Assignment: Witness!

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Assignment: Witness!”
Written by Frederick Passmore
Copyright 2004 Sheep Laughs Publications

Synopsis: The interaction between a believer and a non-believer at a bus stop is influenced by unseen (to them) spiritual beings representing both sides. The very real powers of Heaven and Hell are seen as they strive for a soul. Churches all across the country have performed this one! Runs about 10-15 minutes.

Soundtrack key: You do your own lines and the Skit Trax supply the background music and sound effects.)

Length of play: 10-15 minutes
Number of cast: Five (four main parts, one minor part). There is also a voice over the sound system of someone on the cell phone.
Category: Dramatic, Comedic, Medium-Length Skit,
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SYNOPSIS: The interaction between a believer and a non-believer at a bus stop is influenced by unseen (to them) spiritual beings representing both sides.

THEME: The actions and influences of forces in the spiritual world (both angelic and demonic) are very real. Yet believers have the advantage when they stay spiritually sensitive and obey the Lord.

MARK – the Christian
JOE – the non-Christian
ANGEL #1 – Marcus, the guardian angel to MARK
ANGEL #2 – becomes the guardian angel to JOE
THE DEMON – the antagonist
CONTROL VOICE – angel headquarters voice over the phone


For MARK and JOE: business suits and ties (If they are students instead of businessmen, then they can dress casual and accordingly.)
ANGELS #1 and #2: white clothes or robes, sandals. Sash around waist made of some shiny gold material. A large prop sword (optional) can be worn in the sash.
The DEMON: “Tough guy” look; black T-shirt, black leather jacket, (a “Hell’s Angels” design on back helps) boots, sunglasses.
STAGE: the setting is a street corner bus stop; if possible, use a bench and a bus stop sign. Or simply letter a bus stop sign and place on the back of the bench. Place in the center of the stage.

(A general description of the script; not all details or scenes are here, but it gives you an overall picture of what it is like.)

A young man dressed all in white, an angel, comes onstage. He takes out a cell phone and calls someone. We hear his boss answer, the angel in charge of assignments for the Lord’s servant on Earth. He gives the angel calling his orders for his next job, which is getting one of his charges, a believer named Mark, to witness to a person he will encounter at the bus stop, Joe, whose life is scheduled to later in the day. The angel expresses a concern that his guy may be slowed by a fear of witnessing, but he promises to help him catch the urgency in the matter. As he hangs up, the guy being discussed, Mark comes onstage and sits down at the bus stop, and is joined almost immediately by Joe.

After an initial greeting, the angel prompts Mark to share the gospel with the stranger. He is reluctant at first, but after the angel questions whether he is ashamed of Jesus, Mark starts a casual conversation that he hopes will provide an opening. It does, and he leads into a discussion about the state of the world and how worrying it can be. At that moment, a noise is heard offstage as the demon assigned to Joe hurriedly runs up, out of breath, demanding that the angel stop what he is doing, that is, trying to steal a soul that he feels belongs to him.

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here: assignment_witness_sample_01

After trading some insults, the two spiritual beings try to influence their assignments by speaking into their ears. They can’t hear them, but they get the message in their minds. The angel urges Mark to keep the door open with conversation, and he does by asking about Joe’s weekend. Mark shares about going to church, and asks if he goes to church anywhere. Joe responds that he’s never been religious, and doesn’t have time in his busy life for it. Mark reminds him that we never know when our time on Earth will end, and that it makes sense to prepare to meet God. The demon responds by telling Joe that he shouldn’t listen to this fanatic, and that the news he was reading shows that God doesn’t care, if He even exists.

Joe repeats this statement to Mark, and the angel reminds him of what he read in his morning devotions; about how sin got started, and how it began the  troubles that we have in the world today. Mark shares this, and leads into the Gospel message, which makes the demon angry. He pulls out all the stops as he fills Joe’s mind with all the usual objections to the idea of God and salvation. As Joe parrots each one, Mark does a good job of using the Word, his sword of the Spirit, to deflect it and parry with the truth. Joe is starting to see the light as the Spirit of God moves in his heart, and the demon is getting panicked.

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here:assignment_witness_sample_02

As Mark leads Joe to the Lord step by step, the demon knows he is running out of time. He tries covering Joe’s ears, to block his mind from the spiritual words he is hearing, but when Mark is prompted to pray by his angel, and does so, the demon’s hands are slowly forced away and he is tossed to the ground. At that point, Joe really opens up to the Spirit and is asking questions that Mark is answering…. questions that some in the audience may be asking also, and the skit supplies answers from the Bible. It also puts the viewer in the position of rooting for the man to make the step of receiving the Lord, which is helpful in them seeing themselves in the same position and also in need of salvation.

As Joe is pondering the decision, the demon is exulting because the bus is scheduled to come along any minute. The angel makes a quick call asking for help in stalling it, and he is told that another angel is delaying the bus with a mechanical breakdown. Frustrated, the demon is screaming as Joe prays to receive the Lord, and the angel is rejoicing. After he does, the demon threatens him with trouble like he’s never seen, but he is stopped by the appearance of a larger and imposing angel who is there to watch over Joe until he goes home to heaven in a short time. The warrior angel kicks the demon in the pants all the way offstage, then comes back and congratulates the first angel in his success. He then departs with his new assignment as Mark walks also away, rejoicing over helping a new name be written in Heaven. His angel follows him as the skit ends.

Preview the background music and sound effects provided on the soundtrack by clicking on the player below.

Read some of the testimonials about the script from just a few of the many users:

Dear Fred,

The Glasgow First Assembly of God in Glasgow, KY will be using your script “Assignment Witness” on Sunday, August 28.

Thanks for the use of your scripts and the witness you have for our Lord. I was moved to tears the first time I read “Assignment Witness”. I wonder how many scenarios like happen on a daily basis that we know nothing about? Thanks for what you do. God bless the ministry He has through you!

In Christ,
Aaron DeFilippo
Glasgow First Assembly of God Drama Director


The Northridge Awana Club will be doing “Assignment: Witness” on June 14.

Last year we did your skit “The Red Tie Club” for our closing awards ceremony for Awana club. It was a big hit and a great way to get the gospel across. This year we’re excited about doing “Assignment: Witness.”  Your sound track really added a lot, so we’re planning on doing that again.

-Kristen Peden
Rochester, NY

Dear Fred,

I was tasked with finding some sort of script to use as part of the entertainment. I looked at many different sites, but found yours to be the best! I had so much fun going through many of your skits to try and choose which one would be appropriate. It was a difficult decision because they are all very relevant to today’s issues.

I chose “Assignment: Witness!” because we have launched a new evangelism drive and this skit illustrates the importance of witnessing along with some humor. We will be using this as part of our 25th Anniversary celebration at Lord of Life Lutheran Church on April 24.

Thanks! I will send feedback after the performance.

-Cynthia Cassem,
Moreno Valley, CA

Dear Fred,

I’m emailing to let you know how pleased we are with all of the wonderful skits you produce. We are planning to use ” Assignment Witness” this semester.

We are a Christian homeschool co-op that uses your skits in a live radio drama format that is performed during our end of semester “talent” night. We will use it as an outreach to those family and friends that are unchurched to give them another opportunity to hear the gospel message and provide an encouraging message for those who want to witness but are fearful and unsure. These skits have become the “highlight” of our “talent” night because of the strong presentation of the gospel.

The night of our performance is November 6 at the Schertz, Texas community center (we have grown too large to host this in the church we are using for our classes). Thank you so much for this marvelous ministry that reaches so many where they are: unchurched, seeking, baby Christians, and mature Christians.

May God richly bless you,
Teresa Bono
SHINE radio drama instructor
Schertz, Texas

Dear Fred,

The Bethel Baptist Church of Taylorville, IL will be doing “Mama Knows Best” on January 11.

After using the “Assignment: Witness!” skit two years ago for Youth Sunday, I knew right where to come to look for another skit to perform for our upcoming Youth Sunday service. It’s a Sunday service put on totally by our youth group. They had so much fun with the last skit and it was well received by the congregation. At first I thought it would just be a fun thing for them to do, but I was really impressed when, several months later, they were still talking about it and I even overheard one of the girls sharing the message of the skit to a non-church going friend during our lock-in later that year. Thanks so much for providing these great skits and the soundtracks to go with them. The soundtracks really make all the difference and the congregation was very impressed with the quality of the overall performance.

-Nichole Spain

The Lehigh Valley Grace Brethren Church, Bethlehem, PA will be doing “The Stupid Dummy’s Guide to Higher Self-Esteem” on March 1.

I really like your material because the Truth is clear. So often skit material is very weak spiritually, I trust your material and recommend it to others. I like your variety too; we need a good laugh right now, but I love the depth of “Canvas of Lies” and “Assignment: Witness.”

Thanks so much!
-Joyce Humberd


The Calvary Miracle Centre in the United Kingdom will be doing “Assignment Witness” in March.

The play is definitely an eye opener, and touches your spirit straight away. It had me at the edge of my seat, very well structured.

I think this play would definitely touch the congregation and have them thinking about witnessing to people whenever they get the chance. As Christians we get so many opportunities to witness and never feel it’s the right time. Or, when that person has gone, we realize something could have been said.

-Michelle Baker

Hello, Fred!

The Uplands Reach Conference Center will be performing “Assignment: Witness!” on June 19 and 23.

I am a drama instructor for URCC–a Christian ministry in NC. When I first read the script, I was moved. After seeing it performed, I am in awe. This is such a powerful skit that will speak volumes to teens and adults concerning being a witness for Jesus. The soundtrack enhanced the skit all the more. Thank you for helping to make my job a little easier.

-Deana DeBord
Millers Creek, NC

Dear Fred,

Our youth group performed “Assignment: Witness!” this past Sunday in the setting of a school bus stop. As their director, I received countless words of thanks, which I extend to you on behalf of our congregation. The Truth that filled this script was astounding, and the characters were perfect. I believe God used it for His honor and glory, even before it was performed as it gave me an opportunity to witness to my hairdresser, simply because she asked me what it was about! Thank-you so VERY much.

In His Name,
Stephanie Mummert
Gettysburg Baptist Church
Gettysburg, PA


On Sept. 10, our church performed your script “Assignment: Witness” using our kids 12-14. It was fantastic! Our church raved about how good it was. Thanks for your help and may God bless you as you bless others with your ministry.

-Faye Lord
Piney Grove Church of God
Jesup, GA


I just want to thank you for this site. I bought the script and soundtrack CD for the “Assignment: Witness” skit a while ago and our group of Young Adults at the Central Ave. Church of God in Portage IN, performed it this past Halloween, on Sunday night. Let me tell you, we got a lot a compliments from those who attended. My pastor approached me after the service and complimented our ministry group on the skit. He then mentioned that he would like to incorporate them on occasion before a Sunday morning sermon. We had a lot of fun with it. It was truly a blessing!

-Tino Jimenez

I just wanted to tell you, I LOVE THIS SITE! We have a small church and recently performed “Assignment: Witness” with the soundtrack, and it was a hit! For Christmas we will be doing three of the shorter ones.

Keep up the good work! Thank you for making my ministry fun.

-Deanna Black

Dear Fred,

I downloaded your script “Assignment: Witness,” and the CD. We had the play yesterday and three souls were saved (that raised their hands; I believe more were saved). What an awesome play! God really anointed it. I wanted you to be encouraged that God is really using you.

Margie Allen

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