Skit Trax

What are our Skit Trax?

Put simply, Skit Trax are our audio tracks prepared especially for use with our scripts. “But,” some may ask, “why should I use one?”

While the question may seem self-evident to some, to others, the idea of doing a skit to a soundtrack is a new idea, and they want to know how it works. Some may even need to be convinced as to the need for one, never having used one before.

Fair enough!

The Skit Trax contain the music and sound effects you will need to do the scripts as they are written, incorporating various sound effects and background music.  Many of the scripts are of the type where you do you own performance of the lines, and the music and effects are played when the script calls for them.

A few of the soundtracks are for our song/skit hybrids, and contain several versions of the song, which will give you a number of choices as to the level of your involvement in the performance.

There is another kind of soundtrack available on this site, in our unique “Play/Act” format, which means that all the dialog is related through narration on the CD, mixed with the music and effects. There is no need to learn lines, as everything is supplied on the soundtrack. The scripts that feature these kind of soundtracks will tell you right up front. The advantages of this unique format is that you will have a much easier time recruiting actors when they don’t have to learn lines. They can concentrate on their acting while the CD moves the action. Far from being more simplistic than a “normal” play, the added narrative, music and effects make the material even more effective, and easier to hear and follow.

Besides the style of skit writing, the specially-recorded Skit Trax are a big part of what sets this site apart from other skit sites. Using the soundtracks with the skits will likewise set you apart. From whom? From those groups or churches that do skits the old-fashioned way, namely with no sound effects or music.

Why do it dry?

Why be boring?

Make your skit performance snap and come to life with exciting music and sounds!

The time you invest in using the soundtracks will pay off grandly in increased audience enjoyment and appreciation, both of the skit, and your performance. The messages will have more impact, the funny stuff will be funnier, the emotional scenes more moving.

So make your efforts to perform these skits much more effective, and bring your drama team into the 21st century with a bang!

Soundtrack User Quotes

Below are a sample of comments about the soundtracks taken from the many emails on the “Testimonials” Page of this site. It will give you an idea about how actual users feel about them, in their own words!

“The soundtrack was fantastic!”
“The quality of the soundtrack is super!”
“…And your soundtracks are a wonderful addition.”
“We purchased the soundtrack and I have to attest to the fact that it would not have been as effective without the sound effects.”
“The soundtrack is professional and adds the finishing touches to the skit nicely.”
“I also love the soundtrack, it is awesome.”
“The skits are so well written and the soundtracks give the finishing touch!!”
“The soundtracks really make all the difference and the congregation was very impressed with the quality of the overall performance.”
“By the way…the soundtracks are incredible and a necessary complement to the performance.”
“It was easy to do because of the soundtrack and the message was so awesome.”
“They were especially impressed with the fact that no one had to memorize lines and that they could understand everything that was being said because of the soundtrack.”
“The soundtrack was quite helpful to make it seem real.”
“Buying the soundtracks was worth every dime.”
“For those of you who do this play, the soundtrack CD adds an amazing dimension to the production.  BUY IT!!!!”
“We had numerous compliments – also about how well the soundtrack enhanced the performance.”
“Your skits are top notch and the fact that you can order soundtracks, what a dream come true.”
“We purchased the soundtrack and it is GREAT!”
“The audience really enjoy it and everyone stated the soundtrack was a great touch.”
“We purchased the soundtrack CD, not really thinking that it would make much difference, but were we ever wrong! It added so much humor to the skit; especially the music!  It was hilarious!”
“I love the CD soundtracks.”
“The soundtrack CD adds so much to the performance!”
“The play would not be the same without the soundtrack.”
“The soundtrack CD made a huge difference. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from the CD, but it was professional and added a ton of energy to the performance. And, you can quote me on that!”
“There’s no way I would’ve been able to put together a soundtrack of my own.”
“I have purchased all your CDs on your site and can’t wait to put them in action. Please let me know when you put out more skit soundtracks.”

The Quality Question

But,” you may wonder, “are they any good? I don’t want to spend my hard-earned money on something thrown together, that I could do myself.”

Well, the answer to that question lies in my experience and background. I spent many years in Christian radio, writing, recording and producing radio commercials for a number of stations. I have done the production for a number of national radio programs: “Truths That Transform” by Dr. D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and all of the “Seeds From the Sower” programs by Dr. Michael Guido of the Guido Evangelistic Association in Metter, GA. I also wrote, recorded and produced my own one minute nationally-broadcast “You Gotta Laugh!” program, which played on over 1,000 stations, until I became too busy with this website to continue with it. I also produced the weekly fifteen-minute program ‘The Sheep Laughs Comedy Show,” which you can hear by clicking here. I also produced the songs from our comedy CDs that have played on Christian stations all across the country.

I do my production in my own home studio, which is set up for digital audio production using professional mics, editing/mixing software and CD duplication equipment. I have an extensive library of movie-quality production music and sound effects for which I have paid for the rights to use; no off-the-shelf effects CDs here. A talent pool of professional voice artists is available for me to choose from when I need the right narrator or character voice.

The soundtracks are produced with the same care and attention to detail as the comedy albums I produced for Prime Example, the comedy team of which I was part for ten years. Our songs and skits played nationwide on Southern Gospel stations, each of which have been successful and in the Top 10 of many station charts, even showing up in the Top 100 songs one month in the Singing News.

So, you can infer from all this that they are high-quality soundtracks, well worth your investment in buying and using them. But why just infer it when you can hear it for yourself? Now you can hear many preview samples of the soundtracks on all of the script pages. How? Just look for this graphic:

Whenever you are reading a script description, look for the above graphic, and you can hear a preview of the track that goes with that scene!

Ordering Info

One question uppermost in many people’s minds is “should I choose to order the instant download or the physical CD?”

It really depends on how tech-savvy you are. If you are familiar with using MP3 tracks to burn audio CDs, then the “instant download” option is a snap, and you have both the script and the soundtrack as soon as you pay. If you are a little unsure, give me a call and I can walk you through the process of downloading if you need it once you get to the download page.

If you prefer having a physical CD in hand, we have those on the shelf and ready to mail out to you the next day, by the method you select; First Class mail or Priority 2-3 day delivery. When you pay online through our secure shopping cart, you will be taken to a PDF of the script which you can download and print out. You will also get the script sent via email.

And if you prefer to order by paying through the mail, then there is a printable order form at the bottom of each script page that you can print, fill out, and mail with a check or money order.  My number is 912-347-9579 if you have any lingering questions!



Dramatic Plays:
Our plays range from 20 minutes all the way up to 80 minutes. They are written to engage the viewer, make them think, to impact the emotions, and present the Gospel in such a way that they perceive it as meeting the needs of their life. The aim is to bless the believer, and give the person that has never made a decision for Christ a desire to invite Him into their life.

Comedic Skits:
Our skits range in length from 5 minutes up to 20 minutes. While most are comedic in nature, using humor to impart a perspective that may not have been considered, the laughs are all tied into the message, and there is always a resolution that leads the viewer into consideration of the Truth contained in it. The humor can be enjoyed by all ages.

The soundtracks that we make to accompany the scripts add drama and emotional impact to the script’s performance. There are two different kinds of script and soundtrack; 
the kind where you do the lines live and the soundtrack is played at certain times during the performance; and second, the kind that supplies all the narration, music and effects mixed together to play as the actors perform, with no lines to learn. Each script description page tells you which kind it is under the “Soundtrack Key.”