almighty continue to bless your creativity and inspiration to others!

Helen McCartney

Dear Fred,
The Emmanuel Church in Mountain Home, Arkansas will be performing your script “Redemption In The Wings” this December.
As Drama Minister for our church, I have used materials from your website several times. In the past, we have performed “The Christmas Family” – December; “The Telltale Talent” – June 2008; “Crisis on the Holiday Helpline” – December. I have also ordered several of your CD’s – #5, #9, #11. Thanks to your talents, hard work and generosity, my fellow church members think I’m amazing. I’m quick to tell them it is you and your website that are amazing! God bless!
In Christ,
Della Sadler

The Northridge Awana Club will be doing “Assignment: Witness” on June 14.
Last year we did your skit “The Red Tie Club” for our closing awards ceremony for Awana club. It was a big hit and a great way to get the gospel across. This year we’re excited about doing “Assignment: Witness.” Thanks for putting these together and offering them at no charge. We used your sound track last year and it really added a lot, so we’re planning on doing that again.
-Kristen Peden
Rochester, NY

The Light and Life Free Methodist Church in Cornwall, UK did your script “The Guy with the Cardboard Christ” on Easter Sunday.
My friend and I changed the characters to women and performed to a PACKED congregation Sunday morning. They totally LOVED it, it had them rolling in the aisles! The children watched the performance too before they went off to children’s church and were enthralled by it also, which was amazing as we took around 20 mins or so to act it out. Overall comments were a brilliant mix of a strong message and humor, a lot of people said that with most Christian sketches you know where they’re going from the word go but had no idea where this one would end up; and some people found it very touching! Someone also gave their heart to the Lord at the service, so who knows how much of a part of that the sketch played!
You are an amazing sketch writer and we would love to use some more of the scripts over the coming months.
Many, many thanks!
-Kath Gibbons

Dear Fred,
I was tasked with finding some sort of script to use as part of the entertainment. I looked at many different sites, but found yours to be the best! I had so much fun going through many of your skits to try and choose which one would be appropriate. It was a difficult decision because they are all very relevent to today’s issues.

I chose “Assignment: Witness!” because we have launched a new evangelism drive and this skit illustrates the importance of witnessing along with some humor. We will be using this as part of our 25th Anniversary celebration at Lord of Life Lutheran Church on April 24.

Thanks! I will send feedback after the performance.
-Cynthia Cassem,
Moreno Valley, CA

We are having a women’s retreat on April 9-11 at Palm Vista Baptist Church in Prescott. We are trying to bridge the gaps between our ladies generations older to younger and to get them to “pay attention ” to the needs of the women around them. Your skit “Mama’s Close Call” fit the bill perfectly . I will let you know how it goes. Thanks a lot for your skits, they are great! I also love the soundtrack, it is awesome.
-Carrie O’Connor

Dear Fred,
We, at New Life Baptist Tabernacle, have been using your Christmas play materials since 2005 and have greatly enjoyed each production, with each year overwhelmingly topping the previous year’s production. This past December we presented Redemption in the Wings; and it was a huge success. Our audience swelled with applause and many were touched at a deep level, emotionally and most importantly, spiritually.

One lady, who attended the largest church in town, came as a guest in support of one of our cast members and said she was impressed with the production, adding, “I definitely was not expecting a play like that….” (I deduced her to imply that our church is small and in a rural area, and therefore is not expected to produce such an amazing, impacting event.) I was SO proud to have been able to have a part in presenting such an outstanding, nativity production that would lift high the name of Jesus and Glorify God in our community.

Our costumes were awesome! Our set rocked! Our cast pulled off their portrayal of their characters precisely, perfectly and powerfully! It was INCREDIBLE!!! One of my favorite memories of that night was when Charlotte revealed to Nate that she was Old Johnny’s daughter, I heard several deep gasps of shock from some in the audience. They were on the edge of their seats! In addition, during the part at the end when Charlotte reveals her identity to her father and to the entire cast and audience, our audience erupted in applause- long before being “cued” by the soundtrack. The bottom line is that the people were moved deeply; lots of tears and sniffles-each revealing an emotional tenderness, vulnerability and acceptance to the message we wanted to get across.

Finally, praise the Lord- we know of at least four people who gave their hearts to Christ that night. I am confident more were awakened to their spiritual need and each were given the gospel literature and information about our ministry and our desire to help them. Everyone in attendance was incredibly blessed by what they experienced; it was an unforgettable night!

My thanks to you for creating such outstanding material; and how easy you have made it for a church of any size to pull off a professional, entertaining, and uplifting and meaningful production.

My only question to you is this: How soon can you get cracking on next years’ play script? I’ve already been asked by some: What could we possibly do next year to top our last play?   (I will leave the answer to that question in your capable hands, Fred.)
A grateful admirer of your work and ministry,
-Evelyn Walls

Dear Fred,
The Church On The Rock will be doing “The Battle of the Sexes: Round One” on Feb 14th.
After the huge success of the “New Years at the Bad Habits Club” skit for our New Years Eve fellowship, we just knew we had to do “Battle of the Sexes” for our Valentines Fellowship! The skits are so well written and the soundtracks give the finishing touch!! Thank you so much for making these available for such a terrific price!
Blessings….Marlene Laurent, Church On The Rock

Hi Fred!
The Calvary Assembly of God Lomita (Spanish Ministry) in Lomita CA performed your skit “How Nick Became A Saint,” in December.

I wasn’t sure because none of our actors had a experience in performing a skit before so we were “trying.” But the pastor liked it so much that the day after, he had us perform in front of the whole congregation right before Christmas. It was a blast, they really loved it and it made a huge impact in the actors (which are teens) in a motivating way, because they felt they were used to preach in a fun way, so they want to do another one.
Thanks and congratulations for your awesome ministry!
-Azul Juarez

Our high school Sunday Bible School class (at the Horton Road Original Free Will Baptist Church) will be performing “The Wrap Group” at our annual “Youth Sunday” on 2/28.
They laughed a lot as they read through it and argued over who got which parts. They made connections of Bible principles, so we were pleased that they grasped the moral easily and understood the life application. This skit has a great cast size with minor parts that still have real contributions. Because of the story line, we can actually include extra kids in our event even though they may only be casual or occasional visitors. Hopefully, we’ll remember to let you know how the skit is received by the congregation. I was very pleased with the content matter and the time-length of this skit – several of these would be a perfect fit for the type of service we’re having.
Rebecca Roberts
Durham, North Carolina

Dear Fred,
I am so happy I got the combo soundtrack…we used the “New Year’s Eve At The Bad Habit Club” skit for our church’s New Years Eve fellowship and believe me it was the hit of the night!! Everyone really got into character and it was hysterical… Again I want to thank you for giving of your gifts and talents to bless the body of Christ in being able to present top quality skits with great messages!!  We will be looking to do more of these this coming year!!  May the Lord bless you and your family abundantly….
-In Jesus Love, Marlene Laurent
Church On The Rock

Absolutely wonderful, our church drama team did our first drama to your skit “New Year’s Eve At The Bad Habit Club”. It turned out great, the congregation was laughing so hard! They are asking for us to do another one. So many people realized things in there heart that God wants us to let go of. This truly blessed me.
Sis. Charlotte Garth,
Living Word Ministries,
Laurinburg NC

The House of Prayer in Winona did your play, “Redemption In The Wings” on 12-20-2009.
We had a full house and they loved it… we did the “The Christmas Family” last year, also to a full house…and I am looking forward to seeing if you have a new play for 2010! God Bless!
John Stephens
Winona, MO

Dear Fred,
I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful script, “Season’s Beatings: Live from Downtown.” My youth (sr/jr high) Sunday School class at the First Baptist Church in Ashtabula, OH in performed this skit on 12-20. It touched many lives, including the teens who performed. Some of the areas that the skit touched, I didn’t realize the skit would project were: Not everyone is happy at Christmas; we need to stop and reach out to those that turn us off at Christmas; Is that me caroling? Am I too busy with “stuff?” I not only received many comments after the performance, but also received phone calls at home. This skit touched lives and our teens learned that their love of drama touched lives.
Thank you again!
God bless you and your ministry – we thank your ministry for the script.


Our small church, Riverside Baptist Church in Owensboro, KY presented “The Christmas Family” this past Sunday night, December 20.
It was a blessing to all of us involved in the play. I directed the play and had enough volunteers for each part in the play, including the 3 wise man. I loved the theme and the wonderful blending of the secular and religious side of Christmas. We had several visitors in attendance which were blessed as well. Yours is a wonderful ministry. Thank you so much.
-Bonnie Weber

Hello Fred,
Just wanted to let you know that our little church performed “The Christmas Family” on Sunday evening.  We had 23 children/teens involved and it was beautiful!! It was a bad weather night, but we had over 25 unsaved people (along with our regular crowd) out who were deeply touched by the play. It was great and I want to thank you as the creator of this play and soundtrack. Jesus was praised and honored, it is the highlight of my Christmas!!
-Joan Denlinger

The Kingston First Southern Baptist Church did your script “Cowboy Carl and Pal the Wonderdog’s Radio Christmas Special” on Dec. 20.
We live in a small community and may have anywhere from 1 to 6 in my Sunday School Class (7-12th grades and early 20’s). The skits have been great for us and I love the humor which, I think, leaves a lasting impression. I think it is important for students to participate in front of an audience and these scripts have made it easy for them to “get their feet wet” and/or not be afraid to participate. A neighboring church requested last year’s skit (Crisis on the Holiday Helpline) and I was able to recommend your site. Fred, thank you so much for your efforts and sharing your work with us. May God Bless you.
-Robin Warner
Kingston, AR

Hello, Fred!
Just wanted to let you know that the New Hope Assemblies of God performed your skit “Seasons Beatings-Live from Downtown” last night, Dec. 19 and it was a HUGE success! I received so many compliments and there were lots of laughs! This is a great script! The background music we bought from you for the play was so great as well. We will definitely be coming back here for another skit!
Thank you,
-Annette Wolkiewicz
Cleveland, OH

Dear Fred,
The Ramey United Methodist Church in Ramey PA is using your script “The Great Church Robbery” on Dec. 20.
We are a small church that is blessed with many teenagers. As we were planning our annual Christmas pageant, the teens were making comments “this again, can’t we do anything different?” I am the mother of 4 of the teens and really didn’t have a clue what I was going to do. That was 2 weeks ago, now we have an awesome script (“The Great Church Robbery”), a parent making props and a bunch of excited teens. Did you get that! Excited teens!!!! I am feeling pretty confident we will be contacting you again to purchase more of the soundtracks! WOW, what a ministry you are doing! And, I might add, an answer to my prayers. I can’t wait to get more skits that we can interject into a basic church service that will not only enhance our services but keep the teens involved. God Bless you and may your ministry continue to grow!

Debbie Stewart

Hi Fred,
My church performed “The Christmas Family” this past Sunday, Dec. 13. Just thought I’d report back to you that it was a hit! We got a lot of good responses from people. Also, 2 people recommitted their lives to Christ, and one person marked on their card that they invited Christ into their heart for the first time. We also had a visitor from Australia. He was very impressed with the play, and sought me out after to ask how he can get the script so he can have his church do it next year. We’ve been invited to bring our production to another church in town for their Christmas Eve service. So we get to “go on tour” (so to speak)!
Thank you for your creativity and your service to our Lord!
In Christ,
Jason Strain
Pastor of Creative Arts
Surrey BC, Canada


The Heritage Community Church will be putting on ” Seasons Beatings: Live From Downtown” on December 12.
This will be our first experience incorporating any skit into our Christmas ministry program, so I am very excited. What drew me to this particular script is its humor and “lighthearted-ness.” Yet, it also is very real and meaningful…we aren’t all joyful at Christmas….yes, there are many hurting people out there with very real “issues.” I love how the script gently, yet powerfully turns it all around at the end to where we hear the true source of our joy for Christmas and beyond. I am greatly looking forward to using this script. Thanks!

-MacKenzie Gernhardt
Auburn, IN

Hi Fred,

The LIFEhouse Church in Rocklin, CA will be performing your skit “Season’s Beatings: Live From Downtown” this December 12th and 13th.
Thanks so much for the script and permission to perform! What a blessing! And this script is perfect for what I want to do. I’ve been looking for a drama/skit/sketch that was long enough to actually contribute something valuable and memorable to the evening without being a full production in itself, something that involved more than just a couple people, but was simple enough to pull together without too much work. I also wanted something that was humorous, but not cheesy, and had a meaningful conclusion. This scene met all my criteria. I think it’s going to work out great! Plus, when I asked the local Christian school’s (former) drama teacher to direct it, she got excited because she’s done this one before, really enjoyed it, and said it was a hit at school. YAY! I’m so glad I found this. I am going to look through the rest of your skits for future use.

Jathan Good
Worship Arts Pastor
The LIFEhouse Church

Dear Fred,
The Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church will be doing “The Christmas Family” on 12-20.

We are a very small church and I am always searching for something that we can use that does not require a large cast. When I found this I just knew it was what I was looking for. We are facing two problems this year; our small church and our pianist has health problems so we do not have anyone to play for us. So you can see how appropriate this skit is for us.

Although I love this time of the year and never get tried of hearing the Christmas story and music, it has been a long time since it has touched me as this one did, when I read it. The fact that I was raised in an orphanage I can so relate to the feelings and despair that Daniel is feeling. It almost sounds as if you have had some connection in such an institution to get so close to the feelings that are experienced by a child who has been placed there.

Again thanks so much for being there for our little church program.

-Patricia Pegram
Stokesdale N.C

Dear Fred,
The youth of Mount Ayr Regular Baptist Press will be performing your skits “Live from the Battlefield” & “The Crate Escape” on October 25.
Our youth group loves your skits because they are funny, Bible-based and not cheesy! Thank you!
Kristy Gilliland,
Mount Ayr, IA

Mr. Passmore,
I love this site! This is truly a Godsend! It has inspired me to help put God’s word thru drama back into our church…. so, this coming Sunday night, we will be having our 1st (hopefully of many!) “Skit Night” thanks to your site. We will be doing “Attack of the Monster Tongue” and “The Wrap Group.” Hopefully, in the near future, we will be doing “The Crate Escape” & “The Sheep’s Clothing Store.” I’ll let you know how our “Skit Night” turns out. Thanks again & I know you are a putting your talents to use for the right purpose. God Bless!
Mark Hamm, Pates Chapel Baptist Church
-Jemison, AL

Dear Fred,
I’m emailing to let  you know how pleased we are with all of the wonderful skits you produce.  We are planning to use ” Assignment Witness” this semester.
We are a Christian homeschool co-op that uses your skits in a live radio drama format that is performed during our end of semester “talent” night.  We will use it as an outreach to those family and friends that are unchurched to give them another opportunity to hear the gospel message and provide an encouraging message for those who want to witness but are fearful and unsure. These skits have become the “highlight” of our “talent” night because of the strong presentation of the gospel.
The night of our performance is November 6 at the Schertz, Texas community center (we have grown too large to host this in the church we are using for our classes). Thank you so much for this marvelous ministry that reaches so many where they are: unchurched, seeking, baby Christians, and mature Christians.
May God richly bless you,
Teresa Bono
SHINE radio drama instructor
Schertz, Texas

Dear Fred,
My name is Sara Clarke and I am the youth minister at Melbourne Heights Baptist Church in Louisville, KY.  I want to thank you for “The Sheep’s Clothing Store” skit.  The youth are planning on using this skit for an upcoming Youth Sunday.  They are extremely excited about it and are grateful that they are able to use such great material to communicate such an important message to the congregation.   Thank you again!

Dear Fred,
The High School Sunday School class of the Plainfield  Methodist Church, Plainfield, Wisconsin put on “New Year’s Eve at the Bad Habit Club” on January 18.
My high school Sunday school class performed the skit in church last Sunday and had a blast.  The congregation thought it was great.  We introduced the skit first with a little summary as we always do so the congregation has an idea of what the skit is about ahead of time.  Then after the skit we always end with a culminating prayer to sum up the meaning of the skit.
It never fails (even though the credits are always listed in the bulletin and we also give you credit after reading the summary) that at least one person comes up and asks me where I get the wonderful skits from.  Of course I’m always happy to share.  Many people say they have someone they know who directs youth from another church who would just love to know about the site.
Thank you again for sharing your talent; you really are spreading the word of God in a spectacular way.  I can’t help thinking that God has to be smiling when he sees these skits performed!
-Cathy  and Dave Nelson

The church youth group of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Yadkinville, NC performed your play “The Christmas Family” on December 21.
The youth really enjoyed it and were happy not to have to memorize lines. Several people came up to us afterwards with tears in their eyes saying it was the best play ever.  The youth group are asking to do another skit soon.
-Thank you!
-Rose Staley

Dear Fred,
The Bethel Baptist Church of Taylorville, IL will be doing “Mama Knows Best” on January 11.
After using the “Assignment: Witness!” skit two years ago for Youth Sunday, I knew right where to come to look for another skit to perform for our upcoming Youth Sunday service.  It’s a Sunday service put on totally by our youth group.  They had so much fun with the last skit and it was well received by the congregation.  At first I thought it would just be a fun thing for them to do, but I was really impressed when, several months later, they were still talking about it and I even overheard one of the girls sharing the message of the skit to a non-church going friend during our lock-in later that year.  Thanks so much for providing these great skits and the soundtracks to go with them.  The soundtracks really make all the difference and the congregation was very impressed with the quality of the overall performance.
-Nichole Spain

The Wilsall Community Church in Wilsall, MT put on your skit “The Great Church Robbery” on Dec. 21.
I narrated to the sound track and my husband acted.  It turned out great!!!  The music that accompanied the script was wonderful and added so much to the performance. Many positive comments and appreciation.
I’ve been asked to start a drama ministry at our church and am looking forward to using more of your material. Thank you for providing it. Your service was great.  I also appreciated being able to download the script and get started practicing.
-Glenda Clark

The Monee Free Methodist Church in Monee, IL will be performing your skit “The Wrap Group” on January 4.
This is perfect for us to use to help us promote our new Celebrate Recovery program!  The Celebrate Recovery Team is doing the skit on Sunday morning to draw attention to our weekly CR meetings.  God is so good!  Thank you so much for sharing this skit. The skit is so funny yet completely gives glory to the Lord.  It is perfect!
God bless you!
-Cheri Coakley

The First Baptist Church in Janesville, WI presented your play “The Christmas Family” on Dec. 11.
Many people said it was the best Christmas program they’ve ever seen.  Some had tears in their eyes.  It was easy to hear for those who have hearing loss.  Thanks much for a job well done.
-Jerry Amstutz

We will be presenting your script “The Creature in the Closet” at the Allen Chapel Free Baptist Church and the State and National Convention for Free Will Baptists in May & July.
I have been to convention the past few years and have seen the groups that have won using your skits.  Your skits are creative and have a strong message. God Bless you!

-Marietta Candler

Dear Fred,
The Shepherd’s Temple Church of God in Christ in Chowchilla, Ca. will be doing “The Sheep’s Clothing Store” on 12/23.
We used “Spiritually Fit” for our Youth Day Program in November.  Our pastor and wife really enjoyed it, and the message behind it.  The funny thing was, it tied in with the Sunday School Lesson and the Pastor’s sermon.
We are rehearsing “The Sheep’s Clothing Store” for our Adult Christmas play.  Everyone is excited to be performing it.  We’ve also come up with ideas for props for the store.  The message in this skit is very timely.  I just wanted to let you know that we used a couple of your scripts, and also to commend you on how Biblically based they are.  You did not leave out God’s Word in an effort to make a funny or “palatable” play. No one has to guess at what the play had to do with the Bible.  Thank You!  Thank You! Thank You!
God Bless and Merry Christmas!
-Cheanie O’Masters

Dear Fred,
The Sharon Baptist Church in Iron Station, NC did “The Christmas Family” on December 17.
We have a limited amount of kids so this play was perfect for us! It was nice not having any lines to memorize. We had numerous comments saying that this was the best play our church has had! Hope to see more for next year.
-Cindy Brittain

Good evening Fred,
I wanted to say thank you for “The Christmas Family” which we purchased earlier in the year and performed last Sunday.  In fact we performed it two Sunday evenings in a row as people wanted to see it again.  It went really well.
I’ve attached some photos of the event – I think they’re self explanatory…  The set was backdrops positioned in what passes as the “sanctuary” (though we never use it as such these days…) – good job the pastor is good at art! (To see the pictures, go to the Submissions Page.)
So, once again, thank you.  Even though it was an American voice and many of the people we have at church are over 50 we had nothing but compliments about the evening, the sound, the acting and the message.  We had a number of “unchurched” people in – which was the whole point of it.  Oh, and we went through mince pies like hot cakes (silly expression really, and we didn’t even heat the mince pies!).
Thank you and God Bless,
-Michael Dye
Wimborne, Dorset
United Kingdom

After hours of practice, and many, many pizzas…we finally put on the skit “Live From Downtown” this past Sunday.  Here’s a sampling of the response:   “That was the best Christmas program I have ever seen–anywhere–in my life!” “That has to be the best Christmas program in town!” “I would watch that all over again!” …and that was just the grownups.
The reaction that meant the most to me was from my SS class–they put the talents God gave them to good use, revealing to our church what they were capable of achieving, and experiencing what its like when God blesses actions made by willing, cheerful hearts.  They aren’t going to let me wait until next Christmas to put on another show!   Thank you, again, for this terrific material!
-Lisa Swanson

The Midway Church of God In Christ will be doing “Live from Downtown” on December 21.
I absolutely LOVE this skit! I am only 22 years old and I usually find most skits to be a tad bit corny and just not “hip” enough for teenagers and young adults to enjoy but with my first glance at Live from Downtown I absolutely fell in love! May God continue to bless you for this great work you’re doing for him and thank you so much for putting this information out there for the public!
-Camille Knight
Midway, Florida

The Christ Wesleyan Church, Milton, PA (www.cwcmilton.org) will be presenting “The Great Church Robbery” on Sunday, December 7.
What a wonderfully marvelous script! I was asked to provide entertainment for my church’s Best Year’s (our older members) Christmas dinner party and after searching and searching, your script for “The Great Church Robbery” was hands-down the absolute best and I can’t wait to perform it for them. I had my Mom read it and she got goose bumps!
Thanks for sharing your writing ability with us and for making your scripts available to us. By the way…the soundtracks are incredible and a necessary complement to the performance. Thanks bunches!
-Jeff Bitler

The First Baptist Church in Clinton, Iowa will be doing “The Great Church Robbery” this Dec.
I absolutely love your scripts! I am the sole adult leader for a preteen group (grades 3 – 6) and they got tired of the traditional “boring” Christmas gifts (ornaments, magnets, etc.) for their parents, so we are starting a Christmas Dinner Theatre – with the help of your awesome site!!!  I am so impressed with your material, scripts and soundtracks, that I am requesting the church purchase your Ultimate Skit Kit.  Thanks so much for all your hard work and your dedication to the Christian Faith!!!
God Bless!
-Tamara Godat

Dear Fred,
The Wolf Creek Baptist Church in Kiln, Mississippi is doing “Season’s Beatings:  Live From Downtown!” this year for Christmas.
As I was reading this skit I was laughing out loud…the best humor is that to which you can relate.  I have either met someone or have someone in my family who resembles one of the characters but don’t tell anyone I said that. =)   I really appreciate your clean, Christian humor and so does the youth.  Teens and adults are going to be the characters but the carolers are going to be our 6-11 year olds and they are really looking forward to it.  This is going to be the first time that our church performs a skit of this nature–meaning content/humor.  I expect a lot of laughs but at the same time a great message is being given.  Thank you!! For using your talent to glorify God.

Bro. Fred,
The Christian Life Church of Baltimore performed “Live from the Battlefield” on 10/19.
I am the Youth Church Coordinator of my local church.  This was an absolutely wonderful skit!  The theme for our youth church, targeting ages 11-14, has been “Armed and Dangerous”.  We have had lessons all year relating to spiritual warfare.  I was looking online for an appropriate skit to really drive home the theme, when I came across your website.
Talk about being led by the Holy Spirit! I listened to the audio version right from the site and knew that it would be perfect.  The youth pastor and youth ministry director gave their approval without any lengthy discussions.
I ordered and received the associated soundtrack without any complications.  The mp3 download was helpful as well.  Our older youth ages 16-17 performed the skit for the younger ones. (The rehearsals were hilarious!)  We had a rap session immediately following the skit.  It was absolutely amazing how these young people remembered all that was said and done, and they were able to make the appropriate associations to real life experiences.  It was a true success!!
Thank you for your hard work and commitment to providing quality resources for youth leaders like myself who really want to go the extra mile but can’t seem to find enough hours in the day!  May God continue to richly bless you.
-Sis. Yvette Jackson
Christian Life Church
Baltimore, MD

Hey Fred,

I just received the Ultimate Skit Kit in the mail today. Thank you for sending it so rapidly.  I applaud your organizational skills!  This is such a professional package and quite impressive!

Also, thank you for providing such wonderful skits with sound effects that smaller churches like ourselves can afford with limited funds.

May our Heavenly Father richly bless your endeavors, your life, and your relationships.

Danny and Martha Vergunst

Hi, Fred!
The Bridge Bible Fellowship, Reseda, CA is performing The Sheep’s Clothing Store, Crazy for Christ, A Day to Remember, The Guy with the  Cardboard Christ, New Year’s Eve at the Bad Habit Club, Assignment Witness and Mama’s Close Call on June 20 and 21.
We have a Homeschool Drama class.  Instead of one main play, we opted to perform several short skits for our annual production.  We are VERY excited as this has become an outreach and your scripts are exceptional.  The sound CDs are working well.
Please keep us in prayer for our performances.  We will send pictures when we get them.

Thank you again for your service to our Lord!
-Kate Kearns
Heb. 6:10

We will be performing “Crazy for Christ” at the Zoar UCC in Evansville, IN on June 22.
I thought the script was great — very funny! Our youth will be performing this skit as the “Message” in their youth service on Sunday. They liked the script — and especially getting to use the giant needle at the end.
I have read over several of your scripts, and you do a fantastic job! I’ve got my eye on the Christmas one… so I’ll be coming back for sure! ?
Thanks for your generosity in providing these excellent scripts. It’s great for a church on a tight budget, as the soundtracks are so affordable! God bless you and this wonderful ministry you have!
-Tracy Wingo

We will be doing “The Wrap Group” at thr Glory Baptist Church in Appomattox, VA on August 31.
We have been working on drama with the teens in the church for about a year and they were quite disappointed with the skits we were choosing. We asked one of the teens to find something they would like and during an internet search, your website was found. Several skits were considered by the class and they chose the perform “The Wrap Group.”
I have never seen them so excited about the previous skits they performed! Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help these children grow in God and in drama.
-Victoria Campbell

Dear Fred,
The Melbourne Seventh-day Adventist Church in Melbourne, FL performed “The Crate Escape” on May 10.
My 11 church school students, ages 8-15 performed this script yesterday for our very conservative church as part of our graduation church service. It was a HUGE hit.
I knew it would be entertaining, but I was concerned about the reaction of some of our older, more conservative members.  Afterwards, a gentleman who is very educated, very conservative, and very opinionated, said it was great and that it worked because the script got the story right.  He said it was the first time he’s seen this topic dealt with in a theologically correct way in a drama.  The kids had fun with it and I think we were able to glorify God with our performance.  Thank you so much for this resource!
April Pillsbury-Lloyd
-Melbourne, FL

Dear Fred,
“The Wrap Group” was presented at the Jefferson County Nursing Home in Fayette, MS on May 14.
I am very impressed with the scripts that I have read. We are celebrating nursing home week and the nursing staff has to present a program. We looked at “The Wrap Group” and thought it would be good to perform. Thank you for having this site and for allowing your talent to be used by other people. I used to write skits but lately have been so involved with work and kids that I have not come up with anything. Again thank you for having this site where those who are “stressing” coming up with the right idea can find almost any subject addressed in a Christian perspective.
Andrea Barbier
-Fayette, MS

Dear Fred,
The House of Hope Church of God in Otto, NC will be doing “Mama Knows Best” on May 10 -possibly May 11.
I love the skit!  My husband and I pastor the House of Hope.  In preparing for our Ladies Banquet for Mothers Day, I was searching for a humorous skit with a message to perform for the ladies.  I “happened” upon your website while I was searching.  It’s great!  I know we will be using your materials in the future.
I also am a writer.  I’ve had four plays published with Eldgride Publishing over the years.  Your material is well written and produced. I’m so glad to have found it!
-Renee Vinson

The Eastland Baptist of Bryan, Ohio is doing War of the Wills in July.
I’m lovin’ the creativity! God has gifted you, thank you for sharing! I am beginning a drama ministry for our church, and finding  cost-free or inexpensive, quality skits has been my biggest obstacle. I thank God for your site and your generousity to those who only want to minister to and maybe even change lives in this creative way! God bless you!
-Barbara Kuhn

We performed “How Nick Became a Saint” last Dec. 24th and our church loved it. It was so funny!  I received the soundtrack so quickly and now we are back to perform Mama’s Close Call on our Mother’s Day service.  Your site has been such a blessing to our ministry. It allows young and old to receive the message of Jesus Christ and laugh all in the same experience!
Thank you, we will be back. God bless you and continue to pour into you as you share with the body of Christ!
-Andera Johnson-Williams
Community Center Christian Ministries
South Elgin, Il

We will be doing “The Guy With The Cardboard Christ” Sunday, April 27th at the Marple Presbyterian Church in Broomall, PA.
I was very excited about finding this as I am in charge of the Contemporary Service this coming Sunday. This service is led by lay-people. We use a great deal of multi-media in this service.  This skit is perfect!  Thank you so much. I hope we can do it justice.
-Cindy Sue Barbezat
Marple Presbyterian Church
Broomall, PA

We will be doing “Mama’s Close Call” at Oral Roberts University sometime in late May.
Awesome skit, was very pleased, keep writing please!
Tulsa, Oklahoma

“The Creature in the Closet” skit was used by our youth group for a ‘teen ministry service’ in our church on 3-23, and will also be used in a talent competition for the churches in our state fellowship of churches.
I appreciate your skits for their quality presentation style of a meaningful message.  When I searched other websites for skits, I was disappointed to find that those with humor rarely had a meaningful message, and those with a message seem to lack much polish or humor. Your skits have both. We used one of your skits before, and received a great response, so we came back again when we were ready for another skit.
Thank you so much!
-Pastor Greg Stevens
First Baptist Church, Hibbing, MN

The Comstock Park Congregational United Church of Christ in Michigan is doing “Mama’s Close Call” on Sunday, April 27.
I am the youth director at our church, which is very small — the youth group ranges in ages from 7th to 12 grade, and anywhere from 6 to 20 can show up (normally about 10).  We have also performed “The Creature in the Closet” (Feb) and “Assignment: Hindrance” (Jan).  We try to do a monthly skit and I use a variety of resources, but the congregation likes yours the best!
Thank you for all you do!
-Melinda Rogers
Comstock Park, Michigan

I am the drama director at my church and ran across your site and was blown away!
I was so amazed at your skits and their messages. They were just what I had been looking for; as I had been working with the youth, and now am able to get the older saints involved.
The Lord will lead you to where you need to be; as I was looking for something else when I came across your site. I showed “The Great Church Robbery” to my Pastor and he loved it. We will be doing it for the children’s message on Sunday, April 6th.
I have such a passion for my ministry in drama and know it touches many souls. When my husband saw how excited I was about your scripts, he ordered the whole soundtrack “Ultimate Skit Kit” for me, and was amazed it came in only two days!
-Teri Moore, First Baptist Church
Hillsboro, OH

Dear Fred,
About a year ago I was desperately in need of a skit for my high school youth group to perform in our church, the Plainfield Methodist Church in Plainfield, Wisconsin, a couple of weeks. The skit I had ordered from another site (that had sounded terrific on paper) was dull and boring.  It seemed that I had exhausted all the skits out there.  I had been doing skits for a couple of years with my group successfully, but now I was running out of material.
Anyway, one day I sat down at the computer and did a word search, (seemingly the same word search I had done a million other times) but this time I prayed for God to help me find something that would fit my group and congregation’s needs.  Well, in a matter of seconds your site pops up (like magic!).
Ever since I have been in heaven!  We have now performed “The Creature in the Closet,” “The Wrap Group,” “How To Be Spiritually Fit” and today “The Crate Escape.”  They have all been a blast to perform.  They don’t need a lot of practice (which we all like) and there are few props needed.  Most of all we love the humor and the soundtracks.
Teenagers get the message in a way they can relate to. Way to go Mr. Passmore, you are really doing God’s work!  Thank you for providing this gift to us all.
Many Blessings,
-Cathy from Plainfield

Dear Fred,
The New Life Community Church in Huntingdon Valley, Pa performed “War of the Wills” on 2/27/08.
Thank you for helping us out. Each small group in our CBS Bible Study is expected to do something for our opening when everyone is all together. We were short on ideas when I came across your website. This skit was perfect for our study of 1 Corinthians. We had little time for practice but the script was easy to follow.
The skit provided opportunity for even our most timid members to participate. We recieved many compliments afterward and a few complaints that we now raised the bar for subsequent performances.
Donna Woywod

The St. James the Greaater Catholic Church in Eau Claire,WI. will be doing “The Wrap Group” on March 12th.
I read this and right away knew who would play Leanne’s part! It is exciting and perfect for my 8th graders that I teach each Wednesday night. I think the kids will really identify with the message and get it!
I just stumbled onto your site and feel that God must have been directing me to it. This is great material and the message is right on the mark! This is a great way to reach kids these days and bring God and faith into their impressionable minds!
Thanks a lot Fred, you are a true disciple of the Lord! God Bless and thanks for your ministry!!
-Mark Weinfurtner

The Grace Bible Church in Sinking Spring, Ohio performed “How To Be Spiritually Fit” on 2-9.
We had great results with this skit. People were laughing hysterically. My husband and I had a lot of fun performing the skit, too. Today at church the pastor asked who remembered what the skit’s message was, and what the guest speaker’s message was; people remembered the message of the skit, more than the message from the guest speaker!
Thanks for your work and sense of humor.
-Nancy Roosa

The Good Shepherd Christian Academy is doing “The Audition” on Febuary 8.
This is an excellent site! I love the way you have taken modern Christian issues and placed them in a real context that is also fun and entertaining. I look forward to seeing the feedback I get on this sketch! I am always looking around for good sketches to use with students or church youth groups, and you have some excellent material here. Thanks!
-Joseph Knapp

The Lehigh Valley Grace Brethren Church, Bethlehem, PA will be doing “The Stupid Dummy’s Guide to Higher Self-Esteem” on March 1.
I really like your material because the Truth is clear. So often skit material is very weak spiritually, I trust your material and recommend it to others. I like your variety too; we need a good laugh right now, but I love the depth of “Canvas of Lies” and “Assignment: Witness.”
Thanks so much!
-Joyce Humberd

The Calvary Miracle Centre in the United Kingdom will be doing “Assignment Witness” in March.
The play is definitely an eye opener, and touches your spirit straight away. It had me at the edge of my seat, very well structured.
I think this play would definitely touch the congregation and have them thinking about witnessing to people whenever they get the chance.  As Christians we get so many opportunities to witness and never feel it’s the right time.  Or, when that person has gone, we realize something could have been said.
-Michelle Baker

Hello Fred,
On 10/14 we purchased the script and MP3 Download for ‘The Christmas Family’ play.   We performed this play as a combined group of churches in our small community on Saturday 8th December 2007 as part of our Combined Community Christmas Carols presentation.   It went really well!  We had a lot of favourable comments from people particularly impressed with the clear gospel message through the play.  We interspersed carol singing at various interval through the play presentation.
Thank you, as it was a roaring success! Thank you for making such a fantastic play available for free over the internet and helping us to provide such a beautiful and fun clear gospel message to our community at Christmas.  We appreciate your ministry.
Dale Jones Katherine
Baptist Church Northern Territory Australia

The Hartford Community Church in Hartford, Ohio performed “The Christmas Family” on December 16.
Thank you!  Our youth loved that they didn’t have to memorize lines, although it wasn’t as easy as they thought!  They did a great job and we received many comments from people in our congregation as well as visitors, that this was the best Christmas program they had ever seen.  Great job, Mr. Passmore!  We’re trusting that SOMEONE was/will be saved from seeing this skit!  May God continue to bless you, and thanks again for your Bible-based skits!!!
-Lori Blaney

Dear Fred,
Just wanted to let you know that our church presented “The Christmas Family” on December 23, 2007 at 6:00 p.m. at Mankin Assembly of God Church in Trinidad, Texas. It was a great success!!!
Our youth group presented the program with some help from some of the adults. The youth group helped design the scenery and activated all of the lighting as well as the Angels and Heavenly Host which rose out of the baptismal pool during the scene with the shepherds!! Compliments were many and praises flowed!
Our congregation was delighted at the great salvation message and our pastor said, “this was the best Christmas program I have ever seen!” Our pastor is a former missionary to Africa and is 80 years old, so he has seen many Christmas programs!
Thank you again for your wonderful play and we look forward to using some of your other works in the near future. I enjoy the website and use the information alot.
God Bless.
-Anne and Al Sherrill
Mabank, Texas

We at the New Life Baptist Church performed “The Christmas Family” this past weekend Dec. 22-23 and I just wanted to let you know that it was wonderful. It was easy to do because of the soundtrack and the message was so awesome. I was told by many that it was the best Christmas drama they had ever seen. I want to thank you for using your God given talent to help others spread the message of salvation.
-Dorothy Miller
Henry, TN

Merry Christmas, Fred!
I just wanted to tell you that we performed “The Christmas Family” at Tabernacle Advent Christian Church in Lenoir, NC on Sunday evening, Dec. 9th.
Our audience loved it!  There was not a dry eye in the house.  The story was wonderful and the fact that it could be heard by everyone present made it even more special.  Thank you so much for your great website and your plays.  We will definitely use your site again.
-Liz Callaway

Dear Fred,
This is to let you know that the Mt. View Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Dover, Tennessee performed your play entitled “The Christmas Family” last Saturday night, December 15, 2007.
I wanted you to know that this production warranted rave reviews by all who attended. We are a very small church and were able to get pretty much everyone, that wanted to be, involved.  Friends and relatives came to watch, as always, and were very impressed by the style of the play.  Even though we do a Christmas Play every year, we have never done one with a CD narration and the majority of the positive comments were about how different and unique this production was.  The cast, of course, was thrilled about not having lines to memorize.  The older members (some who are hard of hearing) raved about being able to hear this year!  Thank you for this positive message.
-Barbara Humphries, Director

Dear Fred,
When I read your play “The Christmas Family,” I felt it was just what our church needed this year.  We performed it last night, December 16, 2007, and it was awesome.
Our church is small, and we don’t have many children.  Your play was perfect because it allowed a church to use a lot of people or a few.  But the part I loved the most was that it made the message of salvation so clear.
Thank you for such a great play, with the CD at such a reasonable price.
-Cheryl Smith
First Baptist Church
Newkirk, Ok

Our church, Emmanuel Church in Mountain Home, Arkansas, performed “The Christmas Family” this past Sunday.  It was a great success!  So many people commented on the uniqueness of the skit.  They were especially impressed with the fact that no one had to memorize lines and that they could understand everything that was being said because of the soundtrack.
Thank you so much for making your skits available on-line.  You are truly a blessing to others.
In Christ,
-Della Sadler

Dear Fred,
We just performed “The Christmas Family” today (12-16-02) at the Cornerstone Evan. Free Church in Blue Earth, MN.  It was VERY well received.  We did something a little different that worked quite well:  we videoed the Bethlehem  scenes (all in ‘real’ rural settings) with sheperds and Joseph and Mary and created a DVD with those scenes on it.  Then the only scene we had to set on stage was the orphanage scene and those characters involved with those scenes.  It worked great.  It made it possible for many people to be involved, but involved less work on the day of the presentation.
It is always our goal to make our Christmas presentation as evangelical as possible and this skit was very impactful- even emotional.  The CD provides a polished, well planned approach, for inexperienced small congregations!  We’d like more just like this one!  Thank you!

The Freeburn Church of God at Freeburn,Ky put on “Seasons Beatings: Live From Downtown” tonight, 12-16-07.
Everyone loved the skit we performed. It made so many laugh. I love your website, it gives me so many ideas. When I get the money later on, I would like to buy all your CD’s.
Thank you,
-Marlena Gilliland

The Crossroads Gospel Temple in Nova Scotia, Canada put on “The Great Church Robbery” on: December 9th 2007at 6:30 pm.
I was asked by my pastor to look for a skit our teen youth could do for our annual Christmas children’s concert. Well!!!!!……. The reaction we received from the congregation, the teens doing it and the entire church staff and board was fantastic. They all thought it was the best “teen play” yet and the message even prompted our pastor to include it in his final closing of the evening. Praise God that something like this has been written and made available to be used to continue on as a witnessing tool for Christian groups. Thank you!
In the Spirit of the season and in His name,
-Tony McArthur

The Riverside Community Church in Peterborough, Ontario did “Season’s Beatings: Live from Downtown” at the annual Church banquet on December 8, 2007.
I was not in charge of the play this year but our seniors group were the carolers in it. I just wanted to let you know it was great!
The audience really enjoyed it and of course it had a ‘message’ at the end which was good.  The gals who were in charge chose the perfect people for the characters.  They were hilarious!
Thanks for another great play.
-Barbara Ebel

The Canyon Church of Christ, Anthem, AZ will be doing “The Christmas Family” on Sunday, December 23rd, 2007.
We are a new church and do not have a building yet.  We are meeting in a school auditorium and have little access to storage space or even advance access to the room for early set-up.  So your script fits our needs perfectly, as it requires minimal sets/props.  Also, we just recently started our drama ministry and, due to the short rehearsal time between now and Christmas, not having to memorize lines will also be a blessing.  Everyone really appreciated your script, and the fact that you worked in all the major points, not only of the nativity story, but of the greater story of salvation, and belonging to a family.
We are using the drama on Sunday as an outreach to the community.  Thank you so much for this invaluable resource.
-Davina White

Dear Fred,
The Pilgrim’s Ministry of Deliverance in Georgetown, Delaware is doing “Season’s Beatings” & “Crisis on the Holiday Hotline” this December.
I have read both of these scripts and I just LOVE them! They are VERY well written and orchestrated. Our Youth Group is going to really enjoy acting this year! The “Crisis on the Holiday Hotline” will be performed by myself and another Sister in our church.
Thank you for having such GREAT skits. May the Lord, God Almighty, continue to bless you as you continue to abide in Him.

The Alturas United Methodist Church is doing the script “The Great Church Robbery” on December 9, 2007.
Thank you so much for your site. I needed an interesting, short, easy, meaningful skit to perform for our church’s Christmas pledge dinner, and I needed it NOW. I never thought I would find one that had all the above.  I am excited about this one and can’t wait to get it all together, using the CD as well.
Thank you for all your hard work. You were a God-send !
-Candace Mercer,
Alturas, Florida

The Harps Crossing Baptist Church in Fayetteville, Georgia will be performing your script ” The Crate Escape” at 7:00 pm Sunday night, December 2, 2007.
The writing is excellent.  The humor and depth of this script just blew me away and I’m so excited to perform it this Sunday.  Thank you for allowing us to use them.
-Tim Richardson

I love these scripts!!! They have such a great message and the parents of these teens love the witnessing opportunity!!!
I use them for our radio drama classes in our Christian homeschool support group coop. What a great tool to help these teens learn to proclaim God’s truths in a powerful way.  We have a talent night to show what the teens are learning. They bring parents, grandparents,and friends;some who might not know Jesus as their own personal Saviour. This is a great way to reach them!!!  Thank you again for these great scripts. God will richly bless you!!!
Teresa Bono

Dear Fred,
The Teen Learning Center, Charlotte, NC did “Season’s Beatings-Live from Downtown” on November 15, 2007.
My Drama class at a homeschool co-op performed it in front of 35-45 families.  It was awesome.  The kids did a great job and the audience loved it.  We made some minor adjustments to the parts, since we had more girls than boys in the class.  The Stressed Man became the Stressed Woman and the Indignant Man became the Indignant Woman.  Except for those changes the skit was used in its original format.
Thanks so much for your website.  It was invaluable to me as I was instructing these young thespians in the art of drama.
M. Goulet

The Covenant Glen United Methodist Church in Missouri City, Texas will be performing your play, “How Nick Became A Saint,” on December 9, 2007 at 5:00pm.
The play is incredible. Thank you so much for providing it. The comedic element with a sound biblical message is exactly what we were seeking. You may be excited to know that the part of Mr. Boyle (we had to change it to Ms. Boyle) will be played by a Disney Channel actress, Desiree McKinney, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2436224/ . Thank you so much for helping us.
K. McKinney

The Calvary Chapel Aurora, Aurora CO will be performing your script “Testimony Show.”
Your scripts are by far the best Christian skits I have ever read! They are so funny AND present the TRUE message of the gospel in such a way that anyone who watches one will remember the message far beyond that one night. I have read them all multiple times and have printed most of them out-ready for the next occasion to use one. It’s really a blessing not to have to pay for them; Jesus has given you such talent and it’s nice when you are just trying to give back to the body of Christ with those talents without charging an arm and a leg. I have plans to use the majority of these skits in this year alone! I will let you know when I do. Keep em coming.
Can’t wait to meet you in heaven! Thanks again.
Audra Moraga

The Claridon Christian Fellowship Church will be performing your script, “Tricks or Treats: Scare vs Share” on Friday, October 26, 2007.
This skit is perfect for our annual Harvest Festival.  Sure beats hiring expensive entertainment as we have in the past.  It’s very funny and cleverly written.  I like the fact that your scripts address Halloween head-on by using it to bring a positive message.  Thank you for putting your work out there!
God Bless!

Claridon, OH

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to create and maintain such a wonderful site for church dramas!  We have just begun a drama team at the Community Christian Reformed Church and want to start by making few small purchases here and there to get our feet wet.
Your skits truly have the material and substance that go along with our messages without being “corny” or “dry”.
Thanks again!  May God bless you!
-Shannon Lawley
Demotte, Indiana

The Martin Luther Christian School is doing “The Crate Escape.” Clever, Fred! I haven’t had a chance to read all of your scripts, but the ones I’ve finished I’ve found to be really original and with a definite point. There’s too much “Jesus Junk” out there — glad to say, you’re stuff can’t be counted among it.
-Angie Brower
Joplin, MO

This October the SonRise Baptist Church will be doing “Live From the Battlefield.” I love your skits.  We have done a couple and when I print them out, I don’t even have to read them to weed out the good and bad like I do with some other sites.  They are all good!  Keep up the good work.  I also encourage others to use the sound effects CDs with the skits.  They are wonderful.
-Marsha Edens,
Spartanburg, SC

The Old Bethel Baptist Church will be performing “How To Be Spiritually Fit” on September 21, 2007.
I looked all over the internet for a skit to perform at our annual fall fellowship but couldn’t find anything until I found your website! Thank you so much for all the great ideas! You have a great talent and it’s good to see you sharing it with others and using it to honor the Lord! I know personally that skits and drama are a great way to witness.
May he continue to bless you!
-Deziree Wolthuis
Sikeston, Missouri

Brother Fred,
I did “The Trials of Rev. Milton Blumquist” on July 28 during a 5th Sunday praise gathering.
Everyone LOVED this skit! They are STILL talking about it, and it’s been three days. I have been led to organize a drama team at our church. What a great skit to use not only to give the message of having patience, but to also get our youth excited about doing drama altogether. You are truly blessed my friend, I can’t wait to introduce more of your skits into our church.
-Rickey Corley

Hello Brother Fred,
We are using your hilarious script “Assignment: Hindrance” to open up our new “Impact Repertory Theater” company.  Your scripts are a gift from God and you truly have been anointed by the Lord in this area.  I searched high and wide for script sources, before I was led to your site and I am so glad that I found you.
As a former professional actor, I must say that I am quite impressed by the consistent quality of your work.  You have managed to get the message across in a way that is not “corny” and reaches the most sophisticated audience without shying away from the impact of God’s Word.  We plan on using more of your work as our ministry grows and I will certainly let you know what and when, as requested. But I want to again say thank you, for sharing your gifts with the world by making your scripts available online.
Your fruit is evident, brother, in that many, many of the lost or backslidden will hear your words, laugh and unbeknownst to them, receive the seed of His Word, that will soon produce a great harvest in their lives. May God richly bless you and yours.
-Pastor Curtis Davenport
Impact Church, Charlotte, NC

Hi, Fred!
Crossroads Ministries at Woodward Avenue Church of God, Athens, Tennessee, will be doing your script “The Wrap Group.” I was so excited to find this skit. I love it! At Crossroads Ministries we are using the recovery-based program, “Celebrate Recovery” by John Baker. We are a growing ministry and I am enthusiastic about using this skit to reinforce the fact that recovery through Jesus Christ is the only true recovery found for life’s addictions, hang-ups and habits. This skit gently allows people to see the importance of Christ in their recovery and how their addictions have control of them without, as you stated, “hitting them over the head with it”. We may also use this skit in our jail ministry as well. Thank you for such a great work. The Lord has blessed you with a unique gift and I know he will bless those who hear and see your skits performed as well. May God bless and keep you and your ministry. Thank you again.
-Laura Cruze

Hello, Fred!
The Uplands Reach Conference Center will be performing “Assignment: Witness!” on June 19 and 23, 2007.
I am a drama instructor for URCC–a Christian ministry in NC.  When I first read the script, I was moved.  After seeing it performed, I am in awe.  This is such a powerful skit that will speak volumes to teens and adults concerning being a witness for Jesus. And the soundtrack  has enhanced the skit all the more.  Thank you for helping to make my job a little easier.
-Deana DeBord
Millers Creek, NC

Dear Fred,
The Summersett Baptist Church Pittsville VA performed “Mama’s Close Call” on May 19,  2007.
The skit was very funny and very easy to perform. The soundtrack was quite helpful to make it seem real. It was a hit for sure. My family and I performed it for a banqet that we have every year for People without Partners.There was mixed age group attending and I think was enjoyed by all. It was so much fun to do.
Thanks and God Bless.
-Angelia Hines

Dear Fred,
The Sanctuary of Savannah in Savannah, GA performed your script, “Mama’s Close Call” on Sunday, May 13. The skit was an absolute delight!  Our ladies performed it perfectly and we all loved it!  Can’t wait to do more of your skits!  Thanks so much for this ministry– God certainly put you in our lives to assist with our ministry!
-Letha Hammond

Dear Fred,
Thank you for this wonderful website, you have a wonderful ministry.  I’m so excited about doing some of these skits and I know it will be a blessing.  We are having a Mother’s Day camp and I’m co-ordinating a youth programme to treat them and also deliver a message.  I really appreciate the use of your skits and I hope we can do them justice according to the purpose intended.  I bet you didn’t expect your skits to travel this far across the world, but God’s voice will be heard throughout the nations.
May God shower you with his choicest blessings and I will be sure to let you know how our evening went.
Yours in Christ,
-Allison Naidoo
Sandalwood Bible Church – South Africa

I just want to first thank you so so much for the skit, “The Wrap Group” (and the website)!!
I have started a Prayer Group at my church for the young teens and every once in awhile we plan and perform a Sunday program.
So one day I was at work and I began to pray, and started asking God to help me find something funny but also have a good point, and he did, he blessed me with your skit! It was so awesome, the people in my church loved it so much, they laughed and laughed, even the people I had help me laughed.
We had a blast practicing it, we just couldn’t stop laughing! We even had special guest that Sunday and they asked for your website and a copy of the skit, how awesome?! I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love this website! Also I will be using more of your skits! I will keep you in my prayers.
Thank you and may God bless you!!

Berwick, PA

Lots of laughs-thank you- thank you-thank you!!!
I used Mama’s Close Call, Attack of the Monster Tongue, Testimony Show (at a churchLadies meeting in November) New Years Eve at the Bad Habit Club,” (at our New Years Eve Service) Battle of the Sexes (at our Valentine Banquet) “Pastors Barbeque” was used at another meeting and every single one of them was a HUGE HIT! I know the actors make the skits really work but without you providing the Scripts and Soundtracks they wouldn’t know what to say or act. Buying the soundtracks was worth every dime.  I also like that you don’t need a lot of supplies or scenery to make them work.
You have truly been a blessing to me and my church. Thank you very much!!!!  Your ministry is so needed.
-Pam May
Hyles Baptist Church,
Chesterfield VA

We used “The Wrap Group” for our first Friday night YOUTH NIGHT on Feb. 16th, 2007.  It was great.  The adults performed the skit for the kids and I think the adults had as much fun doing it as the kids did watching it.  This is an excellent site and I’m hoping to use more of your skits.  Keep them coming!!!
Shari Alexander,
First Free Will Baptist Church
Mountain Home, Arkansas

Dear Fred,
On Feb 25, 2007, the East Winthrop Baptist Church did your script “The Creature in the Closet.” The skit was a smashing success!  People really got into the humor of it, especially when Officer Barks threw Ron up against the wall to keep him away from the closet.  …a lot of the stuff out there isn’t terribly high quality, so thank you very much for making your skits available!  People are starting to ask when we’ll do another.
East Winthrop, Maine

My friends and I love your skits. This is the second year we are using one of them. Last year we used one in a competition called Talents For Christ, and we went all the way to the national competition and we won 2nd place.We decide to use another skit of yours this year, (“How to be Spiritually Fit”) and hopefully we will win 1st place! We just wanted to say thank you for putting your material on the internet, and for free. It is such a blessing.You have a great talent and God will bless you for using it for His glory.
-Jenny Murray
Evangel Baptist Church in Taylor, MI

Hi Fred,
I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I performed ‘Battle of the Sexes, Round One” last night.  It was a huge success.  We are a very small church made up of mostly “baby-boomers”.  The production was the start of our Valentine’s party.  Folks were laughing and talking about the show all evening.
The sound effects were a super addition.  We didn’t have an operator for the sound so I came up with a rather unique way to run it.  I put together “sound scapes” as slides on Power Point. I used a rf remote concealed in my costume to “fire” each effect. I had mixed the sound effect with the jungle sounds on each slide (thank the Lord for Audacity, wish I had this back in the 70’s when I did radio production). It worked great. I wish you continued success with your ministry.  I feel sure we will be doing more.
Thanks again for your help and your wonderful script.
Jimmy and Donna Laird,
First Baptist Church Lucas, TX.

Dear Fred,
Our youth group performed “Assignment: Witness!” this past Sunday in the setting of a school bus stop.  As their director, I received countless words of thanks, which I extend to you on behalf of our congregation.  The Truth that filled this script was astounding, and the characters were perfect.  I believe God used it for His honor and glory, even before it was performed as it gave me an opportunity to witness to my hairdresser, simply because she asked me what it was about!  Thank-you so VERY much for offering your stories.  God will bless you richly for it, I am sure.
In His Name,
Stephanie Mummert
Gettysburg Baptist Church
Gettysburg, PA

As the new Marriage Ministry Leaders for our church, we just had our first event,  “Return to Eden” a Valentine’s Banquet on Feb. 10th.  “Battle of the Sexes: Round 1” was the finale-and a tremendous success!
A friend made amazing costumes for us.  We purchased an 8 by 12 foot rainforest mural for the backdrop, filled the stage with trees, found an 8′ foot realistic looking cloth snake…bought your soundtrack and WENT FOR IT! (For those of you who do this play, the soundtrack CD adds an amazing dimension to the production.  BUY IT!!!!)
People are calling and e-mailiing us, still laughing, rhapsodizing about the production and saying that it was the most fun they’d had in years. What a way to kick off the term.  Our Creative Arts Director howled “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT PLAY??!”. By the way, when is there going to be a Battle of the Sexes: Round 2?  (We’ll be your first customers!) Thank you so much for using your gifts to draw others to Christ. Wow! That’s ministry.
With you, in His Service,
Rob and Daina Decker
Mount Rubidoux Seventh Day Adventist Church
Riverside, CA

Our church did your script “The Christmas Family” on Christmas Eve. It was an awesome play. People in the church and community are still raving about it. Thank you for doing and sharing your wonderful plays. God Bless You!!!!
Our church is small and this play worked so well with the soundtracl CD and no memorization. Please do some more the same way!!
-Fannie Robley
Clappertown Christian & Missionary Alliance Church
Williamsburg Pa

Hi Fred,
As promised, I am reporting back to you on the outcome of our play of “The Christmas Family”.
It was a big hit with the congregation. Here are some comments…
It was the best play our church has ever done.
It was great that adults and children could participate in the same play.
An elderly person commented that she especially enjoyed the fact that she could hear and understand the entire play. Often times when small children have verbal parts she is unable to hear what they are saying because they are speaking too softly. She was able to actually follow along the entire play (due to the narration).
The message was the TRUE meaning of Christmas. Often times the nativity scene is portrayed but what does it really mean to us. This really applied why Jesus came to earth.
It brought tears to my eyes (2 people shared that).
I was able to get volunteers much more easily due to the fact they there were no lines to memorize!
Thank you so much for providing this for us to use. I would highly recommend this play to anyone who is interested. It contains a wonderful message brought in a new way that can be applied to anyone’s life. Keep up the good work!
Sandy with Orrville Mennonite Church

On December 18, 2006 the First Baptist Church of Roff, Oklahoma put on your play “The Christmas Family.” The production was a hit.  My kids worked very hard on this, and I had the right amount of help from youth and adults.  Comments from the church were “It was the best play I have ever seen,”  and “It focused on the Christmas Story, and the Real meaning of Christmas instead of how cute the kids were.”
I can’t tell you enough about the success of this economical well done production.  The set painting pages were of great use too.  I painted a back drop that added to the stage a lot.  We used a split stage, and a spot light and that was about all of the extras we needed.  It was really great.
I plan to use your ideas as much as possible, even though our class is actually called Children’s Choir.
Keep up the good writing!
-DeJo Petersen,
First Baptist Church, Roff, Oklahoma

Dear Mr. Passmore,
Thank you so much for the blessing you have bestowed on countless people through the gift you have!  Our Drama class at Tri-City Christian Academy put on a performance combining “Battle of the Sexes, Season’s Beatings, New Year’s Eve at the Bad Habit Club and Mama’s Close Call”.  It was a production lasting one hour and fifteen minutes (with a 10 minute intermission), but the effects will last a lifetime!  The audience laughed throughout the whole production, giving our brand new actors confidence they had never felt before!
As a new teacher in this area, I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for your scripts.  You met all the requirements I faced, and made them funny to boot!  I received a standing ovation for the production, but all the credit must go to you.  What an amazing night we will never forget.  PLEASE keep writing and touching so many lives – you have been truly gifted!
In addition, our family performed “The Great Church Robbery” at Dover Baptist Church the week before Christmas.  My family acted out the parts while our Sunday school narrated the entire poem.  The church members were very touched by the story.  We have decided to attempt a production with all of the Sunday school classes in the spring.  We will let you know how it goes!  Hopefully I will be forwarding the amazing photos soon – thank you again for sharing your gifts and talents with us!
-Tracey Day

Greetings Fred,
The iMPACT Church Family Christmas Celebration featuring SEASON’S BEATINGS: Live from Downtown, was an incredible success! The emails are still pouring in saying how much everyone enjoyed the play. Our church was packed with family and friends – standing room only. I was excited and a little nervous but after 7 weeks of rehearsals there was nothing left to do but send up a final prayer for the actors and sit back to enjoy the play. The audience was ready for this – big time! We had advertised for an entire month and talked up the play as much as possible. The audience ROARED with laughter! And a few folks gave us a standing ovation! We had a time of fellowship afterwards with homemade Christmas cookies and the play was the talk of the town! Every actor was told numerous times about how great a job they did. I can’t thank you enough for writing such a funny script! The Christian message within the play was a perfect reminder of what Christmas is really all about.
Thanks again.
God bless you, and all those you love, in this, the warmest of seasons.
Sincerely, Deb Cordrey, Cincinnati, Ohio
(Note from Fred: Now, THIS is how to do a play! Seven weeks of rehearsals…. wow. I have some tell me they rehearse them a couple of times and then put them on, usually with script in hand. This makes me proud to have been a part of their work by supplying the script and soundtrack. But it’s the work of the play director and actors that makes it really come to life. Congratulations to you and your cast, Deb!)

Dear Fred,
Thank you for helping small churches like ours to be able to obtain wonderful skit material.  Just three weeks before Christmas our leadership decide to try something different for our Christmas Eve service and your skit “The Christmas Family ” was found to be the answer.  The fact that there were no lines to memorize took a lot of pressure off the participants.  We had quite a few family visitors that Sunday and many commented it was the best Christmas play they had ever seen!  Thank you again for providing well written material that gives honor and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Blessings from Vineyard Community Church
Ladonna Dartt
Evansville, IN

I really think that this is a great site… it is unique in that it is so easy to navigate and the skits are so well put together.  We have a small youth group that are really just learning how to serve the Lord, and I think that this skit (“New Year’s Eve at the Bad Habit Club”) will provide the means necessary to get our point across concerning commitment and life changing decisions.  Thank you for all of your work and I look forward to visiting the site again in the future.
-Jennifer Markel,
New Beginning CHC, Aiken, SC

We will be doing “The Crate Escape” sometime in March. I am really looking forward to presenting this script to my drama students! Last semester they performed “The Stupid Dummy’s Guide to Higher Self-Esteem” and loved it! Not only that, but the whole school was cracking up! Thank you so much for your wonderful skits! Please continue to do this; it works wonders for not only acting, but portraying Jesus’ messages as well.
-Casey Locklear
Northwood Academy- Chapel
North Charleston, SC

Dear Fred,
On January 26th, we will be doing your scripts “Testimony Show” & “Stupid Dummy’s Guide to Higher Self Esteem.” Thank you so much! These are wonderful! My students love them. This the first set of scripts, both Christian and non-Christian, that my students love! They actually think it is funny and useful! God Bless you in this ministry.
-Heather Bair
Heritage Christian Schools (Junior High) Bakersfield, CA

Hi Fred,
Just wanted to send you a note and tell you how great our Christmas program using “The Christmas Family” turned out. We are a small town Southern Baptist church and I found your website and was able to put this thing together using our youth group kids, our young children and some adults.  It was great.  I have never heard so many compliments.  One thing that was true for each person I spoke with was they said you could just feel God at work.  I gave Him the credit.  I believe He lead me to your site that day and I will be back.  We are thinking of doing something for Easter.
Take Care and Have A Merry Christmas!
Katie Mosley,

The Hinestown Baptist Church put on your script The Christmas Family on December 17, 2006. I want to let you know, this was an excellent skit and our church decided at the very last minute to put on a presentation. Our church is very small with 32 people. But, with the CD and a few volunteers we had a great time. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place when we we finished. (Daniel really came to life and made Christmas special to all of us). Thanks so much!
God Bless and Merry Christmas. -Hinestown Church:
Rhonda Haygood (Sunday school teacher)
Summertown, TN

We did your “Season’s Beatings” skit yesterday during our regular church service.  It was a HUGE success!!  We had numerous compliments – also about how well the soundtrack enhanced the performance.  Thanks so much!!
We will be sure to recommend your stuff to as many people as we can.  And we will look to your site first for any additional skits we do in the future!  Which we plan to…
Have a great holiday!
-Peggy Simmons,
Williamsburg United Methodist Church
Williamsburg, PA

I’ve looked in christian bookstores and on the internet and have found some pretty good dramas but this one, “The Christmas Family” is the most Christ-centered Christmas play that I’ve seen. We will be using the Christmas Family soundtrack. Tomorrow we’ll be going through our last dress rehearsal and doing the play Sunday evening, the 17th. We’re praying that the Lord will bless both actors and audience. I’ll e-mail you afterwards and let you know how it went.
David Haven,
Union First Congregational Methodist
Boaz, AL

The Maranatha Assembly of God in Wapakoneta, OH will be performing “Crisis on the Holiday Helpline” on December 10, 2006. When the gentleman who will be playing Bill told me of this skit, I was at first reserved.  Then I read it… absolutely hilarious.  I laughed at first, then teared up at the end.  Good job writing something so serious yet making it enjoyable at the same time.  May God continue to bless you.
-Pastor Joel Chambers

The Onondaga Hill Presbyterian Church will be performing “Season’s Beatings” and “The Great Church Robbery” on Dec. 10, 2006. We have two small groups performing on our youth Sunday.  They love these two pieces and I couldn’t agree with them more.  They are very funny, very heartwarming and well thought out.  Thank you so much for providing a place for those of us who have not been granted the gift of humor to find meaningful and insightful skits to use with our kids.  Thanks again!
-Krystal Scott,
Syracuse NY

I can’t tell you how relieved our teens are to find skits that are FUN to do!
Anita Parker

The First United Methodist Church in Benton, Illinois will be performing “New Year’s Eve at the Bad Habit Club” on Dec 31st. Our pastor will be out of the pulpit on New Year’s Eve! We have used one of your skits before, and it was a rip-roaring success! This will be perfect!  Keep up the good work.
-Marianne Kaak,
Benton, Illinois

Hi Fred,
I wanted to let you know that your ‘mini-plays’ are THE reason I started up the ‘IMPACT PLAYERS’ at our church. Your writing is brilliant and funny and always has such a strong Christian message. You are an inspiration. We will be doing SEASON’S BEATINGS: LIVE FROM DOWNTOWN on Dec. 17th. I’ve cast it and we are already into rehearsals. Unfortunely we can’t time the thing yet because we have to stop and LAUGH! Seasons Beatings is such a blast. I’ve got the soundtrack but we aren’t working with it just yet. Next week, we’ll begin with that. For now, I gotta say THANKS and ask for any help on pulling out the best in the characters and set ideas, or suggestions you may have for this fledgling director.
Sincerely, Deb Cordrey
Impact Church,
Cincinnati, OH.

I wanted you to know that I will be ordering your ultimate skit package for our youth group that we are just starting at church.  We really look forward to it.  I have read many of the skits on your site and find them informative, wonderfully humorous and definitely life lessons that need to be learned.  You have a fantastic talent and I look forward to working with your material.
In His Service, Shella Taylor

Wonderful skits! We are starting a drama group with our Harpursville Baptist Church teens (in NY) on Wednesday night and these are perfect. There is a nice range in length and number of performers. I appreciate the lessons behind each one that are shared in a “non-corny” way!
Thanks so much!

The Mercersburg Mennonite Church will be performing “Season’s Beatings” on December 10th. I am a youth leader at our small church with three young children of my own to tend to.  This site has been so helpful in that I don’t have much time to browse through skit books, but knew from past experience (we used “How Nick Became a Saint” 2 years ago) how easy it would be to get online and immediately find a great up-to-date script that the teens at our church would enjoy performing.  They are easy enough for the amateur actor yet can sound professional with a little effort.  Thank you for keeping it affordable for small churches.  I will recommend you to anyone I have the opportunity to.  God bless you.

Mary Horst
Mercersburg, PA

The Faith Baptist Church, Henderson, Tennessee will be performing “Season’s Beatings: Live From Downtown!” on the 17th of December. I just found this site for the first time today (10/29/06). I have been a Youth Pastor at Faith for 5 years now, and have done the Christmas performance every year. After reading through some of the skits, my first thought was, “why didn’t I find this earlier?” You seem to have a true gift and I will definitely be back for future projects. Plus, now that I see you have skits for a wide variety of subjects, God has used you to broaden our youth Ministry. Thank you and May God continue to Bless you.
Jason Caudle

Johnson Corners Christian Academy will be doing “Season’s Beatings” this December. I would have to say, that after many years doing drama, and after browsing through many websites, I love your website the best!
Your skits are top notch and the fact that you can order soundtracks, what a dream come true. God bless you, have a wonderful holiday season!
Michele Voegele,
Watford City, ND

I just wanted you to know that we performed “the Pastor’s BarBQ” skit for Pastor Appreciation Day on Sept. 24th.  We used the speaking parts on the CD to help.  We had a blast… the pastor and his wife were laughing hysterically at this skit.  No one could stop laughing.  It was great. Thank you so much…
God Bless You!
Jennifer Ezell
Turning Point Church of God
Clewiston Florida

On Sept. 10, 2006, our church performed your script “Assignment: Witness” using our kids 12-14. It was fantastic! Our church raved about how good it was. Thanks for your help and may God bless you as you bless others with your ministry.
-Faye Lord
Piney Grove Church of God
Jesup, GA

The Zionsville Presbyterian Church of Zionsville, IN will be performing “Attack of the Monster Tongue” on October 13, 2006 for the Women’s Great Banquet Skit. We’ve had a great time rehearsing and it has been so easy to sync to the CD music and sound effects. We can’t wait for our guests to see it. What a great web resource!

I love your material. We just put together a youth drama team and I can’t wait to start handing this stuff out to the teens. I know they’ll love performing it as much as I love reading it… Thank you for the wonderful resource.
Calvary Assembly of God, Waco, TX

Twenty-three students from K-10th grade will be performing “Jerusalem’s Most Wanted” for their parents at our annual dinner theater at Anthony Christian Academy in Ft. Myers, FL, on October 20th, 2006. We purchased the soundtrack and it is GREAT! We are still in the rehearsal stage but are excited about doing it. Thank you so much for providing such a powerful Christian message in your skits/plays.
-Cyndi Anthony

The Thomas Terrace Baptist Church, Concord, Va. Ladies Retreat in Natural Bridge, Va. will be doing “The Sheep’s Clothing Store” on Sat. Oct. 8th, 2006.
I can’t thank you enough for having this website.  You have been a real help to me.  I am the Drama/Activities Director for “Woman of Grace” Ladies Ministry at my church, and it can sometimes be very difficult to find new material for the events that we have, and I have gotten lots of great ideas from you.  This will be the 2nd script I have used, and I know I will be back again !!!
With Respect, Dala Freitas

Just wanted to let you know how well the skit, ASSIGNMENT: HINDERANCE, worked out. It was a huge success, the kids had a great time doing it and the sanctuary was full of laughter. The story behind the laughter really drives the point home. Thank you so much for what you do and we’ll definitely be using your site, with music, in the very near future. Thanks again!
Brenda Hopper
Asst. Youth Director
Virginia Beach United Methodist Church

Hi Fred!
We had our Annual Easter Program this past Saturday and the teen boys and girl class, which is taught by myself and another teacher, performed your skit “The Crate Escape”.  It was great!! The audience really enjoy it and everyone stated the soundtrack was a great touch. I thank you for allowing the Lord to used you this way.  Your ministry has and continue to be a blessing to so many and you can add Bethany to the number.
Robin Travers,
Bethany Missionary Baptist Church
Philadelphia, Pa

The youth of our church hosted a Valentine’s dinner complete with a variety show.  The youth performed “Battle of the Sexes, Round One” –the response from the audience was incredible!  Several people had tears running down their faces before it was over.  Even though I read through the script several times during rehearsal, my sides ached the day after the performance from laughing so hard.  We will be performing “Mama’s Close Call” for our mother/daughter banquet.  You are truly gifted and we all appreciate your talent!
Liz Claiborne,
Covenant Baptist Church, Topeka, KS

On 18, 2005, the Niagara Christian Life Assembly used “Season’s Beatings: Live From Downtown,” and it was a HUGE success!  This skit has a good message on the true meaning of Christmas and I’m sure most people saw themselves in at least one – if not several – of the characters portrayed. We had most of the actors play two roles – with a quick costume change.
We used your CD with our performance. The response to this skit was very positive. Most of the characters played their parts ‘over the top’ – exaggerating in a very humorous way – and I’m sure the point got across. Thank you for your hard work! Blessings on your ministry!
Pam Wells
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

We presented your play, “How Nick Became a Saint” on Christmas Day in our church. Everyone loved it including all the youth that had a part in it. I had an elder in the church tell me it was the best play that had ever been performed in church there. Thank you, thank you for allowing us to share your play with others. It was a true blessing to many people, myself included.
Thanks again and God Bless!
Cindy Winchester
Youth Director
Bethany Methodist Church

I am the Children’s Pastor at Family Praise Center and the age of my kids is 6-12 years old. We did “How Nick Became A Saint” on Sunday, Dec. 18th. I know your site says that these plays are not written specifically for children, but after changing a few lines to be more appropriate for their age, the play seemed to be made for them. The kids loved the practices and the performance was awesome!
I received calls the night I went home and the next morning from people that wanted to tell me how much they enjoyed the performance. We used the soundtrack CD, and it does add to the effect of the play. Thanks for a great website!
-Pastor Phyllis Spradling,
Family Praise Center
Vinita, OK

We did “The Great Church Robbery” last year, the audience loved it, a lot!!! This was very different from the boring skits that are usually done. I really loved it, because I was looking for something to do at the last minute and it didn’t take a million rehearsals to get it right. I have to come up with something for the teenagers to do every Christmas and Easter. Mind you, their eagerness and talent is somewhat limited. Thank You, thank you, thank you for doing what you do. You have saved my life. And will continue to, as long as I do this each year.
Tameka Gaddis,
St. Paul A.M.E. Zion Church, Detroit, MI

Hello, Fred!
Every time we play “The Great Church Robbery” the phones light up! It has been the most requested Christmas Song each year! Thanks and God Bless….
Rich Bruce
WTRM Radio

We will be performing “Cowboy Carl and Pal the Wonderdog” on Dec. 2nd. I have used some of your other skits in the past at my church. “Mamma’s Close Call” (for a Mother Daughter Banquet). Since I am a man, it was even funnier when I was a 60 year-old woman. I never heard so much laughter from one skit in my life. My wife and I also performed “Battle of the Sexes: Round One.” That is one awesome skit!
I love your skits and thank you so much for good clean Christian scripts. I tell everyone about your web site. You’re awesome! Thanks so much!
-Kevin Sprague
Memorial Church of the Nazarene
Orangeburg, SC

I have been working with youth drama for several years. Finding really good material is usually difficult and time consuming. I found your materials a couple of months ago on the internet and I was very impressed with the content of your scripts. My youth pastor was happy to order your scripts and CDs for me and I have been very pleased. I hope we will be able to perform several of your scripts this school year.
I really like the way you use the Word in your scripts; I like that you get right to the spiritual point with no apology. I praise the Lord for the talent He has given you! I hope you will continue to share future work.  Using your materials have given me some great “moments” to share truths of God’s Word with my students.
Susan Murphy
Charleston Baptist Church
Charleston, SC

We will be doing “Season’s Beatings: Live from Downtown” on December 18, 2005. ! And the idea of having the CD with all the sound effects is awesome! I have worked in youth ministry for some time and have bought many different skit books, none of which can be compared with the great skits you have on this site! I am so excited to perform this, our youth love humor and this is “right down their alley.” They are all excited to perform this also. Thanks and may God bless you for providing quality, up to date, with a great message skits free of charge!
Melody Veyon
Church of Christ in Christian Union
New Lexington, OH

Our student drama group Faith in Action will be presenting “Live from Downtown” as part of Sunday Morning Worship on Dec. 18th. Love the high quality of the script. Was laughing out loud as I read it. Our students will really be able to make these characters come to life. We’re looking forward to making our congregation and special guests laugh, and hopefully reflect about the true Joy of Christmas. Thank you for your ministry.
-Sara Benjamin,
New Beginnings Christian Center,
Moses Lake, Washington

Dear Fred,
We made our presentation of “The Crate Escape” last night, Oct. 30, 2005.  It was a wonderful experience.  This type of presentation was a first for our church.  The Holy Spirit was there to use our presentation to win at least one to Christ and also to bring some much needed laughter to a congregation that has been struggling with the resignation of its pastor and subsequent turmoil associated with finding a replacement.  Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with others.
The CD was excellent and worth every penny. I hope that we will be able to make similar presentations in the future. Your efforts ARE making a difference in the lives of others!!
Once again, thanks!
-Christine Games,
Edgewater Alliance Church in Kingsville, Ohio.

I have been on the internet several times, looking for some kind of Christian entertainment to use at our Ladies Ministry Christmas party. I was captivated by the skits listed on your website. I have read many of them and did not find one that I didn’t like. Thank you so much for free use of these skits. I am quite sure I will be returning to your site for more entertainment ideas. May God continue to use you to further His kingdom.

God Bless you!
Donna Smith
Huntersville Church of God,
Huntersville, North Carolina

Thank you so much for sharing your skit scripts with all of us. It has been such a blessing! Our church loved the “Attack of the Monster Tongue” and are asking for more. To put in bluntly, you make me look good:) Your skits are truly funny. I don’t have to worry about hearing the quiet cricket sound at the end of the skit! Sincere thanks!
Andrea Kronenberger,
Music Minister of Apostolic Church of Belleville, MO

Hello Fred,
This is the most awesome drama ministry website EVER!!! I just listened to the “The Tell-Tale Talent” from your website and I am so much more inspired. I must confirm that these creative tools work marvelously for both Auditory and Visual learners. Trust me, I’m both!
Thanks again, and I will be purchasing many more soundtracks as I look over the other scripts you provide. Thanks for the great service that definitely enhances the Kingdom of God.

Jennifer N. Boone

Once again, your site has supplied just what we needed!!  I am looking forward to seeing what God will do through the witness of “The Red Tie Club” to the community on Oct. 31st.  The message comes across so clearly!  We may even hand out “red ties” with supporting scripture verses after the skit.  Although we are a fairly small church, we draw many people in each year with our “Light Night” alternative to Halloween, and the “drama theater” is one of the many attractions.  Thank you!
-Robin Tyhurst,
Grenada Berean Church
Grenada, Calif

A note from Fred:
A young man named Bryant M. has made professional acting his life’s work, and apparently he was inspired to go into that field by performing one of the scripts here, “The Great Church Robbery.”
A quote says: “Bryant has been acting practically his whole life. When he was younger, he performed a play at his church called “The Great Church Robbery.” This experience caused him to discover how much he loved acting and how much fun it was.”

The Hotchkiss Church of God in Hotchkiss, WV will be performing “How Nick Became A Saint” on Dec. 23, 2005. I am very blessed to have found your site. Your scripts are well written. Your blend of today’s vernacular and heartfelt hypothetical situations have made my job easy. I presented the script to my youth class this past Sunday and they loved it. Thank you for saving me from the dejected expressions my teenagers have each time they are presented with a sophomoric Christian play. Also, I have read a plethora of mainstream plays and you have not sacrificed quality for content.

The First Southern Baptist Church in Sheridan, Arkansas will be performing “Season’s Beatings: Live From Downtown” the Sunday before Christmas. I think your site is awesome.  This will be the first time we will be using your script with the soundtrack.  We have gone over some of the lines in class and the kids can’t stop laughing themselves.  These children come from homes where laughter is in short supply, so I’m grateful to have found your site.  Thank you.
-Vicki Tooke

I want to say that I loved your skits.
–Good humor
–Solid platform for expanding to a Bible message
–Creative, imaginative and textured characters
–Not the standard cardboard moralisms
–Great web pages
I wrote and published three plays for use in worship some thirty years ago — so I know the challenges of a good skit. Thank you for your effort, your humor, your commitment to the ministry to media.
God bless you for your contributions to God’s Kingdom!
-David Snapper

We did your script “The Sheep’s Clothing Store,” on May 15, 2005. Absolutely awesome comments on this script! Everyone wanted to know where  the script came from. Very well received!

Carrie Wilken
Christus Lutheran Church
Clintonville WI

We did your “Mama’s Close Call”skit for a “Celebration of Women” Banquet we had on May 7, 2005. We purchased the soundtrack CD, not really thinking that it would make much difference, but were we ever wrong! It added so much humor to the skit; especially the can-can music!  It was hilarious!
We also performed the skit on Sunday, May 8, for the entire church; to give you an idea of it’s success–our Pastor, Randy Damron, had a hard time getting himself together to preach afterward!  The whole congregation was literally in tears, from laughing!  We will definitely be using more of your stuff!!
Terrie Stevens
Jubilee Christian Assembly
Pikeville, Kentucky

We performed “The Audition” on May 1st, 2005, at our Awana Awards Banquet at the Cornerstone Community Church in Auburn, CA.
Thank you so much for putting your site together and offering scripts with a powerful message. “The Audition” was incredible. I am no actor, yet even I was able to prepare and deliver the lines because most lines had cues from other actors. Very easy to perform!
Thanks again and God bless you.
-Bill Harben
Awana Commander
Cornerstone Community Church
Auburn, CA.

We just performed your “Mama’s Close Call” skit for our ladies mother/daughter banquet at the New Life Christian Center in Lancaster, OH. We had 140 women attend. It met with great success and was hysterical.  I wrote and directed drama for years, and I’ve written many humorous skits. Yours are superb!  We know God had a sense of humor because he created people like you and me!!  At 65 I’ve slowed down and now prefer to just perform in skits.  I’m thrilled with your quality and that you share them for free.  God bless you for your creativity and the greatest of all, for using it for our Lord Jesus Christ!
-Arlene Speakman

I just wanted to let you know that my board of directors performed the skit, “Live From the Battlefield” at our volunteer appreciation banquet in February.  The men did a fantastic job!  Our volunteers, who counsel with women in unplanned pregnancies, were simply blessed by the skit and the heart of the men to act it!  (None are actors…maybe characters…but not actors!)
The volunteers work hard in helping women consider positive alternatives to abortion and they really deserve a night that blesses them.
I personally want to thank you for these skits and the CD.  It just made everything so perfect.  You blessed this little non-profit very much!!
Linda S. Trask, Exec. Director
Care Net Pregnancy Center
Laconia, NH

Hi again, Fred!
On March 7-10 my students went to a Christian School State Convention. They placed second in the state competition with your “Testimony Show” script. It was so easy to do with the CD that went with it, we just practiced and practiced until we fit the lines in with the music.
I really appreciate you having a website where I can get such great skits!
-Lisa Speer

My church teen group, of the Gardiner Church of the Nazarene in Maine, has used two of your scripts, “The Sheep’s Clothing Store” and “Crisis on the Holiday Helpline.”  We used “The Sheep’s Clothing Store” for youth drama competition and actually won the local event and will perform it at a much larger competition this month.  Part of the reason we think the teens won the local competition was because the play had some valuable lessons for today’s world.  Many skits that we saw were funny, but lacked the spiritual values that your skits provide.  You also provided great and easy to follow details on props, characters, setting, and costumes.
We performed your “Crisis on the Holiday Helpline” skit at Christmas.  It was great because the parts could just be read and since we had little time to prepare for a skit it was the perfect option for us.  We loved the CD to go with the script and used the sound effects and music.  The church loved it!  It had some humor mixed with spiritual truths and the evangelical message.  We hope to use more of your plays in the future.  Thanks for making it so easy to work with you and your scripts.
God Bless, Sharon Cook

Note from Fred: I found this bit of conversation below on a message board at this home school debate site: http://homeschooldebate.com
I don’t know how long that link will work, but here is part of the messages I saw about scripts they have used in competitions from ChristianSkitScripts.com. Interesting stuff! I don’t know what all the abbreviations are for, except “HI” stands for “Humorous Interpretation.” By going there you might be able to tell more.
…an author that I’ve heard four/five pieces from that are really incredibly cute is Fred Passmore.

He wrote the winning duo piece (Carillo/Carillo), the winning and third place OI piece (Gabby Elliot and Sam Nasser), and the second-place HI piece (Marshall Sherman) at the Regional tournament this last weekend.
If you can find one of his pieces that isn’t being done… then it’s a great idea… make sure you follow the directions before taking the script though.

The pieces that are taken are:

The Great Church Robbery
Battle of the Sexes: Round One
The Man with the Shellfish Heart
Mamma’s Close Call
The Testimony Show

Every one of the above pieces has placed at one or more tourneys. The Battle of the Sexes: Round One, is done by Carrillo/Carrillo, and they have gotten first place at every Texas tourney this year, except for the ASAP, (Weatherford) practice tourney in November of last year. And that was because they didn’t have the duo’s at that tournemant. The Testimony Show, which is done by Carrillo/Elliott, has placed third in Houston for the practice tourney, and third in Dallas, at the Pre-Regional Q. Mamma’s Close Call, done by Michelle Carrillo of Carrillo/Elliott, has been the first place HI ever since it came on the scene, in Corpus Christi, and again here in Dallas at the Pre-Q. My piece, The Man with the Shellfish Heart, has placed second in Houston for the practice tourney, and again here in Dallas it placed second. And the Great Church Robbery, done by Samantha Nasser (my debate partner) has only been on the scene for the Dallas Pre-Regional Q, and placed fourth in OI.

So Fred Passmore’s stuff is good. He has winning pieces in almost every IE, except DI. He has two pieces in HI, first and second place, I might add; the consistently winning and almost-as-constistent third place duo, and a fourth place OI.
Marshall Sherman

Dear Fred,
We will be doing “Mama’s Close Call” at the First Church of God in Burkeville, Texas on May 07, 2005 at a Mother/Daughter banquet.
I have read the script so many times I feel I could almost do it by memory and every time I read it, I laugh so much as I picture the scene. I want this night to be special for the ladies and many of them love to just get together and have a big belly laugh and your skit will be sure to be a success. I am so thankful you use the talent God has given you for His work. I can hardly wait to perform this and I will be back in touch to let you know how things go. Thanks again, and God’s continued blessings upon you as you work for Him.
-Carol Welch

The Celebration Presbyterian Church in Myrtle Beach, SC performed “Jerusalem’s Most Wanted” on April 10, 2005, during our Youth Sunday service.
Your script was excellent and easy to use.  Our youth really enjoyed performing and found it easy to follow.  We didn’t have a lot of time (4 rehearsals) but they did a great job.  Our youngest was a 2nd grader and our oldest an eighth grader.  We used 16 kids in the performance.  We also used the CD that went with the script and it added so much to the whole setting.
I can’t thank you enough for your site and your material.  I was desperate and this really “fit the bill”!!!

God is Good,
Karen Jones

I have read several of the scripts here and I love them all! Your sense of humor is fabulous. My youth group is really excited to perform “Assignment Hindrance.”
-Trinae  Thomas,
Bethel Church of God in Christ, Denver, CO

Dear Fred,
The Rocky Branch Assembly of God in Farmerville, Louisiana is doing “Battle of the Sexes: Round One” at our Valentines Banquet. This is a great skit that is really funny! I love your website. It’s hard to find great skits. You have done a great job!
-Wanita Jones

I had to write and tell you that the performance we did of “The Great Church Robbery” went absolutely wonderful. Thanks for this awesome site!
-Nancy Fidler

We had our Christmas program last night and it was a BIG HIT!!!
Thank you so much for your writing abilities.  Your site is GREAT. Have a very Merry Christmas and may God Bless you and yours.
-Deanna Black

The Triangle Presbyterian Church in Durham, NC will be doing “The Creature In The Closet” on Jan. 30, 2005, using the Soundtrack CD. I absolutely love your skits and really appreciate the way you package your CDs. Thank you for the laughs and ministry.
Alisa McAlister

“How Nick became a Saint” was awesome.  The congregation enjoyed it so much.  I look forward to using more of your material this year!
Katie Ray

We have just started the drama ministry in our church inspired, in part, by finding your quality site.
The two skits we performed, “Season’s Beatings,” on Dec. 12, and “The Great Church Robbery,” on Dec. 19, were both huge successes!  We had a great deal of positive feedback from the congregation and the pastor concerning both skits!
Besides the committed Christian actors, the sound effects CDs really make the difference. We ordered whole set of CDs (the Ultimate Skit Kit – saving a few bucks!) so we will be informing you of more performances in the near future. We feel that we will be going to other local churches in the area to share them with others, as well.
Thank you for serving in your ministry.  Our town is blessed because of your service.
-Barry Armstrong
New Covenant Church
Malone, New York

Dear Fred,
Thank you for working so hard and using your talent for the Lord in the way you do. I have been blessed, inspired and encouraged by it more than you will ever realize. My love for drama has been reawakened!
Nicole Craven
Pelham, NH

Thank you for providing such good quality Christian material that is appealing to the generation of today and yesterday!  We thank God for your hard work and determination to get His message to the world.  God bless your ministry!
-Monique Coleman
Montgomery, Alabama

I heard “The Great Church Robbery” on the radio and found it to be the best thing I have had the opportunity to listen to in a very long time.  Thank you so much for your inspired writings.  “The Great Church Robbery” really touched my heart.  May God continue to bless you as you present Him to the world in such a unique way.  Again Thank You for all you are doing for God.
-Kevin Campbell
Hartford, Kentucky

Fred – what a great script!  My teen drama group fell in love with it, and while hilarious, it carries a strong message.  We are looking forward to performing “Season’s Beatings: Live From Downtown” for our Dec. 19th Sunday morning bus ministry, and Sunday night Christmas service.
-Jennifer Andrews
Princeton Pike Church of God
Hamilton, Ohio

The children of the school at the Enumclaw Adventist Church in Enumclaw, WA are doing “Season’s Beatings: Live From Downtown” on Dec. 16th.
You were right!  The sound track CD does add a lot of quality to the presentation.  It also helps the kids really “get into” the program. The sounds are very clear and realistic!
-Bruce Schmidt

Well, on the weekend of Dec. 10-12 we performed your “How Nick Became A Saint” play and dinner theater as I had discussed with you. It was a great success! Everyone laughed and laughed. As a first-time director, I had great fun, but the accolades far exceeded my wildest expectations.
Thanks for your hard work and I appreciate your obedience to the Lord and your creativity.
-Linda LeBlanc
Living Way Foursquare Church
Adairsville, GA

On Sunday, Dec. 19, 2004 the First Apostolic Church in Fort Johnson, NY will be doing “How Nick Became A Saint.” Our kids are enjoying the rehearsals and doing well. This is the first skit that we have done with this group, and we hope that it will be the first of many. Thank you for making it possible. Oh, and the music really adds to the acting! Thanks again!
-Suzanne Dutcher

I recently came across your website and enjoyed looking at the sketches available for downloading. I am emailing you to let you know that we intend to perform “Crisis on the Holiday Helpline” tomorrow (December 19th) during our morning worship service at Southview United Methodist Church located in Lynchburg, Virginia.  Thanks so much for making this possible!  It’s an awesome sketch with wonderful humor and irony and a powerful message.
Grace Upon Grace,
George Riggins, Pastor

The Faithful Band Baptist Church in Pleasant Hill, NC, will be performing “Season’s Beatings: Live From Downtown” on December 19th.
We have been searching for a long time for skits appropriate for our youth to perform. Your skits are fun and tradition-breaking, yet touching and moving in a Christian way. Thank you very much for that!
-Girlie Hammond

Dear Fred,
Thanks so much for the prompt delivery of my CD order. We plan to use “Seasons Beatings” and “Crisis on the Holiday Helpline” at our Christmas banquet on December 14th. I’m sure the tracks will enhance the experience. Your site is great – we’ll be making use of other material from it. I’m very leery about ordering this type of material sight unseen – it was helpful to be able to preview so much of the scripts – definitely a motivation to buy the tracks.
Lanette Kinsey
First Pentecostal Church
Pensacola, Florida

Thank you so much for this skit! (Crisis on the Holiday Helpline: ThanksgivingVersion) I only found out last night that I needed to do something for a social we are having on Nov. 19th, and was in a panic until I found your web site. I think it is a wonderful skit, and I know everyone will love it!  Again, THANK YOU!
-Kandi Wallace
Grand Junction CO

Hi there,
I am the Teen Sunday School teach in our church.  It was such a blessing to me when I found your site. This is the time of year that I am always searching for for our church Christmas program.  Well, this is it!  We are using your material, it is great. For the first time in years, my class was actually asking for specific parts as I briefly explained the theme to them. Thanks for making the Christmas program fun for teens. I think this will also be a good chance for them to examine their own hearts to see the real meaning of Christmas.
Thanks again.

The Spirit Life Praise & Worship Center in Lincolnton, NC will be doing “Testimony Show” on Nov. 28th. We have a very small youth group – I like the fact that the skits you write are hilarious, require few cast members and props and very little memorization. More than that, you build to a climax that reveals the truth of God’s Word and how it still has the power to change lives today. Thanks so much for blessing others with the awesome talent the Lord has given you.
-Janice Faye Smith

The Mt. Nebo United Methodist Church in Pequea, Pennsylvania will be doing your skit “The Red Tie Club” on Sunday, November 21, 2004.
I think this is such an awesome thing. This is the best page for Christian skits I’ve found on the web. Thank you so much for your contribution. It will be put to great use.
God Bless!
-Lea Miller

I just want to thank you for this site. I bought the soundtrack CD for the “Assignment: Witness” skit a while ago and our group of Young Adults at the Central Ave. Church of God in Portage IN, performed it this past Halloween, on Sunday night. Let me tell you, we got a lot a compliments from those who attended. My pastor approached me after the service and complimented our ministry group on the skit. He then mentioned that he would like to incorporate them on occasion before a Sunday morning sermon. We had a lot of fun with it. It was truly a blessing!
-Tino Jimenez

On October 17th We BBQ’d our pastor with the “Pastor’s Barbeque” skit and soundtrack as part of our Rally Day service at the First Church of God in Risingsun, Ohio.  SO MANY COMPLIMENTS!!!
Thank you so much for sharing your talents with your web brothers and sisters.
God Bless You.
-Alana Mellott

I am a teen Sunday School teacher. I was looking for something fun and inspiring, and I think your skits are just the thing.  When I mentioned them to my class, for the first time in years I could see that they weren’t thinking “Oh no, not another Christmas program.”  They actually thought it would be cool.
Thanks for all the time and effort it takes. God Bless!

Our church, Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Russellville, AR, will be putting on the Thanksgiving version of “Crisis on the Holiday Helpline” on November 15, 2004. This is a great skit. Not only does it show how much we have to be thankful for, but also the power of the Word of God to change people’s lives.
-Dow Griffen

We will be performing your script “The Telltale Talent” this Halloween at the Starlight Missionary Baptist Church in Beaumont, Tx. I directed this play last year at another church and the results were amazing!
God bless you and your ministry.
-June Rocio

We performed your script, “The Red Tie Club,” on 9/18/04 at the Resurrection Lutheran Church in Cairo, NY, at our open house for our new Education Wing. Approximately 115 people saw it and thought it was wonderful! They still talk about the program and the message that it conveyed. We will be doing it again at both services on Sunday, November 14th, for our “Friendship Sunday.” I’m sure it will be as well received as before and quite possibly better.
Thanks for sharing your special God-given talents with us. God bless you!
-Gail Allison

Just want to let you know that I read your script “Jerusalem’s Most Wanted.” I thought it was WONDERFUL!
I am going to order the soundtrack for this, so that we can do this at my church for Christmas. The church is “Rivers of Living Water,” in Dyer, Indiana.
God bless you!
-Linda Vargas

I cannot tell you how excited I was to find your website last week.  I am the Youth Director at my church and I am constantly looking for fresh, humorous and most of all Christian skit ideas.  Sometimes I get writer’s block and find it difficult to write a play for every occasion.  Your skits really took the pressure off this year.  The sound effects on CD make it even better!   Philadelphia Missionary Baptist Church’s youth department plan to use the skit “Seasons Beatings: Live from Downtown”.  Thanks so much for blessing us with your website and skits.  Keep up the wonderful work and let God continue to use you and your awesome writing ability.
Best Regards,
K. Makeba Murphy, Youth Director
Philadelphia Missionary Baptist Church
Lake City, FL

Dear Fred,
I love your script, “A Canvas of Lies”!  We will be using it in our childrens church next week. I think it is just what we need to aid in our lesson plan about sin. Thank you for your hard work. I know God has already blessed you and I pray that he continues to inspire your creativity in ways you haven’t even imagined.
Thank you again,
-Teresa Ellis

Hi Fred,
First, I just wanted you to know we loved doing your “Great Church Robbery” last year.  Everyone loved it and we went all out with a 20 foot cartoon church, cartoon truck, props and costumes, and even had the Cat in the Hat read the story.  Our church loved it.  This year we would like to use your new Christmas skit, “How Nick Became A Saint.”
Thanks for making Christian drama fun and funny!!
God Bless,
Jaci Reese
Brazoria First Assembly of God
Brazoria, Texas

This is a great site and a great service you offer – thank you!  We had a read-through of the skit we are doing this December, “Season’s Beatings,” last night and laughter was abundant!
Debbie Menard
Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church
Bahama, NC

We were given the opportunity to plan a Youth Service where the youth were the ones giving the sermon and taking care of all the logistics. I brought this skit (“The Red Tie Club”) to church and they immediately embraced it! So, we are going to be performing it for church in place of the sermon this coming week.
Thank you so much for this resource- especially that it is free! It is an absolute LIFESAVER!
May God Bless you!
Tristi Hendrick,
University City Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Charlotte, NC

I have spent many hours searching websites for Christmas plays for teens. This is the best site I have come across. I love the CD soundtracks. Thank you!
-Lana Brabble
Norfolk, VA

The patients at the Mexia Nursing Home really enjoyed the skit we did for them, “The Pastor’s Barbeque.”  It was good to see them smile and look forward to what we had to say next.  There were even laughs from some I have never heard laugh before.
-Edna Williams
Mexia, Tx.

I will be performing “Crazy for Christ,” and “The Man with the Shellfish Heart” all over the country. I am in a speech and debate league, NCFCA (www.ncfca.org) and I will be using this in competition all over the US, hopefully.
I love these scripts! My friends are going to use “Battle of the Sexes: Round One.” That is really funny. Thank you for doing this!
-Marshall Sherman

I just wanted to tell you, I LOVE THIS SITE! We have a small church and recently performed “Assignment: Witness” with the soundtrack, and it was a hit! For Christmas we will be doing three of the shorter ones.
Keep up the good work! Thank you for making my ministry fun.
-Deanna Black

Dear Fred,
Our church,the Rathmel Baptist Church in Reynoldsville, PA, is a small country church with approximately 10-15 children attending. I have been asked to oversee youth activities, because I love working with the children, and since I have grandsons that I teach songs to for special music programs. But I wanted to do puppets and skits to bring the word of God to them.
I was searching for something special to introduce our congregation to this approach of teaching, when I came across your script, “The Gift,” and God spoke directly to my heart. You see, I have a terminal illness. I was wondering who would carry on this ministry. Well, I got the answer from your script. I intend to do it for the entire church as soon as possible.
God sure does work in mysterious ways. Thank you!
-Kathy Hiller

Hi, Fred!
We are doing “A Day To Remember” on Sept. 5, 2004, at Starratt Road Christian Church, Jacksonville, Florida. Thank you for the wonderful, impactful scripts you have provided on this site!!  Our drama team is just getting started and I appreciate the help you’ve given us!!  Thanks!!
-Heather Hedges

Fred, Wow!
We performed “In The Shadow of Death” in November of 2003. Thank the Lord for your work because it was definitely a big hit here at the church, and the best part of it all was that a soul was snatched from hell because of it!  We were very pleased with the way the play transformed.   There was so much positive feedback, that we have decided to perform one every year.  Thank God for your writing ability! Honor to whom honor is due, so I want you to know that I appreciate what you have done.  There will be a soul in Heaven because of you.
In His Service,
Brian Hargis Assistant Pastor
Charity Baptist Church, Dayton, OH

Hi, Fred!
My name is Jay, and I am emailing you to let you know that a small group in our church will be performing the song/skit “Attack of the Monster Tongue” at our camp on Thursday, July 15.  Our church is located in Larimore, North Dakota, about 30 miles west of Grand Forks, ND. Me and my family just want to let you know how much we appreciate and love your web site.  The skits are absolutely fabulous, and the web design is wonderful.  Thank you for your service for the Lord!

We will be doing “The Red Tie CLub” and “Assignment: Hindrance” for our Christian Club on Campus at Sunrise Mountain High School, in Peoria Arizona. These are all really great skits! Thank you so much for making them available to us. Skits are always great attention getters and they really get the members involved. Thanks again, I really appreciate your site ; )
-Holly Cox
Drama Leader

We will be performing “The Sheep’s Clothing Store “at our Rincon Valley Christian School Retreat (associated with Santa Rosa Bible Church in Santa Rosa, CA). Thank you for providing this service! These are well-written, thought-provoking skits.
-Ina Reinacher

We will be performing “Crisis On the Holiday Helpline” at some Baptist Church in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. It’s a great skit and I’m sure glad to find one that doesn’t require memorization! (too many already to remember). Thanks a lot and may God Bless you for providing everyone with such an awesome and content-rich site.

We will be performing “The Red Tie Club” on 8-22-04 at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC. Our Pastor’s sermon is titled “What it takes to have Eternal Life” and this sketch fits in nicely as a preliminary drama piece.  You have written a very fine piece and we look forward to presenting it to our congregation.  God’s blessings on you and your ministry.
-Rob Melhem

We will be doing the “Red Tie Club” script on August 14 at the Freedom In Christ Christian Center in Keokuk, Iowa. You have the best scripts. Thank you very much for letting us use them! You are truly blessed… Thank You!
-Karry Day

We are going to be doing “Attack of The Monster Tongue” & “The Creature In The Closet” on October 3rd. Some of us women did the “The Red Tie Club” for a Women’s Retreat and it was a great success, so we ended up doing it here at our assembly and letting the young people put it on. It was a success as well!
Thanx for all you do in this area of your lives. I think they are great!
Melissa Henry, Cisco, TX

Hi Fred!
I am finally getting around to thanking you for our chapel script.  My 5th grade class performed “Jerusalem’s Most Wanted” in January.  The kids had a blast! I appreciate your sending me the CD of the music. Thanks again.  Everything was awesome!!!!
Sincerely, Anne Fischer
Calvary Christian School
Harlingen, TX

Our congregation LOVED “Mamma’s Close Call” on our Mother’s Day Service!!!! We are going to be doing “Creature In the Closet” May 25th. We love your skits!!!
Blessings & much love,
Regina Yegge
The Center for Positive Living in Las Vegas, Nevada

Thank you for your skit opportunities. Also I LOVE the soundtracks to go with them. I agree, if you watch TV without the sound, not very exciting. It’s the background music that adds to the emotion.
Karin L. Adams
Zion Christian Fellowship
Douglasville, GA

Our youth group will be performing “Mama’s Close Call” for our Women’s Group for Mother’s Day. They had a great time with the material and soundtrack CD while practicing. This is a perfect skit for a small group. THANKS!
Emily McCullough
Elm Grove United Methodist Church, Burlison, TN

Hi Fred,
I am an Christian Actress, both professionally, and volunteer-wise in my church. I LOVE these skits – they offer both humor and message – and I’m writing to thank you for your gift of sharing.
I signed up for your email list, so I hope to see more great stuff! Keep up the great work and God Bless You!!!
Love in Christ, Kathy Long

We are studying these scripts in a newly formed Acting 101 class at St. John the Evangelist School in Pensacola, Florida. I am using them with the middle school. I really love your site. Please keep the wonderful scripts coming!
-Amy Maddox

Usually, when you find something on the internet it is junk. Not so in this case. I’m glad to see you have such good quality skits. I’m also glad that they are short enough to be perfect for youth groups. This particular one (“Crazy For Christ”) can be performed and discussed in just one hour.
-Frank Bailey
The Gathering Place, NYC

Just a note to tell you that we had our Valentine’s banquet and we did the skit “Battle of the Sexes.” I think it was the audience’s favorite. People were asking where they could buy the skit. I told them where they could locate it. Thanks for the great skits. We love your work. Please write more and more and more.
Also, at the conclusion of our pastor’s study of Galatians, our drama team performed “The Red Tie Club.” Our team did a wonderful job, but the script is what made it so good. People were asking other people at church if they were a member of “The Red Tie Club.” I can’t wait to read and use your next skits. You truly have a way with words. Thanks for the great sound effects. They add so much to the performance.
Pam Cariker

I would just like to thank you . I think these skits are amazing. I work with a small group of mostly boys ages 9-12 and it is so hard to get them to do anything, for fear they’ll look silly. I printed out “Testimony Show” and let them read it. They rolled on the floor laughing and are actually excited about putting this skit on. We’re combining the skit with a spaghetti dinner and lock-in, so it should be a great night!
My Sincere Thanks, and God Bless,
-Rachelle Kibler
Cochranton Presbyterian Church
Cochranton Pa.

What a huge blessing these skits were! Our Youth Group performed “Season’s Beatings” and “Testimony Show” on our Watchnight service and everybody loved them. On “Season’s Beatings,” an older brother nearly enjoyed himself too much when “beating up” his younger brother (who played Wally), much to the delight of the rest of the family [which has me a little worried]. Thanks so much for the help, God bless your ministry!
-Kevin Collier
Victory Baptist Church
Carterville, IL

Dear Fred,
Just wanted to let you know that our young people performed the skits: “The Great Church Robbery,and “Live From Downtown” at our church last Sunday. It was a great success!! Everyone loved it. And the youth really enjoyed performing them. This was the first year that they were all excited about our Christmas play. I’m sure we will be using a lot more of your skits in the future. I thank God for such a great website as yours. May He continue to bless you.
Debra Rodriguez
The Church of God of Prophecy

Dear Fred,
I love this site and the skits that are provided. They are hilarious and easy to use! This is the third year I have been to this site. I am over our church’s Christmas banquet every year and I never fail to come to this site to find a few of the skits to do!

My first year coordinating the event (2001) I used “Live From Downtown.” The audience LOVED Wally W. Wigwhacker’s roll (played by our pastor).

The second year (2002) I used “Cowboy Carl and Pal the Wonderdog” to provoke uncontrolled
laughter from the audience as well as the spiritual meaning involved in it as well. I (Cowboy Carl) particularly enjoyed studying and rehearsing this part.

This year I plan to use three of your skit bits to use as sort of a “stalling method” for the actors preparation on our bigger skits. I’m sure the audience will love these skits and get as much out of them as I did when I read through them for the first time.

I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to coming to this site every year in mid to late November to look at all the new skits and bits that you have. I never know what’s coming each holiday season, but every season I’ve rolled on the floor with laughter at some of your skits. These are usually the ones I use.

Thank you for making this site accessible to various people such as myself (Youth Minister). I can’t thank you enough for your innovation and amazing ability to bring the best of a spiritual meaning out of a hilarious situation. May God richly bless you and help you continue to form these wonderful skits.

In Him,
Robby Reyna

Dear Fred,
Thank you sooooooooo much! I was thrilled to so easily find your home page and ESPECIALLY to so easily find a skit for us to use here for New Year’s Eve. (“New Year’s Eve at the Bad Habit Club.”) I am going to email several of our committee chairpeople right away about your site so they can use the things offered here.
Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas. God bless.
Love, Cindy Siegel
Sunnybreeze Christian Fellowship, Ft. Ogden, Florida

We performed your script, “Season’s Beatings – Live From Downtown,” on Dec. 14th. The whole skit went over fantastic. We weren’t prepared to stop after each character was done for the laughter and applause, but that was what we had to do. Thanks a bunch!
-Barry Throness
LaGlace Bible Fellowship, LaGlace, Alberta, Canada

I have stepped into this position of Kids Ministry Director only since September and am tired of the boring material in the bookstores. What I see here looks exciting! I look forward to using your material as we can fit it into our Sunday Morning themes.
-Francine Wiebe
Elmwood Mennonite MB Church
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Just wanted to thank you for the soundtrack CD for “The Pastor’s Barbeque.” I made up some interesting characters in costume to perform the skit/song. It was an absolute hit! We really pulled it off thanks to you! Thanks for your talent for the Lord.

Margaret Alexander
Midlothian, VA

Hi, Fred!
I was given the responsibility to throw a Christmas performance together with 8 people with a notice of about 10 days. And of course, I’m gone the last 4 days before the performance so I was in a jam.
I searched on the Internet for a fun skit, and found your site. The Great Church Robbery will work perfectly. Thanks so much for saving my hide. ?
God bless and a Merry Christmas!

Jackie Tao

“Live From Downtown” and “Cowboy Carl” were perfect for what we were looking for. Something funny, short and with a real meaning. The soundtrack CD adds so much to the performance! Thank you for this service. I hope to get pictures or a video to send to you for your website.
-Alicia Dunn,
Pittsburgh, IL

Thank you so much. I received the CD (Combo Package #5, for “The Telltale Talent,” and “The Red Tie Club”) yesterday. It’s awesome. You guys rock!!!
José Rosa

I used “Season’s Beatings” for my 6th grade creative arts class… they were awesome (they had 3 performances) and I also used it with the high school youth group for the Sunday school program.
Also my trio did “The Great Church Robbery” at a concert last week and will use it on another concert Sat.
I love this material. It is perfect for my use!
May God richly bless you this year and expand your territory!

Thank you for such great skits. It’s hard to find a good comedy with Christ as the central theme. Our youth will be blessed!
Debby Beck,
Allentown, PA

We were looking for a funny Christmas play for our college’s Christmas service, and I think “Season’s Beatings – Live From Downtown” will be a big hit, it is really wonderful. Thanks!
James Timberlake
Atlantic Baptist Bible College
Chester, Virginia

I just wanted to inform you that we performed “Testimony Show” with the soundtrack CD for an all-church Thanksgiving dinner. It was a huge hit! I plan on doing “The Great Church Robbery” on December 14th for a Christmas service.
Thank you,
Pastor David Dibene

I just received my CD’s and love them. My Sr. High Sunday school class read “Live From Downtown ” and for the first time in years are excited about the Christmas program and were actually anxious to get a part. Thank you….thank you…thank you!!!!

I am THRILLED to have found this resource!
Jacquie Woo

Greeting Fred!!
This ministry that you are providing is a blessing. It is very time consuming to single handedly put together from scratch every element of every youth group meeting every week. When there are resources that won’t kill my already small budget and save me time, I thank God. So I have thanked God for your resource and your talented hard work.

We plan to use “Assignment: Hindrance!” at this Sunday’s youth group meeting or one in the next few weeks. Thank you again for this blessing.
In Christ’s Service,
Steve Kostecki
First Baptist Church
Manchester, MA

My name is Lisa Sanders and I work with the youth at Harrison United Methodist Church in Pineville, NC. We will be doing a performance of “The Telltale Talent” on Sunday, October 12th. We have been rehearsing for 2 weeks now, and the play looks great! We have finished building the set. The play would not be the same without the soundtrack. You have made it very easy and inexpensive to put on a quality performance of eternal value. Thank you.
The new “Comedy Cookout” CD is awesome… the “Pastor’s Barbeque” song is outstanding. It is fresh, new material that audiences will find hilarious yet very effective in ministering God’s Word.
Our team is always looking for ideas to perform on Pastor Appreciation Sunday. We will save this one for that day if we can stand to wait. Also, we plan on performing “the Telltale Talent” script for our Hallelujah Night.
Julie Anderson
LightForce Director
North Sparta Church of God

We used your skit, “Assignment Hindrance,” last night at our youth meeting. It was such a hit that our church youth group plans to perform this again on a Sunday Night to our adult group during the evening worship service.
Our group was also interested enough in the skits that I have just ordered a couple of your CD’s. We plan to perform “The Telltale Talent” at our church Halloween party on October 26, 2003 at Elm Grove UMC in Burlison, TN.
What a wonderful resource your site has been for our church! Since “Attack of the Monster Tongue” and “The Red Tie Club” were both included on the CD’s that I ordered, I feel sure we’ll be using those as well. I have saved your web site to my favorites and plan to be returning again.
Thanks so much!
Emily McCullough
Elm Grove UMC

I just wanted to say that I love your site. It’s like my dream come true. My church has just started a Drama Team and I have the privilege of being the director! Woo Hoo! I am looking forward to doing a lot of the skits you have. They are wonderful, the Word comes forth, but the audience isn’t getting “preached” to. Wonderful!
Keep up the good work and GOD BLESS!
Carla R. Gardner

We are having our Christmas program in Dec, and I have been looking all over the internet for a good skit to use with our youth group. I luckily stumbled across your website, and am so glad I did. We will be doing “Season’s Beatings.” You have an awesome assortment of really cool skits!
Crystal F./Illinois

Dear Fred,
We have had such a positive response to our performances of your script, “A Day To Remember.” Sometimes it’s difficult to read an audience at the end; especially with such a surprising one. But after the meeting breaks up, we get so many people telling us how powerful it was. I want to thank you again for you work in Christian drama. I’m sure we will be using more of you work in the future. Our drama team is growing and the leadership here is starting to realize how useful drama can be for the furtherance of the Gospel. Keep up the good work!
Yours in Him,
David Dollar

Dear Fred,
We did “Mama’s Close Call,” and it was a great hit! The cast loved performing the material, and the audience really enjoyed watching the fun. The soundtrack CD made a huge difference. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from the CD, but it was professional and added a ton of energy to the performance. And, you can quote me on that!
Thanks for your openness to share your work!
Debbie Lamm Bray
Salem, OR

I plan to use your skit “The Great Church Robbery” this Sunday evening at our Church, here in Ohio. I’m so excited that I found your web site!!!! I have looked for Christian skits on the Internet before and this is the best site I’ve found so far. You guys have some really good quality skits and plays, and I sure look forward to visiting it again!!! Thanks so much and blessings to you.


I just placed an order for all the soundtracks that you have available. Our Young Adult Ministry has been looking for skits like these for a while now and finally I was able come across your website. Thank you for making them available!

I used to do production for a local christian radio station a few years back and can testify to the fact that the right sound effects and music make all the difference. I attend a Church of God in Indiana and we’ll be using these skits for our Young Adults services. I read through all that were on the site and can honestly say that we will probably use all of them one time or another. Did I say thanks!? This is a wonderful resource!

Faustino Jimenez Jr.

This is the first time I have been to your website and I love it. This is actually the first time I have even heard of these skits and as a drama instructor at our church I have to say, they are the best I have found so far!
-Chris Derenberger

Dear Fred,
I love your skits. You all do great work. The CDs are also wonderful. I have already done four of your skits and they went over really well.This fall we will be doing the Telltale Talent and The Red Tie Club. You guys write the best skits for comedy I have ever read. Keep up the good work!
Your customer,
Pam Cariker

Hey Fred,
Great work on the skits–our teens are really enjoying them.
I just wanted to inform you that the Bluelick Bible Church (Lima, OH) Teen Missions Team will be using two of your scripts: “the Red Tie Club” and “In The Shadow of Death.” We will be performing them on two of three nights: July 30-August 1, at Lighthouse Baptist Church in New Castle, DE. Thanks again for the scripts, they’re great–and the kids are loving sharing the message in such a unique way.

In Christ,
Josh Neighbors, Bluelick Bible Church

My name is Rachael and I am writing to you to let you know that I printed out “The Red Tie Club” and “Scripural Smackdown” from your website. I plan on using them for my youth group retreat next week. Thank you very much for providing such a great website that has many humorous skits that have meanings.

Hi Fred –
We performed the skit “A Day To Remember” last Saturday at our Mother-Daughter banquet and it was a great success. It was wonderful!
When I first found the script for “A Day To Remember,” I was so moved and could not shake it! I was searching for a script with some meat for our Mother Daughter banquet – the theme was baskets of blessings. Our focus was for the audience to recognize God’s blessings – not just the obvious but that God blesses us even when we fail to recognize it. This skit was perfect. Since we used the skit for a Mother Daughter Banquet, we changed the characters to be two women.
Usually a light and fluffy night, this banquet was moving, in large part due to your skit. I have heard nothing but positive comments. Thank you for sharing it.
Sherry Lyons
Graham Road Baptist Church
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

I emailed you last year letting you know that we used this play for Christmas (Live From Downtown). I would like to express my thanks. I’m a youth director at my church that is always looking for fun ways to get the youth involved. I must say this play was the way. It turned out GREAT. I played the main character, Wally W. Wigwhacker, and I did all could to keep from laughing at the other characters. They not only acted out their parts well but the costumes were perfect to fit the character. Especially, the Tipsy Man, he is one of my clowns of the youth department so he was hilarious. I would like to thank you for helping me make my Christmas program a hit. We still have church members that are talking about it.
You all do a great job and keep up the OUTSTANDING WORK.
Tanji Tyson
Bascom CME Church, youth director

I can’t thank you enough for you excellent service. I teach music in a very small Parochial school and we have to put together a spring program. Your skits are wonderful and funny! The best part is that they appeal to all ages- I have first through sixth graders and they’re all excited about the skits! May God Bless your work.

Dear Fred,
First of all, I must say I am impressed with your selection and I am pleased to have found your site. We are planning to use the two scripts I found for Valentine’s Day, “Battle of the Sexes,” and “He Got Barbera.” Our teen group will be performing them at a dinner they are hosting for the adults of our church. This is a tremendous help to us, as we are a small church and funds are very limited. We appreciate all you do for spreading the fun of being a Christian.
-Gwen Oldenettel

What a great service you’ve provided!! Thank you for putting out good material that’s funny, quality and Christian.
-Shannon Billante

Hello Fred,
We had our Christmas Concert on Friday and it was a success! Our audience really enjoyed “The Great Church Robbery,” thank you so very much for letting us use it. God Bless You!
Jason Stahl

Dear Fred,
I downloaded your script “Assignment: Witness,” and ordered the CD. We had the play yesterday and three souls were saved (that raised their hands; I believe more were saved). What an awesome play! God really annointed it. I wanted you to be encouraged that God is really using you guys.
Margie Allen

Hello Fred,
We had our Community Thanksgiving program last night. It was attended by 90 plus people. Your skit was a success. The kids loved doing it and the audience were treated to some good humor. I do appreciate your sending the cd so fast. We were able to listen and get a feel for it, and get familiar with the personalities of “Testimony Show” and then used the music portion as a background. IT WAS GREAT! Our pastor was very impressed and wanted to know where we got the skit. I am passing your site on to him. We will look forward to working with you again soon. THANK YOU!!
Sincerely, Sherrie Hazen

Dear Fred,
Thank you so much for writing such a hilarious skit! The Junior class of Legacy Christian High School in Sparks, Nevada will be performing “Live From Downtown” on December 5th and we are having such fun with it! We know the skit will be a big hit with the parents. Thanks again, guys!
With love in Christ,
Judy Friederich

Dear Fred,
This e-mail is to let you know that I found your website just absolutely wonderful!!
I want to let you know that I printed out “Live from Downtown” for our annual Christmas youth play. It is so hard to find good skits, but this one is going to be fun to do!! Thank you and may God continue to bless you.
Rosemary Chavira

Attack of the Monster Tongue” is so funny! We are going to perform it at our church auction on Sept. 21. Every single person who has read the script and listened to the CD has gone nuts! They have all asked me..WHERE DID YOU GET THIS ?!! I have to say the scripts I have read of yours are so good. They are quality material. I am the drama minister for our church and I haven’t done anything in so long because I can’t find anything worth while to do. Our society is bombarded with so much sophisticated entertainment with TV/Radio/Movies etc…. That they just don’t accept mediocre material. I’m sorry, but when I do a drama for God it has to be superior not mediocre, and that is what I have been finding in the Christian scripts that I have read. I wish I could write, but I can’t.
I have to rely on outside sources. So what a joy and relief to find your web site. Please write more.
Thank so much! A sense of humor is a gift from God!
Penny Savage -Waterford, MI

Thank you for allowing us to use some of your material. I really like the “Assignment: Witness!” and we are planning to use it at our church on August 10th. We’ve had to change the “bench sitters” to female parts to fit our available cast – we have Mary and Jane instead of Mark and Joe.
Thank you for the freebies! Right now, we are operating on a shoestring budget since we are a newly formed Drama group. It really helps to find good material like this that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to perform. I love the humor – which unfortunately is another thing that seems hard to find in Christian skits and plays.
Keep up the good work! And thanks a bunch!
Phyllis Withers
First Presbyterian Church, Stanley, NC

Hi! Received my two CDs yesterday and had a wonderful time laughing! I would like to have our drama group attempt “Assignment: Witness” with your permission.
God bless you in your continued efforts to reach the world with the Gospel. You are carrying out your “assignment” in a powerful way! Pastor Mark and Fran Cole

Oh, Fred, thank you…
T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U! We had so much fun with the skit (“Cowboy Carl and Pal the Wonder Dog”)! There’s no way I would’ve been able to put together a soundtrack of my own. The “Has Been Toys” commercial had some folks almost fallin’ out of their chair laughing.
Although we are a small church, we have two Sunday services and performed the skit twice (a last-minute program change from originally scheduled Christmas Eve).

Thank you again. Our pastor firmly believes in striving for excellence in whatever we do for the Lord and the material you provided us was numero uno.

As we say in Hawai`i, “UDABES”

Happy New Year!
Pineapple Matabishop (and the Theological Thespian Troupe at New Hope Volcano)

Your material has been the best I have found in years. My students loved it. They can’t wait to perform it in the chapel services next semester, but I still need more materials for next semester. I have lots of materials, but few are as good as yours. Looking forward to purchasing your new materials and CDs.
God Bless…God Bless…God Bless!
Pam Carriker, OK

I am Annette Anderson, Drill Team Instructor at the Jehovah Baptist Church in Milo, OK.
Members of our youth department performed the Christmas Comedy, “Live from Downtown.” It’s January and members of our congregation are still talking about that wonderful skit. It was hilarious, the youth enjoyed acting out the skit and the congregation enjoyed the meaning, and everyone got something from the play. Thank-you and continue doing good work, you are truly blessing others!!!
Are you ever inspired!!!! I used “The Great Church Robbery” today with both of my fifth grade Reading classes, and every kid just loved that story. I don’t think our class has ever been so totally silent and plugged-in! Then I had them write heart-felt inspired essays about the story.  I haven’t explored your website as of this moment, but I hope to find more of your great stories to use now and then in class. The kids themselves have requested this!

Thanks! Have a blessed and fulfulling Christmas!
Mrs. Lynn Pellerin “Mrs. P”

WOW! I’ve found it!
I’m from St.-Petersburg, Russia. I’m a Pastor’s Assistant in the Evangelical Church
“Hosanna.” I needed to find some ideas for a Christmas party and praise God… I ‘ve found YOU! Now I will be here often. Praise God 4 U!

Oleg Olzoev
P.S You know, I really needed you!

I am a youth pastor in Lawrenceburg, Ky. (30 miles on the opposite side of the middle of nowhere). I ran across your site a week ago and have surfed it at least once every day since. I was in the middle of a wacky idea slump. You have been a much needed shot in the arm.
I will soon be placing an order for your CDs. I want one of everything!
-B. Denton

I thank you for the use of your short skit, “Live From Downtown.” My church, Miller Christian in Nebraska, performed this skit on December 23, 2001. It was a really good time, and I feel that we did touch hearts in the name of Christ. So, thank you for your gift to us. May God bless you and your ministry.

Thank you,
Dennis Jameson

My name is Tommy Hendricks, a pastor in Ohio, and I am glad to have found your site. Our group has done dinner theaters for years at our church and this year we planned on doing a comedy barn type of event. I have purchased all your CDs on your site and can’t wait to put them in action. Please let me know when you put out more skit soundtracks. Your material looks great and we look forward to using it.

My name is Brandon Morrell. I am a part of the youth staff at New Life Pentecostal Church. I have been in SEARCH of a skit for Christmas that was actually FUNNY for our banquet December 21st and I finally found it! And praise the Lord, it’s clean! We have a youth group of about fifty, and we will be performing “Live From Downtown” (not all fifty, haha). Thanks for the script – I’m sure our group will enjoy it! Have a wonderful Christmas!

First –

Let me say thank you for your site. I just got called to be the young woman’s drama leader in my church and was told “oh…and they are putting on a Christmas skit.. they want it to be funny… and you only have one rehearsal period…can you come up with something?” I went to the Internet and found you guys…the girls loved the skit and we are going to put it on at the church’s Christmas party, December 15th.

Thanks for providing this kind of fun material with a message and letting us use it at no charge.

Andrea Campbell

Dear Fred,

You are a lifesaver! My Senior High class has been after me to find a funny skit to do for our Christmas program and “Live from Downtown” is just the ticket. We will be doing it on Dec. 15th at our little country church in Linden, PA. Come on over and have some good old Pennsylvania Dutch food. Thanks, again.

Denise Lorson
State Road UMC
Linden, PA

Dear Fred

Hello and greetings from Singapore.

I was surfing the Net to find suitable Christian Christmas Plays for the Youth Ministry to produce and came across your play “Live from Downtown”. It cracked me up!!! It’s fresh and uncompromising!! Thanks for doing a wonderful job! When time permits, I do hope to read more of your superb scripts.

Thanks and blessings to you both!

Joseph Lee
Assist. Pastor
Bartley Christian Church

Hey Frederick,

I recently purchased “Assignment: Witness” and “Live from the Battlefield”
accompanied by the soundtrack, and our youth Drama team is having a blast with
them!!! Thanks fellas, and keep up the wonderful work!!

Robert Reeves

Dear Fred,

I am a Sunday School Teacher for kids between 12-15 yrs. of age, in India. After a lot of browsing, and wasting my time and money on other sites, I finally reached your wonderful site. I was actually looking for skits like “Live from the Battlefield”, “Live from Downtown”, and “Assignment: Witness”. I think you are GREAT!

Thanks for being Christian, and thanks for the Christ-honoring skits. I almost gave up hope of ever finding a site with skits which have depth, and real meaning, and related to the verses and truth in the Bible, until I, fortunately (cuz I prayed this time, before browsing) stumbled on your site, or rather, God placed this site right in front of me cuz I really prayed for one, which will honor and glorify Him.

Thank you ever so much. I don’t have the words to express my gratitude to God first, and then to you both. Keep up the good work, and may God continue use you for His glory and honor.

Thanking you,
Kavita Madhuri


Wow! Thank you so much for your wonderful skits! I really didn’t know what to expect when I began looking – or even what I was looking for. But I found messages here that touched my heart very deeply, and I’m so grateful. I had a hard weekend and your skits really struck a nerve – particularly “The Great Church Robbery” – as I was feeling “Grinchy” already about the coming Christmas season! Thanks again. Keep up the great work that God has obviously called you to. May He continue to bless your ministry in every way.

-Julie Lobaugh

Fred and Jon:

Hello!! My name is Jennifer Reed and I attend First Assembly of God of Lancaster, Texas. I have recently formed a drama group for our youth group. I happened to stumble upon your website about a month ago and I just love your scripts. Your material is hilarious!!!

I ordered “Assignment Witness” and the CD that goes along with it. We will be performing this in front of our church congregation on June 24th. I really appreciate you guys for having this material online and so easily accessible for busy people like myself. The kids are so excited. I was in a drama group when I was a teen and I know what a great ministry it is. Wish us luck!!!

Thank you.


I recently came across your site and immediately loved your style. I bought “Assignment: Witness: and gave it to our fledgling drama team at church. It “struck a nerve” regarding
witnessing… no doubt some angel on assignment to us! I love the CD soundtrack and we are hoping to do it on June 24th. Thanks for your ministry and help.

Judy Douglas
Music and Drama Pastor
Full Gospel Church
Concord, CA

Frederick, I am doing drama “leading” in our very-contemporary church. Skits add a lot to our pastor’s messages and help people remember the message.

I’m a hambone at heart and LOVE putting some wacky, clean fun in our dramas. Looks like I’m going to rack up “Frequent Visitor” points with y’all. Your style is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.

For Christ,
Jay Pack
Drama Ministry
Eagle’s Way Church
Newburgh, IN


I wanted to say “Thank you” for making the “Assignment: Witness” script available. Our young adult group performed at our church last Sunday. We used the CD for background music, and everyone was very impressed with the skit’s message.

We used two girls for the parts of Mark and Joe (we renamed them Marissa and Dena respectively), and we used men for the other parts.

The skit was part of an entire service that we were in charge of. The theme of the service was reaching out to others and sharing the gospel.

Thank you again for making the script available on the internet. It was a valuable resource for us.

In Christ,

Jennifer Parker
Bentley Wesleyan Church
Burton, MI

I just wanted to let you know that our youth group will be performing your script ‘Live from the Battlefield’ this weekend at our state youth convention in Louisiana. We are from the Church of God of Prophecy youth group and I ran across your scripts and really liked both. It is perfect for our theme for our youth. I wanted to thank you for allowing people to use your scripts and say a
job well done on them!

Thanks again- Michelle

Hello! My name is Julie Zajas and I’m the youth drama leader for our youth drama group at Family Worship Center in Murfreesboro, TN. I read your skits online. I was very impressed with them. It’s kinda hard to find good Christian skits anymore.

Thanks for your help! God bless! – Julie Zajas

Your battlefield skit…is hilarious! Our drama ministry is always looking for good skits to present. Yours is a winner.

Ed Pulsifer
Xtreme Generation Youth Ministry
Dalton Church of God
Dalton, Georgia

Hi! I am a Theatre Director at a church of about 400 in Kansas City. Last year I used your “Great Church Robbery” sketch for our Christmas program. It went over very well. It was entertaining, funny, and a different way to look at Christmas.

There just really isn’t much out there on the net or in Christian bookstores that’s edgy or different. It’s all very traditional and boring to me. I liked your stuff because it had the Christian message without being so cheesy!

-Heather Aubuchon

Hello! My name is Lauren Oswalt, and I live in Starkville, MS. I’m a senior at MS State University, and I do drama/skits with the youth (high school and junior high) of the Starkville Church of God. I ran across your website this summer and fell in love with your skits! You have a gift and you aren’t wasting it!

I decided this summer that I wanted to do “The Great Church Robbery” between Thanksgiving and Christmas for our designated youth service. Your messages are refreshing and simply presented. God bless you!

Dear Fred,

You really made my night. I am looking forward to doing your Great Church Robbery at our women’s meeting at church. I have searched high and low for a humorous (yet meaningful) piece for days now. I also read some of your other pieces and just absolutely fell in love with them. The Lord has blessed you all with a wonderful talent!! God Bless you both and please continue to write.

In his service,
-Shel Hubel

Hi! My name is Miki Stone. I attend Riverview Baptist in West St. Paul, Minnesota. My church has an adult/teen drama group. This year we are having our first annual evening of comedy, drama, and faith. We are planning to use this event to reach out to our community and bring new people into the church. Your material is perfect for this event!
My family and some members of the young adult group will be performing “Assignment Witness”on September 30. It is absolutely wonderful you guys have this material readily available. The drama ministry is a very important part of our church and sometimes it is difficult to find original and interesting scripts.

Hello! My name is Nicholas Dixon, and I go to True Vine Baptist church in Kaysville, UT. For our Laymen’s Day Program, we used your “Assignment:Witness” script. It turned out really nice. I just wanted to say thank you for your script… it touched a lot of people today.
Thank you once again!
Nicholas Dixon


Dramatic Plays:
Our plays range from 20 minutes all the way up to 80 minutes. They are written to engage the viewer, make them think, to impact the emotions, and present the Gospel in such a way that they perceive it as meeting the needs of their life. The aim is to bless the believer, and give the person that has never made a decision for Christ a desire to invite Him into their life.

Comedic Skits:
Our skits range in length from 5 minutes up to 20 minutes. While most are comedic in nature, using humor to impart a perspective that may not have been considered, the laughs are all tied into the message, and there is always a resolution that leads the viewer into consideration of the Truth contained in it. The humor can be enjoyed by all ages.

The soundtracks that we make to accompany the scripts add drama and emotional impact to the script’s performance. There are two different kinds of script and soundtrack; the kind where you do the lines live and the soundtrack is played at certain times during the performance; and second, the kind that supplies all the narration, music and effects mixed together to play as the actors perform, with no lines to learn. Each script description page tells you which kind it is under the “Soundtrack Key.”