Listen To Your Mother!

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Listen To Your Mother!” (A Live Educational Film)
Written by Frederick Passmore

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Synopsis: Done in the style of the 50’s educational films for school children, this live version is acted out to the soundtrack which supplies the narration, exactly as the old films used to do. A family of a mother, father and three children is seen as the mother plans a fun activity night. Each of them, however; the young boy, the teen girl, and the young man about to graduate, all have their own plans with their friends. The father also is going to wax the car. Left alone, the mother feels led to pray for each of them, and as she does, we see the situations that each of the children gets into that will bring temptation. We see the direct result of her prayers as the Lord answers and helps them avoid the consequences of making poor choices. At the end, they all express their appreciation of her and her advice which helped them to dodge trouble. The humor comes from the format of the 50’s educational film and the way family life was portrayed at the time. Although depicted through the lens of a 50’s time period, the family we see is modern, no need to dress in vintage clothing. But, it does add to the effect if you do!

Length of play: 22 minutes
Number of cast: 11 (four main parts, the rest are all smaller.)
Category: Comedic, Medium-Length Skit, Mother’s Day, No Lines to Learn
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(A general description of the script; not all details are here, but it gives you an overall picture of what it is like.)

As the skit opens, we see a family gathering in the living room after dinner. The announcer narrates the film and tells what each person is saying, in the manner of the 50’s school educational films. The mother has an evening of family activities and games, but each of the three children has already made other plans. The senior boy, Brad, has a football game to attend; the teen girl Susie has plans to go see a popular movie with a friend; and 4th grader Bobby is invited by a friend to go bike riding. After Dad goes out to tinker in the garage, Mother is left alone, and reads her Bible. She soon feels led to pray for each of her children, and as she does, on different parts of the stage we see what is happening with the child she is praying for at that moment.

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As the mother prays, she first talks to the Lord about her youngest son Bobby. She asks Him to help him resist temptations to sin, and to make a way of escape… and to let her words guide him. As she is praying, we see Bobby, who is with his friend at the convenience store that they passed on the way to the friend’s house. The neighborhood boy pockets some candy and urges Bobby to load up too, so he can buy more comics instead of candy. Bobby is tempted to do so, but he hears in his mind the words of his mother, reminding him that stealing is wrong and that the Lord tells us not to do it. He pays for his candy, and when he does, the owner of the store tells him that he had been watching them, and knows that his friend left without paying. He rewards Bobby for his honesty with a free comic book, and informs him that he is going to call his friend’s mother and let her know what he has done. Bobby runs home, relieved that his mother is not getting a call also.

Next, we see and hear the mother praying for her teen daughter Susie. She knows the temptations that teens face, and asks the Lord to watch out for her right now. We then see the teen daughter Susie, who has gone over to her friend’s house to meet her. Walking into her bedroom, Susie is disturbed when her friend informs her that they are borrowing her mother’s car, not to go to the movie, but instead to go to a party being thrown by freshman she knows, where there will be lots to drink. Susie wanted to see the movie, and she doesn’t want to be driven back home by someone that has been drinking; but most of all she doesn’t want to have lied to her parents about where she went. When her friend says that there will be a boy there that she likes, she almost gives in… but then she hears in her mind her mother’s voice, warning her about bad companions. She changes her mind, and decides to go back home, happy that she made the right decision.

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here: Listen_To_Your_Mother_sample_02

Lastly, we see and hear the mother praying for her son Brad, a senior in high school. He is attending a football game, and she prays for his protection from making wrong life choices, wrong choices for a life companion, and to guide all his steps. She tells the Lord that Brad doesn’t want to listen to her counsel, so he might need more of a direct intervention to show him the truth. We see him at the game with a friend, who is trying to fix him up with a cheerleader.  Brad explains that he isn’t looking for some shallow airhead to hang on his arm, but someone that shares his life goals and dreams. But when the cheerleader walks by, his buddy pushes him into her path, and she smiles. After being nudged by his pushy pal, Brad starts to talk to her, and the girl seems to like him. Brad hears his mother’s voice in his mind warning him, but he dismisses it and keeps talking. She says that she needs a ride home, if he would help her out, so being a nice guy, he agrees. However, her boyfriend whom she is arguing with, a linebacker on the football team, shows up to finish their talk… and sees her leaving with Brad. Angrily, he confronts them both, and threatens Brad for making a move on his girlfriend. It turns out she was using Brad to make her boyfriend jealous. There is about to be a fight, when the football player is called to the field. He leaves with a threat, and Brad heads home after the close call. He realizes that his mother’s advice was right, and he could have made a bad mistake if things hadn’t turned out like they had.

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Back home, the three kids all come back about the same time, more appreciative of their mother since they all had close calls with temptation and the effects of choices. She doesn’t know why they are all so affectionate, but she enjoys it, and Dad comes back in saying the car is waxed and would they like to go out to a family movie at the drive-in? Mother jokingly asks if all wouldn’t rather stay home and play “Monopoly,” but they all vote that idea down with mock protests… then laughing (a bit too much), they head out the door together. The film narrator concludes with the moral and as the 50’s incidental music swells to a close, urges all young people to remember to listen to their mother!

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