New Year’s Eve At The Bad Habit Club

New Year’s Eve At The Bad Habit Club”
Written by Frederick Passmore
Copyright Sheep Laughs Publications 2003-2016

Synopsis: In this skit parable, a group of characters (personifications of Bad Habits), temporarily displaced due to New Year’s Resolutions, gather to celebrate and wait until the resolutions are broken and they can go home. But when the unthinkable happens, things go from bad to worse for the motley crew! A funny skit parable about 15 minutes long that uses 7 people.

Length of play: 15 minutes.
Number of cast: Seven
Category: Comedic, Modern-day Parable, Medium-length skit, New Year’s Eve, Holidays

Soundtrack key: This is the type of script where your actors deliver their lines from the script, and the soundtrack supplies the background music and sound effects that the script calls for.

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Characters: Francine, the operator of the club. Mr. Laziness, Mr. Boozing, Mr. Looking, Miss Flirting, Mrs. Gossiping, Mr. Lying, Mr. Nail-biting
Costumes: Coats for all the characters to fit their personalities: a shabby coat for Mr. Boozing, A fur coat for Miss Flirting, etc.
Props: A magazine, coat rack, a cell phone, a hat for the drawing, tickets. A tabletop CD player of some type with some instrumental music.
Setting: The inside of a lounge or club. A couch, a tall desk or table. Some artificial plants or trees for decoration. Special lighting with a couple of floor lamps would set the mood better than direct overhead lighting.

New Year’s Eve at the Bad Habit Club” script breakdown

(A general description of the script; not all details or scenes are here, but it gives you a very good overall picture of what it is like.)

It is New Year’s Eve. The owner of the Bad Habit Club, Francine, walks in to stand beside a high table with a phone.  This is near the entrance to the stage so that she can greet the various guests that come in. The first one to enter is Mr. Laziness. He walks and talks as if exhausted all the time, and after informing her that he’s there because the owner of the boarding house where he lives is tossing out the bad tenants, as he does every New Year’s Eve. He’s just there to pass the evening because, like all the other times, the resolutions made don’t last. He pays the entrance fee and goes over to sit down lazily.

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here:new_years_eve_sample_01

Next in is the bad habit Mr. Boozing, who has already begun to celebrate and is walking unsteadily. Francine is surprised to see him, since he is usually welcome at the boarding house and only shows up at the club when tossed out in remorse the day after. He tells her that the owner is going to church with his wife, who has been going a lot lately. He considers this bad news and doesn’t want to think about the consequences. He staggers over to sit next to Mr. Laziness, who is a good friend.

As the party gets underway, people are still arriving. Next to enter is Mr. Looking, who likes to ogle the ladies, and his date for the evening, Miss Flirting, who makes passes at everyone. Francine is put off by them both, knowing that trouble follows them, but still takes their money and admits them. The next fellow is a nervous little person, Mr. Nail-biting. Francine is a little concerned that such a timid and harmless fellow might not fare well with the tougher customers, but he stutteringly insists on entering since the owner of the boarding house wants rid of all the bad habits living there. She takes his money and tells him to be careful.

The next guest to enter is the life of the party, Miss Gossiping, who is there to see what people are up to and tell everyone the sordid story the next day in her newspaper column.  Francine agrees that there should be plenty to talk about the next day, with this crowd.

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here: new_years_eve_sample_02

The last to enter is Mr. Lying, who tries to lie his way in under the guise of a Health Inspector. Francine sees right through him, though, and proves him a liar when he can’t produce his credentials. He admits his real name, and after unsuccessfully trying to get in with a fake bill, is forced to pay real money. Reluctantly, Francine lets him in. The party is underway now and a door prize drawing is made. Mr. Lying says that he has the winning ticket, but he is lying again, and the prize goes to Miss Flirting.

As midnight approaches, Francine gathers the crowd together to do the traditional countdown. They welcome the New Year with the usual song and noisy celebration. Afterwards, the party continues with some dance music, and the various characters move in the style dictated by their name and personality. After a few moments, Miss Gossiping gets a cell phone call, and she loudly talks to the caller, reacting with shock to their alarming information. After hanging up, she gets the crowd’s attention and tells them all that she has just heard a hot rumor that the Board House they all stay at is now under new management. The wife took the owner, Mr. Heart to church for a midnight service, and he has accepted the Lord, and now the Holy Spirit has moved in, and the bad habits are all evicted for good. This creates pandemonium among the guests, all reacting in their own way to the news, and leaving the party one after the other.

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here:new_years_eve_sample_03

The last to leave is Mr. Laziness, who is not worried, as he has no problem finding someone new to take up with. Francine is also confident that the others will be back after finding another residence, and will come to the club on New Year’s Eve when the resolutions are made for that one night.  Singing the tune Auld Lang Syne, she turns off the lights and leaves to lock up.

Preview some of the effects and music provided by the soundtrack by clicking on the player below. (COMING SOON!)

Read some of the testimonials about the script from just a few of the many users:

Dear Fred,
The Church On The Rock will be doing “The Battle of the Sexes: Round One” on Feb 14th.
After the huge success of the “New Years at the Bad Habits Club” skit for our New Years Eve fellowship, we just knew we had to do “Battle of the Sexes” for our Valentines Fellowship! The skits are so well written and the soundtracks give the finishing touch!! Thank you so much for making these available for such a terrific price!
Blessings….Marlene Laurent, Church On The Rock

Dear Fred,
I am so happy I got the combo soundtrack…we used the “New Year’s Eve At The Bad Habit Club” skit for our church’s New Years Eve fellowship and believe me it was the hit of the night!! Everyone really got into character and it was hysterical… Again I want to thank you for giving of your gifts and talents to bless the body of Christ in being able to present top quality skits with great messages!! We will be looking to do more of these this coming year!! May the Lord bless you and your family abundantly….
-In Jesus Love, Marlene Laurent
Church On The Rock

Absolutely wonderful, our church drama team did our first drama to your skit “New Year’s Eve At The Bad Habit Club”. It turned out great, the congregation was laughing so hard! They are asking for us to do another one. So many people realized things in there heart that God wants us to let go of. This truly blessed me.
Sis. Charlotte Garth,
Living Word Ministries,
Laurinburg NC

Dear Fred,
The High School Sunday School class of the Plainfield Methodist Church, Plainfield, Wisconsin put on “New Year’s Eve at the Bad Habit Club” on January 18.
My high school Sunday school class performed the skit in church last Sunday and had a blast. The congregation thought it was great. We introduced the skit first with a little summary as we always do so the congregation has an idea of what the skit is about ahead of time. Then after the skit we always end with a culminating prayer to sum up the meaning of the skit.
It never fails (even though the credits are always listed in the bulletin and we also give you credit after reading the summary) that at least one person comes up and asks me where I get the wonderful skits from. Of course I’m always happy to share. Many people say they have someone they know who directs youth from another church who would just love to know about the site.
Thank you again for sharing your talent; you really are spreading the word of God in a spectacular way. I can’t help thinking that God has to be smiling when he sees these skits performed!
-Cathy and Dave Nelson


Lots of laughs-thank you- thank you-thank you!!!
I used Mama’s Close Call, Attack of the Monster Tongue, Testimony Show (at a church Ladies meeting in November) New Years Eve at the Bad Habit Club, (at our New Years Eve Service) Battle of the Sexes (at our Valentine Banquet) “Pastors Barbeque” was used at another meeting and every single one of them was a HUGE HIT! I know the actors make the skits really work but without you providing the Scripts and Soundtracks they wouldn’t know what to say or act. Buying the soundtracks was worth every dime. I also like that you don’t need a lot of supplies or scenery to make them work.
You have truly been a blessing to me and my church. Thank you very much!!!! Your ministry is so needed.
-Pam May
Hyles Baptist Church,
Chesterfield VA

Dear Mr. Passmore,
Thank you so much for the blessing you have bestowed on countless people through the gift you have! Our Drama class at Tri-City Christian Academy put on a performance combining “Battle of the Sexes, Season’s Beatings, New Year’s Eve at the Bad Habit Club and Mama’s Close Call”. It was a production lasting one hour and fifteen minutes (with a 10 minute intermission), but the effects will last a lifetime! The audience laughed throughout the whole production, giving our brand new actors confidence they had never felt before!
As a new teacher in this area, I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for your scripts. You met all the requirements I faced, and made them funny to boot! I received a standing ovation for the production, but all the credit must go to you. What an amazing night we will never forget. PLEASE keep writing and touching so many lives – you have been truly gifted!
Hopefully I will be forwarding the amazing photos soon – thank you again for sharing your gifts and talents with us!
-Tracey Day

I really think that this is a great site… it is unique in that it is so easy to navigate and the skits are so well put together. We have a small youth group that are really just learning how to serve the Lord, and I think that this skit (“New Year’s Eve at the Bad Habit Club”) will provide the means necessary to get our point across concerning commitment and life changing decisions. Thank you for all of your work and I look forward to visiting the site again in the future.
-Jennifer Markel,
New Beginning CHC, Aiken, SC

The First United Methodist Church in Benton, Illinois will be performing “New Year’s Eve at the Bad Habit Club” on Dec 31st. Our pastor will be out of the pulpit on New Year’s Eve! We have used one of your skits before, and it was a rip-roaring success! This will be perfect! Keep up the good work.
-Marianne Kaak,
Benton, Illinois

Dear Fred,
Thank you sooooooooo much! I was thrilled to so easily find your home page and ESPECIALLY to so easily find a skit for us to use here for New Year’s Eve. (“New Year’s Eve at the Bad Habit Club.”) I am going to email several of our committee chairpeople right away about your site so they can use the things offered here.
Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas. God bless.
Love, Cindy Siegel
Sunnybreeze Christian Fellowship, Ft. Ogden, Florida

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