The Creature In The Closet

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“The Creature In The Closet”
Written by Frederick Passmore
Copyright 2005 Sheep Laughs Publications

What is the nasty little monster that is hiding in Ron’s closet? And how is it coming between him and his neighbor? A parable comedy skit about the dangers of unforgiveness. Something stinks in this guy’s house, and it ain’t his socks. This 8-10 minute script uses four people and the included alternate male/female version is good if your available cast is different. The male/female version is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Soundtrack key: This is the type of script where your actors deliver their lines and the soundtrack supplies the background music and sound effects as the script calls for them.

Length of play: 8-10 minutes.
Number of cast: 4 (three major and one minor part)
Category: Comedic, Modern-Day Parable

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(A general description of the script; not all details or scenes are here, but it gives you an overall picture of what it is like.)

A knock is heard at the side door on the stage and the main character Ron comes onstage and answers it. Two officers are at the door and introduce themselves as being from the Department of Creature Control, Grudge Division. They tell Ron that someone reported a possible grudge being harbored at this residence, and they are investigating. Ron invites them in reluctantly, but denies harboring such a dangerous creature. The two officers question him and look around the room. Ron is nervous and defensive, trying to cover something up. He lets slip that there is some animosity between he and a next-door neighbor, and inadvertently reveals the source of the trouble. When pressed to let the officers search the house, he stalls and makes excuses that only increase their suspicion.

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here:creature_in_the_closet_sample_01

 As the officers try to convince him of the dangers of hiding such a monster, Ron continues to try and distract them from their investigation. When asked to let them look in one particular room, he delays and complains until they force him to open the door.  He relinquishes the key, and one of the officers carefully opens the door. Instantly there is a snarling attack by a wild beast that slams against the door, and they struggle to keep it closed against the onslaught. Finally getting it closed again, they confront Ron about it and he breaks down, confessing all and telling them how it all began. We learn the whole story of how a divide came about between he and a friend, one that has grown and put a wedge between them.  The officers advise him to forgive and forget any hurts, and that by doing so the grudge will die. By coming clean and forgiving, he finds peace, and they open the door to find the creature is dead. They bring it out in a trash bag and will help him be disposing of it. They open the front door to reveal the neighbor standing there, and Ron and he are reunited in friendship and fellowship.

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here: creature_in_the_closet_sample_02

As the two pals make plans to get their families together for a cookout, the officers leave, happy that they have once again successfully helped a victim of unforgiveness.

Preview some of the effects and music provided for the script by clicking on the player below. COMING SOON!

Read some of the testimonials about the script from just a few of the many users:

Hi, Frederick!

We are planning to use your fantastic script ‘Creature in the Closet’ as a means of outreach to a village on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Scotland. We have a new church plant here in Wallyford and have the opportunity to go into the Wallyford primary school to speak about spiritual health. We will invite the pupils to join us in the church hall one evening for this performance, a short gospel chat and some games.

It really does look an entertaining script and that’s exactly what we’re looking for in this situation as we don’t want to scare the kids off at first contact but do see room for talking about the deeper issues with these precious souls.

May the Lord Almighty continue to bless your creativity and inspiration to others!

-Helen McCartney


The Triangle Presbyterian Church in Durham, NC will be doing “The Creature In The Closet” on Jan. 30, using the Soundtrack CD. I absolutely love your skits and really appreciate the way you package your CDs. Thank you for the laughs and ministry.

-Alisa McAlister

Okay, if you liked the story breakdown, and enjoyed the Skit Trax previews, and were encouraged by the testimonials of those that have done it, buy the complete script and soundtrack here! 

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