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Frederick’s script-writing began when he was part of the Christian Comedy team, “Prime Example.” A number of the scripts on this site are adapted from the team’s material. While working together, Fred and Jon recorded two CD’s of their audio material, which you can buy on this page. To learn more about the history of the team, you can go here.

The CDs on this page contain the fully-produced comedy skits and songs, for your listening enjoyment and spiritual edification.

Note: These are NOT the soundtracks for your own performance of the scripts; You can order those on each Script page you view. Each script comes with a soundtrack when you order.

However, IF you are doing the songs on the CDs as “Human Videos” or for puppet shows, then YES, these CDs CAN be used for that! These CDs are also great for playing in your Sunday School or youth group gathering, then having a discussion afterward, using them as teaching tools.

Below, you will find a track listing of each CD, and many of the longer tracks have a short preview to listen to! You can buy both CDs either in download form, or physical CD form.

Comedy Skits and Songs by Prime Example

Get the disc that started it all! 60 minutes of hilarious comedy skits and songs made famous by Prime Example. Includes the original recordings of their radio hits: “Attack of the Monster Tongue,” “Testimony Show,” and “The Great Church Robbery,” Plus “Live From the Battlefield,” and many other skits your WHOLE FAMILY will love!

CD #1: $15
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Track listing:
1. Scanning for Life Signs 1:03
2. The Trials of Rev. Milton Blumquist 6:41 
(Preview below.)


3. Faults Prophecy :57
4. Testimony Show 3:31 
(Preview below.)

05. Live From the Battlefield 7:12  (Preview below.)

6. Imitating Jesus :54
7. The Great Church Robbery 6:31 
(Preview below.)

8. Attack of the Monster Tongue! 4:04 (Preview below.)

9. Forbidden Fruit Juice 1:03
10. Virtual Insanity 18:57
11. Violent Night 1:14
12. Plan 9.5: Golden Turkeys 4:30
13. Sickening Symphony 1:31
14. Out On a Limb :59

This CD is Smokin’!

Yes, those Georgia Hams, Jon and Fred, have cooked up a smorgasbord of laughs with their newest album. Dig into this heaping helping of over 73 minutes of lip-smackin’ goodness, piled on with a generous southern-style serving of meaty mirth!

Featuring their unique mix of comedy skits and songs, as well as their new national radio release, “The Pastor’s Barbeque,” this album of choice cuts is a recipe for flavorful FUN ON A BUN!

$15.00 “Comedy Cookout” CD 
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Track Listing:
All Fired Up (introduction) :56
The Pastor’s Barbeque 6:09  (Preview below.)

3. Bring ‘Em Back Alive 1:16
4. Coping In America 5:20 
(Preview below.)

5. Scriptural Smackdown 1:18
6. The “I Love Lucifer” Show 16:50
7. Reverend Roadkill :55
The Red Tie Club 9:33 (Preview below.)

9. The Tell-Tale Talent 13:04 (Preview below.)

10. The Unknown Witnesses :56
11. Duck and Cover 4:42 
(Preview below.)

12. Catch of the Day 1:05
The Man w/ the Shellfish Heart 10:11 (Preview below.)

14. History’s Best-Seller 1:00

Order Both And Save!

Once you buy one, you’re gonna want the other. So save yourself time and money by getting both now! Order the two above CDs, “Comedy Skits and Songs” and “Comedy Cookout” and save with this Combo Special!

$25.00 ” Comedy Skits and Songs” and “Comedy Cookout” CDs 
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OR: buy the DOWNLOAD ONLY option for just $15 and download them both instantly. 
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