About Sheep Laughs Records

In 2002 Sheep Laughs Records was created as an independent label to supply drama teams, churches and individuals with the best in performance soundtracks and Christian comedy CDs for the whole family. It also serves artists with graphic design, CD creation and website services.

The main body of the catalog is comprised of the drama soundtracks created for the scripts that you will find on this site.  Each of the CDs contains the sound effects and music that the scripts call for, produced and mixed at the Sheep Laughs Records facilities. Drawing upon a large library of Hollywood-quality sound effects and music, as well as original music and songs, the soundtracks are digitally mixed, burned to CD, and duplicated using professional equipment. There are currently over 58 CDs in our catalog, and the site has had well over 2 million visitors since opening. (See all of the projects in our catalog that are available for download here, all in one place.)

Our catalog includes two Prime Example projects; “Comedy Skits and Songs.” and “Comedy Cookout.” Prime Example was the Christian comedy team of which I was part, that existed from 1993 to 2003. During that time I co-wrote the material and produced the CD projects for the team. Songs from each of these albums have played nationally on Southern Gospel stations across the country, often showing up in their Top 10. Order those on this page.

Christian Comedy Radio Program: The Sheep Laughs Comedy Show

Listen to 107 episodes of our 15-minute audio production “The Sheep Laughs Comedy Show” which features material from Christian comedians from all across the country, from the famous to the ones that are “just-starting-out.” Go here to listen for free… you’ll love it!

CD Production, Design and Duplication

Another service is that of production for Christian comedian recording projects. I recently had the privilege of doing the post-production on a comedy project for two-time Grammy nominated Archie Jordan, the famous singer and songwriter. He is the recipient of 7 gold and 3 platinum albums, and 15 ASCAP awards. Some of his past hits were “It Was Almost Like A Song,” “What A Difference You’ve Made In My Life,” “Jesus Is Your Ticket To Heaven,” to name a few you may recognize. I also created his new site.

Let Sheep Laughs Records make your CDs!

If you are a Christian comedian that needs some assistance is putting together a CD of your material, call me. With the musical introductions, audience reactions, and recording/editing/mixing capabilities I can offer, your project could shine. I can also do the graphic design work on your CD, duplication, even shrink-wrapping for a ready-to-sell table item. You can order only a few to sell at first, then when you have sold those and need more, we will do whatever you need. Call for info on the CD production details.

After setting up the production facilities of Sheep Laughs Records to produce and manufacture ready-to-sell CDs, we were often asked by people we knew to provide that service for them, turning their master recording into an attractive and professional product. They didn’t want to have to shell out big bucks for 1,000 CDs that don’t bring in a profit until hundreds have been sold to cover the initial cost.

We provided the service for the people that asked, and they were thrilled with the final results. They had a beautiful CD that caught the eye, and sold much better than the version that a larger CD duplication company had made for them; and without the large output of cash for a big run.

We can take your pre-recorded project and turn out only as many as you need, in small quantities of 10-20, all the way up to 100 at a time. The price is $5 for each CD, and considering that you can order only what you wish, and turn around and invest some of the profit in more, it’s a good deal for the artist who doesn’t want to order huge quantities. When you sell the CD at $10 each, you have made a $5 profit.

There is no setup fee for creating the graphics and designing the CD. This is unheard of in CD duplication circles. But I do the setup and design for free, and make the money from the CDs you buy. If you sell a lot and come back to order more, I make more money too. So it benefits us both.

The full-color CD labels are printed directly in the disc, no cheap-looking stick-on labels here. The four page booklet is printed on glossy card stock inserts in full color with attractive graphics enhancing your photographs. And finally each CD is shrink-wrapped for that final professional touch. Ready-to-sell CDs for your site or table, with very little money invested!

We ask only half of the cost up front, and the rest upon completion and delivery. Call me at 912-347-9579 for details.

Another service we offer that more and more Gospel groups and singers are taking advantage of is taking their records and turning them into sellable CDs. If you are part of a Gospel group or a singer that has old records that you would like to have remastered and made into CDs, give me a call!

CD creation and duplication, website design and setup, Facebook fan page setup, and more… as you can see, Sheep Laughs Records will continue to be your source for personal service, exciting new ideas and items.

-Frederick Passmore, founder, Sheep Laughs Records

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Cell: 912-347-9579