The Crate Escape

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“The Crate Escape”
Written by Frederick Passmore
Copyright 2001 by Sheep Laughs Records

Synopsis: Tempted into entering a box of forbidden delights, a foolish fellow becomes trapped in the bondage of sin. A parade of people, representing the various solutions people look to when bound, offer advice, to no avail. He finally escapes when presented with the gospel. Runs about 20-25 minutes.

Soundtrack key: This is the type of script where your actors deliver their lines and the soundtrack supplies the background music and sound effects as the script calls for them.

Length of play: 20-25 minutes
Number of cast: 10, with as many extras in walk-on parts as you can recruit.
Category: Dramatic, Comedic, Medium-length skit, Modern-day parable

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Mr. Hunter
, the Satan character.
Jerry, the hapless victim.
Terry, his fair-weather friend.
The New-Ager, a female “Shirley McLain” type.
The Cult Leader, a Jim-Jones type.
The Minister, a judgmental religious type.
The Box Person, another person bound by habits and sin. (Preferably a female.)
The Firebug, a Suicide Solution type.
Arthur, the Christian that helps.
Helen, the other Christian sent by God to help.
extras to walk back and forth.

Mr. Hunter should be in a black suit. White gloves and top hat are desirable, but optional, if available. A cape may also be added.
The New-Ager should be in a colorful pantsuit or hippie-like clothes. Tie-dyed headband across forehead, and round sunglasses. Barefoot or in sandals
The Cult Leader wears dark sunglasses.
The Minister, a suit, carries a Bible.
The Box Person, a cardboard box they can wear.
The Firebug, in a Goth-type outfit. Colored hair a plus.

Props: A large cardboard box painted to look like a wooden crate (a stove, dryer or washing machine box would be ideal). Painted on it is a sign reading “Hunter Curiosities Thrill Box.” (You may print out a pre-designed sign by clicking here and tape it to the box.) Alternatively, you may build a crate out of paneling and 2×4’s, like some have done for it. The sides can be mounted on hinges for easy opening at the end.
A smaller cardboard box with holes cut in it for legs, arms and head.
Section of large black plastic chain, measured to fit around box.
Can of air freshener.
Lighter and empty can of lighter fluid (or with water in it).

Setting: Outside in park. Nothing special required.

NOTE: To view a video of this play being done by an excellent drama team, go here. It will help give you a good idea of what it can be like!

The Crate Escape”
Written by Frederick Passmore

(A general description of the script; not all details or lines are here, but it gives you an excellent overall picture of what it is like.)

On the street, a man –Mr. Hunter– presents a large box covered by a sheet. Like a carnival sideshow barker, he begins to hype the unveiling event to the passersby. Some stop and watch out of curiosity as he brags about what it under the cover. He unveils the crate, and tells them of the wonders that await them within. Most leave, but the main character, Jerry, wants to see what is inside. Baited by the owner, he takes the challenge, against the advice of his female friend. Entering the box by a door on the side, he seems to be having a party as the soundtrack supplies the music and crowd noises. Coming back out, he is excited about the experience. He wants to go back in, seeing as how it seems to be harmless, but this time, while he is inside enjoying it, Mr. Hunter begins to pull a chain into place around the box, locking him in, against the protests of Jerry’s friend. When Jerry can’t get out, Mr. Hunter reveals the purpose of the box, which is to trap unsuspecting victims within his power and take them as slaves. Leaving to check on other traps, his captor tells him he will be back to collect his prize soon.

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here: the_crate_escape_sample_01

Abandoned by his friend, Jerry –peeking out of a slot in the front– begs for help from the people passing by, who mock him and treat him with contempt. Finally a person stops to investigate, a New-Ager stereotype. She sits in front of the box in a meditative position, and offers her advice on how he can free himself with the power of positive thinking and tapping into the potential and god within. After repeating her mantra of freedom of the mind, Jerry tries to escape, but has no power to. He blames her New Age philosophy and she angrily leaves after placing a curse on him.

Next to come along is a Cult Leader, who tells Jerry that he has secret knowledge that will help free him. He demands a complete dedication of Jerry’s belief, life and energy to him and his cause, which Jerry is willing to give if he can help him. The man asks for Jerry’s wallet, which he hands out of the window to him. Taking the wallet, the Cult Leader says that the first thing that happens to his flock is that they get fleeced. Muttering “so long, sucker!” the man leaves Jerry stuck in his predicament.

Next, a self-righteous minister comes by, and questions how Jerry came to be in the crate. Upon hearing of Mr. Hunter’s involvement, the minister becomes hostile, insisting that the crate is God’s punishment for Jerry’s sinful lifestyle. Jerry doesn’t refute this, but asks for help getting out. The angry legalist refuses to help when God has ordained his punishment, and kicks the box while berating the prisoner, then leaves praising the Lord that he is not like this sinner.

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here: the_crate_escape_sample_02

Now really depressed, Jerry is feeling hopeless when another person walks by in a smaller box with their legs and arms sticking out the holes. Excited to find another person in a similar situation, Jerry asks how she can move about so freely. He finds out that there are various kinds of boxes that trap people, and that she has learned to live with it. She tells him that he will never get out, so he must get used to it and live in spite of it. He doesn’t want to hear this, and when she suggests they hang out together, he insults her and she leaves.

When Jerry is occupied with his troubles, a young man comes by and takes out a lighter. Noticing him, Jerry asks if he can help, and he says that he can. He wants to know how badly Jerry wants out, and he assures him he will do anything. The young man tells him he has a permanent solution to his problem, and takes out a can of lighter fluid, walking around the crate and dousing it. Then he moves to the front and taunts Jerry by flicking the lighter in front of his face. Trying to blow out the flame, Jerry is also calling for help, and a passerby hears him, running off the firebug.

The man is not only sympathetic to his plight, but reveals that he was once trapped by Mr. Hunter’s crate, but managed to escape. Excited, Jerry asks to know how, and the man begins to share the Gospel with him, reading from a small tract. But suddenly Mr. Hunter shows up again, angry that someone is trying to steal his prey. Keeping the Christian from giving Jerry the tract to read, he wrestles him to the ground and tries to keep him away. Praying as he struggles, the man asks the Lord to send someone to help, and then along comes a lady who offers Jerry a gospel tract, unseen by Mr. Hunter. Reading it out loud, Jerry discovers the way to freedom, as a panicking Mr. Hunter tries to keep him in the box. Withdrawing into the crate, Jerry prays, and as the background music gets more intense, Jerry bursts free from the crate with an explosion, hands raised in triumph as the box sides fall away. As Mr. Hunter is knocked aside, Jerry rejoices in his new freedom with the two happy believers. Before leaving, Mr. Hunter threatens Jerry, telling him he will return and recapture him on another day. The praise from the three drive him away, and Jerry thanks them for their help in giving him the Good News that all can be free in Christ. Just then the other Box Person comes back onstage, and recognizes that Jerry is now free, and he shares the truth with her as they walk offstage together.

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here: the_crate_escape_sample_03

Preview some of the effects and music provided for the script on the Skit Trax by clicking on the player below.

Read some of the testimonials about the script from just a few of the many users:

The Mount Airy Christian Academy will be performing The Crate Escape on May 13, 2016. My Senior High Drama students are very excited about performing this skit. The music is terrific and the message needs to be heard by so many. We will have an audience full of parents and grandparents because this is the first of three sets of students performing, with the second set being the entire Elementary part of the school. Thank you for this fantastic skit!!!
-Deb Dibert, Mount Airy, MD

Dear Fred,
Hi, I’m Karuna from Goa, India. I’ve gone through many of the skits you’ve written and made available on your website. They are all wonderful – so well-written, creative, and most importantly scripture-based. We have a youth group in our church here in Goa and they are keen on performing “The Crate Escape” in the church soon. Just wanted to inform you about it and thank you for making such amazing scripts available for us. You’re truly a blessing.
In Christ, Karuna

My name is Rebekah Dunbar and I am 17 years old, and live in Arkansas. I attend First Freewill Baptist Church and every year my drama team competes in a National Youth Conference that our denomination puts on.
Two years ago I came across your site when looking for a drama for us to compete with, and found so many skits that related to that year’s theme and made it easy to work with and memorize for performing. That summer we used the Bubble Wrap skit which was a huge hit, we won district and made it all the way to Nationals where we competed and won! Following the performance we had multiple churches ask where we came up with the idea and if we could come and perform it for their home church. Of course we directed them all to your website where we ended up competing against some of the churches that we gave your reference to that summer.

This past year, we used “The Crate Escape.” We did edit multiple parts to fit the conference theme and time regulations but in the end, we won Nationals for the second year! Again, we had multiple people come and ask us where we came up with the great skit idea and if we would perform it for their church. We were even asked to visit some church camps where we had the opportunity to perform and work with students our own age, that we talked to and had the chance to share our testimonies and tell them about our personal walk with Christ.
I don’t want to take up too much of your time but I wanted to thank you for doing what you do. I think all of the skits on the site are interesting and modernized which is sometimes hard to find for a church competition. This upcoming year we will most likely be using another one of your scripts to compete with. Our drama team could not have performed as well without the basis of the skits put on your site. Again, thank you and I pray that God blesses you and your site.
In Christ, Rebekah Dunbar

Dear Fred,
The youth of Mount Ayr Regular Baptist Press will be performing your skits “Live from the Battlefield” & “The Crate Escape” on October 25.
Our youth group loves your skits because they are funny, Bible-based and not cheesy! Thank you!
Kristy Gilliland,
Mount Ayr, IA

Dear Fred,
The Melbourne Seventh-day Adventist Church in Melbourne, FL performed “The Crate Escape” on May 10.
My 11 church school students, ages 8-15 performed this script yesterday for our very conservative church as part of our graduation church service. It was a HUGE hit.
I knew it would be entertaining, but I was concerned about the reaction of some of our older, more conservative members. Afterwards, a gentleman who is very educated, very conservative, and very opinionated, said it was great and that it worked because the script got the story right. He said it was the first time he’s seen this topic dealt with in a theologically correct way in a drama. The kids had fun with it and I think we were able to glorify God with our performance. Thank you so much for this resource!
April Pillsbury-Lloyd
-Melbourne, FL

Dear Fred,
About a year ago I was desperately in need of a skit for my high school youth group to perform in our church, the Plainfield Methodist Church in Plainfield, Wisconsin, a couple of weeks. The skit I had ordered from another site (that had sounded terrific on paper) was dull and boring. It seemed that I had exhausted all the skits out there. I had been doing skits for a couple of years with my group successfully, but now I was running out of material.
Anyway, one day I sat down at the computer and did a word search, (seemingly the same word search I had done a million other times) but this time I prayed for God to help me find something that would fit my group and congregation’s needs. Well, in a matter of seconds your site pops up (like magic!).
Ever since I have been in heaven! We have now performed “The Creature in the Closet,” “The Wrap Group,” “How To Be Spiritually Fit” and today “The Crate Escape.” They have all been a blast to perform. They don’t need a lot of practice (which we all like) and there are few props needed. Most of all we love the humor and the soundtracks.
Teenagers get the message in a way they can relate to. Way to go Mr. Passmore, you are really doing God’s work! Thank you for providing this gift to us all.
Many Blessings,
-Cathy from Plainfield

The Harps Crossing Baptist Church in Fayetteville, Georgia will be performing your script ” The Crate Escape” at 7:00 pm Sunday night, December 2.
The writing is excellent. The humor and depth of this script just blew me away and I’m so excited to perform it this Sunday. Thank you for allowing us to use them.
-Tim Richardson

The Martin Luther Christian School is doing “The Crate Escape.” Clever, Fred! I haven’t had a chance to read all of your scripts, but the ones I’ve finished I’ve found to be really original and with a definite point. There’s too much “Jesus Junk” out there — glad to say, you’re stuff can’t be counted among it.
-Angie Brower
Joplin, MO

Hi Fred!
We had our Annual Easter Program this past Saturday and the teen boys and girl class, which is taught by myself and another teacher, performed your skit “The Crate Escape”. It was great!! The audience really enjoy it and everyone stated the soundtrack was a great touch. I thank you for allowing the Lord to used you this way. Your ministry has and continue to be a blessing to so many and you can add Bethany to the number.
Robin Travers,
Bethany Missionary Baptist Church
Philadelphia, Pa

Dear Fred,
We made our presentation of “The Crate Escape” last night, Oct. 30. It was a wonderful experience. This type of presentation was a first for our church. The Holy Spirit was there to use our presentation to win at least one to Christ and also to bring some much needed laughter to a congregation that has been struggling with the resignation of its pastor and subsequent turmoil associated with finding a replacement. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with others.
The script and CD were excellent and worth every penny. I hope that we will be able to make similar presentations in the future. Your efforts ARE making a difference in the lives of others!!
Once again, thanks!
-Christine Games,
Edgewater Alliance Church in Kingsville, Ohio.

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