The Sheep’s Clothing Store

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Synopsis: Wandering into a new store, a church-going customer begins to realize that things are not as they seem. Could the proprietor, Mr. Wolfe, have an ulterior motive in selling his fashion line? Not everyone dressed like a Christian is one; this is where they shop. A funny but direct skit that runs about 8-10 minutes and uses four people. Soundtrack also includes a fully-produced demo track that could be used for a puppet show.

Soundtrack key: This is the type of script where your actors deliver their lines and the soundtrack supplies the background music and sound effects as the script calls for them.

Length of play: 8-10 minutes.
Number of cast: 4: Mr. Wolfe, the owner. Main Customer, Female Customer, Mr. Shepherd. Any extras that you wish to add browsing in the store, but they leave before the end confrontation.
Category: Comedic, Medium-length Skit, Modern-day Parable

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Characters: Mr. Wolfe, the owner and proprietor of the store. Customer #1, who is the church-goer, Customer #2, a girl that wants to date a Christian and needs to be able to pass for one. Mr. Shepherd, who comes to the rescue.
Costumes: Mr. Wolfe should be dressed in a suit and tie. The other customers are casual. It would be preferred to have Mr. Shepherd dress in a completely white suit, but just a white outfit is fine. No robe is needed.
Props: A clothing rack with various outfits hung on it, a table with clothing on it, a large leather-bound Bible, a large gold cross on a chain, a small booklet, a bag for the purchases, a credit card, a pocket calculator, a telephone.
Setting: The inside of a clothing store.

NOTE: here is a page that features a short film that some users made of the skit. You will enjoy the work they did, and get a good idea of what your live performance could be. It differs some in the casting and other small ways, but they did a great job of adapting it!

(Here is a  general description of the script; not all details or scenes are here, but it gives you an overall picture of what it is like.)

Mr. Wolfe, the store’s owner and proprietor, comes onstage and is arranging various items on the shelf. The first customer enters, and is greeted. As he wanders around looking, the customer inquires about the store, never having heard of it before. From the name he assumes it to be a clothing store for Christians. Before Wolfe can explain, a female customer enters and he goes to assist her. She is looking for an outfit to convince a young man in church that she too is a Christian, although she is not. Wolfe recommends some outfits to her, ones that will appeal to churchgoers and be convincing to the guy that a chaste young believer is visiting. He also shows her some accessories that she will need, such as a huge Bible (with no print in it), and a large cross necklace. Satisfied that she can fool him with the outfit, she buys it, willingly paying the high price,

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here: sheeps_clothing_store_sample_01

 Once she is gone, the first customer resumes his conversation with Wolfe. He expresses his disbelief that the owner sold her items for the express purpose of making others believe she is something she is not. Wolfe chides him for his naiveté, pointing out that many companies sell products for that express purpose. Their talk is momentarily interrupted by a complaint call from a previous customer, which the owner handles in humorous fashion. Turning his attention back to the customer who has so many questions, he tries to make a sale. But the man is becoming shocked at finding out that such a store exists, and begins to consider whether there might be such people in the church he attends. Alerted to the fact that this customer is a church member not there to deceive, he questions his depth of commitment, wondering if he believes or just attends. He has turned intense and threatening in his approach, but the oblivious customer doesn’t notice that he is being stalked as he considers his own life, wondering if he has been playing a part for years as well, without thinking about it.

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here:sheeps_clothing_store_sample_02

As Wolfe’s questioning has led him to realize that he himself is not saved, just attending church, he determines to do something about that and get saved right away. He turns to leave when he finds Wolfe blocking the way and locking the door. Alarmed, the customer demands to know what is going on. Wolfe, advancing on him as the man backs up fearfully, explains that he knows certain information that could be damaging if told to the wrong people, so he cannot be allowed to leave. Suddenly predatory, with bared teeth and claw-like hands reaching out for the man, Wolfe “invites” him into the back room “for a bite.”

At that moment, the door slams open, interrupting the attack, and Mr. Shepherd (representing the Lord) steps in. Changing instantly from his wolfish persona into an intimidated puppy-like attitude, Wolfe greets the rescuer with a fake smile. Mr. Shepherd says that from the looks of things, he got here just in time, to which Wolfe responds under his breath that he has an annoying habit of doing that. Relieved to see someone else, the customer moves to his side, and Mr. Shepherd tells him to hurry and do what he was going to do, that is, get saved. Gratefully, the man confirms that he will, and hurries out. Angry at losing his prey, but afraid of the Lord, Mr. Wolfe wonders if he has come to shut down his store. They have a short discussion before Mr. Shepherd leaves with a promise that the time is soon coming when he will return and close the entire franchise.

Preview some of the fully-produced demo track, by clicking on the player below. It is perfect for letting your youth group listen to instead of just telling them about the script. It also serves as an inspiration and guide for the actors and the audio person. The entire track is in the download package, 
as well as the individual tracks for use as your actors deliver their lines.

Read some of the testimonials about the script from just a few of the many users:

Dear Fred,

The Grace Baptist Christian School will be using your script “The Sheep’s Clothing Store” on March 30th in a Student Convention competition. We are a small Christian school in South Ga. and compete in Student Convention with Schools from North Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Our students have been performing your skits for the past 6 years. In performing these skits they placed 1st in everyone of them! We appreciate the gospel that is provided in these skits. We appreciate all that has been written.
-Wanda Vice
Tifton, GA

Dear Fred,

My name is Sara Clarke and I am the youth minister at Melbourne Heights Baptist Church in Louisville, KY. I want to thank you for “The Sheep’s Clothing Store” skit. The youth are planning on using this skit for an upcoming Youth Sunday. They are extremely excited about it and are grateful that they are able to use such great material to communicate such an important message to the congregation. Thank you again!

Dear Fred,
The Shepherd’s Temple Church of God in Christ in Chowchilla, Ca. will be doing “The Sheep’s Clothing Store” on 12/23.
We used “Spiritually Fit” for our Youth Day Program in November. Our pastor and wife really enjoyed it, and the message behind it. The funny thing was, it tied in with the Sunday School Lesson and the Pastor’s sermon.
We are rehearsing “The Sheep’s Clothing Store” for our Adult Christmas play. Everyone is excited to be performing it. We’ve also come up with ideas for props for the store. The message in this skit is very timely. I just wanted to let you know that we used a couple of your scripts, and also to commend you on how Biblically based they are. You did not leave out God’s Word in an effort to make a funny or “palatable” play. No one has to guess at what the play had to do with the Bible. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
God Bless and Merry Christmas!
-Cheanie O’Masters

We did your script “The Sheep’s Clothing Store,” on May 15. Absolutely awesome comments on this script! Everyone wanted to know where the script came from. Very well received!

Carrie Wilken
Christus Lutheran Church
Clintonville WI

My church teen group, of the Gardiner Church of the Nazarene in Maine, has used two of your scripts, “The Sheep’s Clothing Store” and “Crisis on the Holiday Helpline.” We used “The Sheep’s Clothing Store” for youth drama competition and actually won the local event and will perform it at a much larger competition this month. Part of the reason we think the teens won the local competition was because the play had some valuable lessons for today’s world. Many skits that we saw were funny, but lacked the spiritual values that your skits provide. You also provided great and easy to follow details on props, characters, setting, and costumes.
We hope to use more of your plays in the future. Thanks for making it so easy to work with you and your scripts.
God Bless, Sharon Cook

The Thomas Terrace Baptist Church, Concord, Va. Ladies Retreat in Natural Bridge, Va. will be doing “The Sheep’s Clothing Store” on Sat. Oct. 8th.
I can’t thank you enough for having this website. You have been a real help to me. I am the Drama/Activities Director for “Woman of Grace” Ladies Ministry at my church, and it can sometimes be very difficult to find new material for the events that we have, and I have gotten lots of great ideas from you. This will be the 2nd script I have used, and I know I will be back again !!!
With Respect, Dala Freitas

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