Skit Blog: Generating Skit Ideas

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Skit Blog: Generating Skit Ideas

The Best Skit Ideas Can Come While At The Flea Market!

Down in Savannah, Georgia, about an hour from where I live, there is a large place called “Keller’s Flea Market.” My wife and I go there sometimes, and once we find a parking space (a daunting task in itself), we split up and go our separate ways (temporarily), to meet back at the entrance at a specified time.

I usually haunt the old book, comic and record bins, but I also keep my eyes open for interesting junk that can be used as props in skits. Flea markets, or just plain old yard sales, are great places for this.

But I seldom, if ever, go out looking for a specific item needed for a pre-written skit. It works kind of the opposite. I see interesting or odd items, and they generate skit ideas that utilize them! For example, I might find a hat with a large pair of lips on them. “That looks funny,” I think. Then an idea for a skit where a character wears such a hat suggests itself. If it seems promising, I’ll buy the hat, then go home and write down the skit idea that came to mind. When I have the time, I’ll sit down later and think it through, developing it into a full-blown script.

Now, few of those type of ideas end up on this script site, since you may never find a prop or costume item just like that. I try to post scripts that use easy-to-find props. However, it demonstrates a technique that you can use to develop your own skit ideas. Seldom do skits come by sitting down and saying, “I shall now write a skit.” They come by capturing the odd ideas that float through your head, mostly prompted by something you see or hear. An interesting prop, anecdote, sermon, song, etc., that gives you a kernel of an idea that you jot down and develop later.

That’s how most of the ideas for the scripts on this site come about; by harnessing the ideas that flit through my mind all during the day, and saving them for future work. Don’t depend on your memory, you’ll forget it. Jot it down quickly and save it. I have a text file on my PC just for saving ideas. Regularly I’ll open it up, go over the large collection of thought and ideas, and pick the one that is the most promising for what I need. Most of them do get developed over time. Others just float there, in limbo, waiting for the day when they too, might be picked for development.

So, watch for junk as you browse your local garage sales or flea market. You might be surprised at the treasures you will find that will spark an idea for a great skit! And you never need tell your audience where you came up with it. It’s our secret!


Dramatic Plays:
Our plays range from 20 minutes all the way up to 80 minutes. They are written to engage the viewer, make them think, to impact the emotions, and present the Gospel in such a way that they perceive it as meeting the needs of their life. The aim is to bless the believer, and give the person that has never made a decision for Christ a desire to invite Him into their life.

Comedic Skits:
Our skits range in length from 5 minutes up to 20 minutes. While most are comedic in nature, using humor to impart a perspective that may not have been considered, the laughs are all tied into the message, and there is always a resolution that leads the viewer into consideration of the Truth contained in it. The humor can be enjoyed by all ages.

The soundtracks that we make to accompany the scripts add drama and emotional impact to the script’s performance. There are two different kinds of script and soundtrack; 
the kind where you do the lines live and the soundtrack is played at certain times during the performance; and second, the kind that supplies all the narration, music and effects mixed together to play as the actors perform, with no lines to learn. Each script description page tells you which kind it is under the “Soundtrack Key.”