The Red Tie Club

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“The Red Tie Club”
by Fred Passmore
Copyright 2003

Synopsis: A man trying to get into an exclusive club finds his way blocked by the doorman, who refuses to give him admission until he meets the membership requirement: having a Red Tie. A good parable about man’s efforts to earn his way into Heaven. The doorman, Mr. Delaw represents The Law, (even his name says it) which keeps us out of Heaven since no-one has ever kept it perfectly, except Jesus, who gives us Grace. Mr. King represents Jesus, the King of Kings, who can get us into heaven when we accept His way, which is through the blood, which is what the Red Tie represents. The guy tries to get in by his works, and then providing his own red tie, or his own righteousness, which in the sight of God is as filthy rags. Only when he asks for the Red Tie from Jesus, which represents receiving salvation by faith, can he have access into fellowship with God.

Soundtrack key:
 This is the type of script where your actors deliver their lines and the soundtrack supplies the background music and sound effects as the script calls for them.

If you prefer, you can change the name to the “Red Ribbon Club,” and have some of the extras played by females. Included in the download is a version of the script with those changes already made. The soundtrack is usable for either version.

Length of play: 8-10 minutes.
Number of cast: 3 with some extras
Category: Comedic/Modern-day Parable

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Note: There is also included a fully-produced audio version of this script on the Skit Trax, which can be used as a demo for your actors, or for a puppet show version.

Characters: Bill Blotz, the Doorman Mr. DeLaw, the club owner Mr. King, several extras.

Costumes: The doorman wears a red jacket and a cap, if possible; otherwise, just a suit. Bill wears dress clothes but has no tie. Mr. King may wear a white suit jacket with a red tie. All of the extras have red ties on.

Props: A red tie, a trash can, a dirty piece of red cloth in the can, a clipboard, and a notepad with pen. (Note: red ties for the group of extras, as well as the one given to Bill, may be made out of red construction paper, and attached to the collar with a taped-on paper clip. If you change it to the “Red Ribbon Club,” then red ribbons can be used all around.)

Setting: A city street in front of the Red Tie Club. A door that can be opened that leads behind a wall. The club is inside through the door. A sign is on the door or beside it on the wall that reads, “Red Tie Club.”

 The Red Tie Club” Story Breakdown
(A general description of the script; not all details or scenes are here, but it gives you an overall picture of what it is like.)

The Character Bill Blotz walks onstage, til he comes to a man standing beside a door with a sign that says “The Red Tie Club.” As he tries to go in, the doorman blocks him, telling him that it is for members only, and he can’t enter without a red tie. Protesting that he has friends inside who are expecting him, he gets the doorman to check his member list in case someone had added him. Looking over a clipboard list, the doorman tells him he is not on it. Taking out some bills, the man tries to bribe him to let him slip past, but he cannot be bribed.

Telling the doorman that he is an important person, and well-known to the local government officials, he demands to be let in, but he is told that the owner is richer than all of them, and is no respecter of persons.  He tells the man that no-one inside has any influence on who gets in.

Trying to push has way past DeLaw results in finding himself sitting down on the pavement. After a failed attempt to slip in on the coattails of some members, the rejected Bill gets an idea to make his own tie, and rummages through a trash can. He finds a piece of dirty red cloth, which he rips a strip off of and puts around his neck. Going back, he presents himself as now eligible since he is technically fulfilling the requirement. He is told his own efforts count for nothing.

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here: Red_Tie_Club_Sample_01

Demanding to speak to the manager, he tells the doorman he is going to report him. He thinks that bypassing the doorman will get him in. Going in, the doorman returns shortly with the manager, whom he introduces as Mr. King (representing the Lord Jesus Christ). Bill complains about the doorman not letting him in, and Mr. King affirms that his job is to keep people out that don’t meet the requirements. Doing so would be unfair to this already in who did meet them.

Bill says that since he wrote the rules, he can bend them. But Mr. King tells him that he must keep the laws as well. Further, no tie made by others will suffice, it must be a red tie made by him. Bill tries to buy one, but they aren’t sold. He tries to borrow one just for the occasion, but they are not loaned. Frustrated, Bill protests that there is no way to get one at all! Mr. King tells him that he must simply ask. Incredulous, he expresses disbelief that asking for it is all that is required. He wonders what the catch is.

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here: Red_Tie_Club_Sample_02

Mr. King tells him that he must believe if he is to ask and receive it freely. It is a gift, paid for by Mr. King himself. After considering it, Bill decides to make the leap and ask. He receives a new tie from Mr. King, which he puts on after taking off the makeshift one.

Preview some of the fully-produced demo version by clicking on the player below.

Read some of the testimonials about the script from just a few of the many users:

The Sierra Bible Church Reno (high school Awana clubbers) will be doing “The Red Tie Club”. Thank you for providing these scripts – the Red Tie Club is absolutely awesome. The high school Awana clubbers will be entering the performance in the fine arts competition at their Journey Weekend – this competition is designed to encourage clubbers to use how the Lord has gifted them for the building of the body of Christ. Thank you for such good (doctrinally sound) material!
Diane Brookes
-Truckee, Ca

Our youth at the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Oneonta Alabama, performed your skit “The Red Tie Club” and it was a huge success. We are in the midst of putting together an order for all of your scripts and CDs to aid in the production as we intend to try some more. This is a huge ministry and really helped to soften up some of our old time hard shell Baptists. We have a small youth group and a small church but these skits are perfect for us. Thank you for this resource and for your willingness to share these with others. God Bless You!
Thanks, Billy McDerment

The Northridge Awana Club will be doing “Assignment: Witness” on June 14.

Last year the Northridge Awana Club did your skit “The Red Tie Club” for our closing awards ceremony for Awana club. It was a big hit and a great way to get the gospel across. We used your sound track last year and it really added a lot, so we’re planning on doing that again.
-Kristen Peden
Rochester, NY

Once again, your site has supplied just what we needed!! I am looking forward to seeing what God will do through the witness of “The Red Tie Club” to the community on Oct. 31st. The message comes across so clearly! We may even hand out “red ties” with supporting scripture verses after the skit. Although we are a fairly small church, we draw many people in each year with our “Light Night” alternative to Halloween, and the “drama theater” is one of the many attractions. Thank you!
-Robin Tyhurst,
Grenada Berean Church
Grenada, Calif

The Mt. Nebo United Methodist Church in Pequea, Pennsylvania will be doing your skit “The Red Tie Club” on Sunday, November 21. I think this is such an awesome thing. This is the best page for Christian skits I’ve found on the web. Thank you so much for your contribution. It will be put to great use.
God Bless!
-Lea Miller

We performed your script, “The Red Tie Club,” on 9/18 at the Resurrection Lutheran Church in Cairo, NY, at our open house for our new Education Wing. Approximately 115 people saw it and thought it was wonderful! They still talk about the program and the message that it conveyed. We will be doing it again at both services on Sunday, November 14th, for our “Friendship Sunday.” I’m sure it will be as well received as before and quite possibly better.

Thanks for sharing your special God-given talents with us. God bless you!
-Gail Allison

Fred, We were given the opportunity to plan a Youth Service where the youth were the ones giving the sermon and taking care of all the logistics. I brought this skit (“The Red Tie Club”) to church and they immediately embraced it! So, we are going to be performing it for church in place of the sermon this coming week.
Thank you so much for this resource! It is an absolute LIFESAVER!
May God Bless you!
Tristi Hendrick,
University City Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Charlotte, NC

We will be doing “The Red Tie Club” and “Assignment: Hindrance” for our Christian Club on Campus at Sunrise Mountain High School, in Peoria Arizona. These are all really great skits! Thank you so much for making them available to us. Skits are always great attention-getters and they really get the members involved. Thanks again, I really appreciate your site ; )
-Holly Cox
Drama Leader

We will be doing the “Red Tie Club” script on August 14 at the Freedom In Christ Christian Center in Keokuk, Iowa. You have the best scripts.  You are truly blessed… Thank You!
-Karry Day

Some of us women did the “The Red Tie Club” for a Women’s Retreat and it was a great success, so we ended up doing it here at our assembly and letting the young people put it on. It was a success as well!
Thanx for all you do in this area of your lives. I think they are great!
Melissa Henry, Cisco, TX

Thanks for the great skits. We love your work. Please write more and more and more.
At the conclusion of our pastor’s study of Galatians, our drama team performed “The Red Tie Club.” Our team did a wonderful job, but the script is what made it so good. People were asking other people at church if they were a member of “The Red Tie Club.” I can’t wait to read and use your next skits. You truly have a way with words. Thanks for the great sound effects. They add so much to the performance. You guys write the best skits for comedy I have ever read. Keep up the good work!
Pam Cariker

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