Sheep Laughs Comedy Show

It’s 2023… there’s a need for clean good-natured humor if there ever was one! If you feel that way, we have just the show for you… The Sheep Laughs Comedy Show is a 15 minute professionally- produced and family-friendly variety radio show/podcast, featuring clean comedy by Christian comedians. Produced by the creator of the plays and skits on this site, Frederick Passmore, you will find stand-up, skits and songs, all under one hoof! GO HERE FOR ALL THE PROGRAMS!

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to laugh until your sides hurt! We are thrilled to introduce you to the Sheep Laughs Comedy Show, a hilarious new comedy radio show/podcast that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. This show is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. With
its unique blend of stand-up comedy, sketches, songs and other segments, it offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of witty one-liners or pointed humor highlighting our funny flaws as believers,  you won’t be disappointed.

The Sheep Laughs Comedy Show is not your average comedy radio program. Our format is designed to keep you on your toes and laughing from start to finish.

When you listen you’ll be “swept away” by the janitor with the jokes, “Jeremiah,” heard on the many of the programs! Beginning with program #10, Jeremiah often stops by the studio (“coincidentally” only while I’m taping) to tell one of his humorous stories, as only he can!

Special guest Jon Lawhon is the voice of Jeremiah the Janitor, as well as other voices on the program. A long-time radio veteran who was my partner in Prime Example, Jon is my favorite source for fun voices!

Another talented voice actor associated with the program is Mark Staggs, who supplies the voice of Ezekiel, a cousin of Jeremiah, who fills in for him sometimes. Mark is a professional impressionist famous for his tribute to “Festus” as seen on the TV series “Gunsmoke,” and his Ezekiel character is a descendant!

Often referred to as “America’s Funniest Professor,” Lexington, Kentucky comedian Carl Hurley joins the program with a semi-regular feature exclusive to the show, titled “Funny Side Up!” You will love his down-home humor that looks for the lighter side of laughter that adorns the everyday paths of life.

A name well known to those the love Christian comedy is Robert G. Lee, and we are pleased to have him as a guest you will hear more often than not, via his “Random Thoughts” feature, and his other material. You will enjoy his clever and hilarious insights into the humorous things that the life of the believer brings our way!

As a frequent contributor to the program via his “Voice Closet” feature, Glenn Hascall (voted by the Kansas Association of Broadcasters “Air Personality of the Year” for 2008) brings his unique combination of writing, vocal ability and production work. “The Voice Closet” is a semi-regular element of the program that showcases Glenn’s recordings.

The “Air Show” by Rick McConnell is a semi-regular feature on the program that you will enjoy and be edified and encouraged by! Rick McConnell is a Christian radio veteran who has worked for many stations in the U.S. and for several radio networks. His radio features have been heard by millions around the world.

“You Gotta Laugh!” is a sixty-second radio show produced by Fred and Jon of the comedy team “Prime Example!” which played on around 500 Christian stations a few years back. The program is featured on the Sheep Laughs Comedy Show on a semi-regular basis for you to enjoy!

There have been some great Christian comedians over the years, and Fred has material from almost all of them, stored in the Comedy Archive Vault, deep under the offices of Sheep Laughs Studios! From time to time, he descends into the Vault, unlocks the Funnies File Cabinet, and brings out some of the best classic comedy records by artists from years ago, like Isaac Air Freight, Leon Patillo, John and Viccijo Witty, Grady Nutt, Steve Geyer, Justin Fennell and more!

Cheap laughs? No way! Sheep Laughs!®

Here are some of the comedians you will hear on the program…

Anita Renfroe, Prime Example, Gary Shepperd, Kerri Pomarolli, Lanny Moody, Paul Aldrich, Gordon Douglas, Gary Claxton, Kay Dekalb-Smith, Ron McGehee, Robert G. Lee, Donna East, Nazareth, Thor Ramsey, Rick Younger, Justin Fennell, Nick Alexander, Al Fike, Eric Baker, MainStreet, Wayne Berry, Kelly Sisney, Nick Arnette, Bean and Bailey, David P. Dean, Lonnie Swonger, Steve Geyer, Will McDaniel, Jinny Henson, Dave and Brian, Glen Hascall, Larry Bubb, Willie Brown and Woody, Grady Nutt, Dennis Swanberg, Tim Hawkins, Leon Patillo, Susan O’Donnell, Pat Hurley, The Jeremiah People, Isaac Air Freight, Patrick Williams, John and VickiJo Witty, Rick McConnell, Ed Thompson, Darren Marlar, Aaron Wilburn, Bob Clark, Daren Streblow, David Ferrell, Michelle Krajecki, Elaine Brantley, Teresa Roberts-Logan, Tim Steed, Mike Miller, Y’Dhanna Daniels, Cleto Rodriguez, Brad Stine, Carl Hurley, Frank Cheek, Scott Davis, Dan McGowan, Randy Mac, Johnny Roberts, John Jackshaw, Jeff Allen, David Orion, John Gray, Bob Smiley, Kenn Kington, Lisa Mills, Jeremy Nunes, Sally Baucke, Mark Staggs, Rik Roberts… plus many more! Visit our Comedian LInks Page to contact or follow them!

Dennis Swanberg of Swan’s Place, one of the many great comedians you will hear on the program, was kind enough to come by the studio to record some promos for the show using some of his many celebrity impressions.

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If you would like to know more about the history of the podcast, and Frederick’s path that led him to creating it, go here!