Assignment: Hindrance!

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Assignment: Hindrance!”
Written by Frederick Passmore
Copyright 2009 Sheep Laughs Publications

Synopsis: This short skit follows the chance meeting of a couple of demons, Scuzzy and Sleazy, as they converse about the ups and downs of being assigned to hinder Christians. One is cheerful, the other tired, bandaged and depressed. The cheerful one has been assigned to a worldly, carnal Christian, and he is right at home. He has an easy job. The other has been assigned to a believer that is spiritual and active, and has a tough job. They talk about things that their charges do that shed light on the right and wrong way to live for the Lord. Funny, direct and easy-to-do, this script goes great as a follow-up sequel to “Assignment: Witness,” or stands alone.

Length of play: 6-8 minutes.
Number of cast: Four; two main and two minor parts.
Category: Comedic, Shorter Skits, Halloween
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Soundtrack key: This is the type of script where your actors deliver their lines and the soundtrack supplies the background music and sound effects as the script calls for them.


Characters: Scuzzy and Sleazy, two demons. Mark and Tabitha, the two young Christians.

Costumes: All black for the demons, with each wearing horns (you can get them a party stores, especially near Halloween; they are like headbands with horns on the top.) Plastic pitchforks are an optional, but fun, accessory prop for each. The Sleazy character is bandaged up and is on crutches.

Setting: A park bench in town.

(A general description of the script; not all details or scenes are here, but it gives you an overall picture of what it is like.)

As the skit opens, we see a minor demon, Scuzzy, bopping along with a bounce in his step, twirling his pitchfork. He looks pleased with himself. From the opposite side, we see another demon, Sleazy, as he hobbles in on crutches. He wears a bandage on his head and one arm is in a sling. When they meet in the middle, they greet each other; Scuzzy grinning and overbearing, Sleazy depressed and down-trodden. After hearing of his complaint, Scuzzy motions for his pal to sit down on the bench and tell him about it. Sleazy relates how, after losing his last assignment to the Lord when they got saved in spite of his efforts, the Dark Master gave him the unenviable task of hindering the very person that witnessed to his last assignment! His new job is made extremely difficult, he whines, because the new guy is on fire for the Lord, witnessing to many, and reading the Bible often.

Scuzzy, unfeeling toward his pal’s sufferings, begins to brag about his sweet set-up; he is assigned to a new convert who has become lukewarm in her Christian walk and is not growing spiritually. She is doing a number of things that are harmful to her, and Scuzzy lists them all with glee, topping it off with his latest success; he has gotten her interested in a young man, who is the worldly and unsaved. She is already getting drawn further away from the Lord by him, and Scuzzy hopes to get them married so that he can hinder both without having to split up his time!

Sleazy, cheered a little by his pal’s successes, shows Scuzzy his wounds and tells him in more detail how he got them. As he was settling in to hinder his new assignment, he tried to get him to sin using a small temptation, while the young man was online researching for a Bible Study class. The smart fellow recognized the danger, and began to resist the demon in the Name, and quoted some passages from the Word, inflicting pain on Sleazy. Worse, he began to worship the Lord and play some Christian music, whereupon his guardian angel showed up and beat Sleazy to a pulp!

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here: assignment_hindrance_sample_01

As Sleazy cries over his bad luck, Scuzzy is unsympathetic, but offers some consolation…. it should not be long now till the Lord returns and takes the believers to heaven, and then they will have the Earth to themselves to run amuck on! As Sleazy wonders why Scuzzy isn’t on the job, Scuzzy tells him he’s taking a break while his charge goes in the Christian bookstore nearby, which he hates to go in to. Sleazy tells him that’s where his guy is also, which alarms him greatly. He is rightfully afraid that, if his girl runs into Sleazy’s guy, he will have a good influence on her. Just then, both of them walk out of the bookstore together, talking, much to to Scuzzy’s dismay. As they listen to the conversation, Scuzzy gets more and more agitated.

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here:assignment_hindrance_sample_02

The young man encourages the new convert to read the book he recommended to her, and to stay in church, then invites her to a youth event at his church. This terrifies Scuzzy, who is taking out his frustrations on his poor injured pal Sleazy. When she says that she can’t, due to meeting her new boyfriend at the movies, he suggests inviting him along to the event as well, which she thinks is a good idea… and which of course, Scuzzy thinks is a horrible idea! Pounding on his pal in anger, he snarls that he has his own problems to deal with, and that this could lead to big trouble for him. He hurries off after the girl he is assigned to, terrified over what could happen.

Watching him leave, Scuzzy remarks to himself that this is what happens when a Christian is on fire; they ignite others around them to walk closer to the Lord. He chuckles as he thinks of Scuzzy’s comeuppance, and concludes that if he didn’t hate his assigned human so much, he would be proud of him!

Read some of the testimonials about the script from just a few of the many users:

Hello Brother Frederick,
We are using your hilarious script “Assignment: Hindrance” to open up our new “Impact Repertory Theater” company. Your scripts are a gift from God and you truly have been anointed by the Lord in this area. I searched high and wide for script sources, before I was led to your site and I am so glad that I found you.
As a former professional actor, I must say that I am quite impressed by the consistent quality of your work. You have managed to get the message across in a way that is not “corny” and reaches the most sophisticated audience without shying away from the impact of God’s Word. We plan on using more of your work as our ministry grows and I will certainly let you know what and when, as requested. But I want to again say thank you, for sharing your gifts with the world by making your scripts available online.
Your fruit is evident, brother, in that many, many of the lost or backslidden will hear your words, laugh and unbeknownst to them, receive the seed of His Word, that will soon produce a great harvest in their lives. May God richly bless you and yours.
-Pastor Curtis Davenport
Impact Church, Charlotte, NC

We used your skit, “Assignment Hindrance,” last night at our youth meeting. It was such a hit that our church youth group plans to perform this again on a Sunday Night to our adult group during the evening worship service.
We plan to perform “The Telltale Talent” at our church Halloween party on October 26th at Elm Grove UMC in Burlison, TN.
What a wonderful resource your site has been for our church! I have saved your web site to my favorites and plan to be returning again.
Thanks so much!
Emily McCullough
Elm Grove UMC

I have read several of the scripts here and I love them all! Your sense of humor is fabulous. My youth group is really excited to perform “Assignment Hindrance.”
-Trinae Thomas,
Bethel Church of God in Christ, Denver, CO

We will be doing “The Red Tie Club” and “Assignment: Hindrance” for our Christian Club on Campus at Sunrise Mountain High School, in Peoria Arizona. These are all really great skits! Thank you so much for making them available to us. Skits are always great attention-getters and they really get the members involved. Thanks again, I really appreciate your site ; )
-Holly Cox
Drama Leader

Greeting Frederick!!
This ministry that you are providing is a blessing. It is very time consuming to single handedly put together from scratch every element of every youth group meeting every week. When there are resources that won’t kill my already small budget and save me time, I thank God. So I have thanked God for your resource and your talented hard work.

We plan to use “Assignment: Hindrance!” at this Sunday’s youth group meeting or one in the next few weeks. Thank you again for this blessing.
In Christ’s Service,
Steve Kostecki
First Baptist Church
Manchester, MA

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