Testimony Show: You’re On The Air!

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Testimony Show: You’re On The Air!”
(for use with song soundtrack)
Music and lyrics copyright 1998 by Sheep Laughs Records

Synopsis: An announcer at a Christian radio station opens the phone lines to give his listeners an opportunity to share their testimony. His emotional state comically deteriorates as the calls instead become a testimony to defeat and trouble!

Length of play: 5 minutes, 30 seconds
Number of cast: 1 or 7 (depending on how you do it)
Category: Comedic, Shorter Skit, One-Person Skits, Song/Skit Hybrids, No Lines to Learn

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(Soundtrack key: This is a song/skit hybrid. That means there are some voices and sound effects mixed with music and song, and your actor delivers their lines as the soundtrack plays. The script guides you when to deliver the lines in relation to the music and other voices.

About this script and soundtrack:

Drawing upon our background as gospel radio announcers, this skit/song is particularly realistic. When doing a live call-in show, you never know what the caller will say. In the case of testimonies, they can get side-tracked easily into publicly-aired complaints disguised as prayer requests, and it snowballs into a litany of woe. Who gets the glory from this? Not the Lord!
This was our first skit/song released to Southern gospel radio, and it certainly got their attention! We had great response to it, as it was the first of its kind, a song/skit hybrid. As we began to get requests for soundtracks, we realized the need for a CD like the one we use to perform it live. It is an extended version of the song to allow for greater freedom to act it out, with several versions for your performance choices; Music with caller voices and singing, music with no call-in voices but with singing, music with no call-in voices or singing.

By using Version 1, (music with caller voices and singing) a single person can do the entire skit by interacting with the pre-recorded callers.

With Version 2, (music with no call-in voices but with singing) you can use up to 7 people; one as the DJ, with 6 people either off-stage on mic, or on the other side of the stage on a telephone, calling in.

With Version 3, (music with no call-in voices or singing) you use your 7 live actors, plus a number of singers (2 or 3) to perform the chorus.

Next is a Demo track, which mixes the DJ’s voice over Version 1 so your live DJ actor can see how it all goes together. This is how it sounds when I do it live.

The CD also includes the original radio/album version (which is shorter and a little different) for comparison and reference.

(Before reading the script, please note once again: this particular skit is a song/skit hybrid. That is, it contains both elements of a song, with music and lyrics, and a skit, with dialogue and actions. This script is written with all of the elements included, dialogue and lyrics, with the intention of it being used with the recorded soundtrack provided.

(A general description of the script; not all details are here, but it gives you an overall picture of what it is like.)

As the music begins, the DJ Wally W. Wigwhacker (or Wilma, if your cast member is female)  introduces the show and gives the number to call. We hear the first chorus of the song.

As Wally takes the first caller, they greet him and then hang up. He takes the next caller, and it turns out to be a wrong number or a crank caller who tries to order a pizza. This irritates Wally, and he takes the next caller.  This person wants to make a request, which turns out to be an insult in that the person requests that Wally get a real job that isn’t so cushy. He disconnects the call, and with some irritation, asks that people call him with testimonies, and not merely opinions. The second chorus is sung by the singers.

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here: Testimony_Show_Script_Sample

Preview the section of the soundtrack described above by clicking the player below:


Wally takes another call and is glad when it is an older lady. But she only has prayer requests for her bad health, not a testimony, and Wally gets sadder as she lists all the things wrong with her some of which get ridiculous. When she hangs up, he is nearly in tears. He takes the next caller, who bombards him with a rapid-fire list of shouted complaints about attacks by the devil. When he hangs up, Wally is thoroughly depressed and breaks down in loud sobs. As he blubbers, the third chorus is sung.

When the dejected DJ opens the mic again and takes another call, he is relieved to hear it is finally a sympathetic listener who wants to encourage him not to be depressed by all the negativity. He offers some scriptures and advice on being positive in our testimony that lifts the spirits of the DJ. By the time the caller says goodbye, Wally is once again feeling good, and takes one last call.  It is a man who launches into a tirade about how bad his day has been, and Wally quickly disconnects the call with a cheerful request that the person call back when they’re phone isn’t working. As the final chorus plays, Wally does a happy jig around the broadcast table, then comes back and signs off the air with an invitation to listen next time. He dances out of the room as the music fades.

Read some of the testimonials about the script from just a few of the many users:

The Life Tabernacle in Shreveport, LA is doing “Testimony Show” for Thanksgiving.
I was looking for the perfect script for Thanksgiving and came upon your site. Read the script and just fell in love with it immediately. This had me laughing so hard that I just had to share this with my Youth Drama Ministry and church. Thanks and I will be visiting your site for more material. Just can’t wait!!!!

Gabriella Jeter


The Calvary Chapel Aurora, Aurora CO will be performing your script “Testimony Show.”
Your scripts are by far the best Christian skits I have ever read! They are so funny AND present the TRUE message of the gospel in such a way that anyone who watches one will remember the message far beyond that one night. I have read them all multiple times and have printed most of them out-ready for the next occasion to use one. It’s really a blessing not to have to pay for them; Jesus has given you such talent and it’s nice when you are just trying to give back to the body of Christ with those talents without charging an arm and a leg. I have plans to use the majority of these skits in this year alone! I will let you know when I do. Keep em coming.
Can’t wait to meet you in heaven! Thanks again.
Audra Moraga


Lots of laughs-thank you- thank you- thank you!!!
I used Mama’s Close Call, Attack of the Monster Tongue, Testimony Show (at a church ladies meeting in November) New Years Eve at the Bad Habit Club,” (at our New Years Eve Service) Battle of the Sexes (at our Valentine Banquet) “Pastors Barbeque” was used at another meeting and every single one of them was a HUGE HIT! I know the actors make the skits really work but without you providing the Scripts and Soundtracks they wouldn’t know what to say or act. Buying the soundtracks was worth every dime.  I also like that you don’t need a lot of supplies or scenery to make them work.
You have truly been a blessing to me and my church. Thank you very much!!!!  Your ministry is so needed.
-Pam May
Hyles Baptist Church,
Chesterfield VA


Dear Fred,
On January 26th, we will be doing your scripts “Testimony Show” & “Stupid Dummy’s Guide to Higher Self Esteem.” Thank you so much! These are wonderful! My students love them. This the first set of scripts, both Christian and non-Christian, that my students love! They actually think it is funny and useful! God Bless you in this ministry.
-Heather Bair
Heritage Christian Schools (Junior High) Bakersfield, CA


Hi again, Fred!
On March 7-10 my students went to a Christian School State Convention. They placed second in the state competition with your “Testimony Show” script. It was so easy to do with the CD that went with it, we just practiced and practiced until we fit the lines in with the music.
I really appreciate you having a website where I can get such great skits!
-Lisa Speer

…an author that I’ve heard four/five pieces from that are really incredibly cute is Fred Passmore.

He wrote the winning duo piece (Carillo/Carillo), the winning and third place OI piece (Gabby Elliot and Sam Nasser), and the second-place HI piece (Marshall Sherman) at the Regional tournament this last weekend.
If you can find one of his pieces that isn’t being done… then it’s a great idea… make sure you follow the directions before taking the script though.

The pieces that are taken are:

The Great Church Robbery
Battle of the Sexes: Round One
The Man with the Shellfish Heart
Mamma’s Close Call
The Testimony Show

Every one of the above pieces has placed at one or more tourneys. The Battle of the Sexes: Round One, is done by Carrillo/Carrillo, and they have gotten first place at every Texas tourney this year, except for the ASAP, (Weatherford) practice tourney in November of last year. And that was because they didn’t have the duos at that tournament. The Testimony Show, which is done by Carrillo/Elliott, has placed third in Houston for the practice tourney, and third in Dallas, at the Pre-Regional Q. Mamma’s Close Call, done by Michelle Carrillo of Carrillo/Elliott, has been the first place HI ever since it came on the scene, in Corpus Christi, and again here in Dallas at the Pre-Q. My piece, The Man with the Shellfish Heart, has placed second in Houston for the practice tourney, and again here in Dallas it placed second. And the Great Church Robbery, done by Samantha Nasser (my debate partner) has only been on the scene for the Dallas Pre-Regional Q, and placed fourth in OI.

So Fred Passmore’s stuff is good. He has winning pieces in almost every IE, except DI. He has two pieces in HI, first and second place, I might add; the consistently winning and almost-as-consistent third place duo, and a fourth place OI.
-Marshall Sherman

The Spirit Life Praise & Worship Center in Lincolnton, NC will be doing “Testimony Show” on Nov. 28th. We have a very small youth group – I like the fact that the skits you write are hilarious, require few cast members and props and very little memorization. More than that, you build to a climax that reveals the truth of God’s Word and how it still has the power to change lives today. Thanks so much for blessing others with the awesome talent the Lord has given you.
-Janice Faye Smith


I would just like to thank you. I think these skits are amazing. I work with a small group of mostly boys ages 9-12 and it is so hard to get them to do anything, for fear they’ll look silly. I printed out “Testimony Show” and let them read it. They rolled on the floor laughing and are actually excited about putting this skit on. We’re combining the skit with a spaghetti dinner and lock-in, so it should be a great night!
My Sincere Thanks, and God Bless,
-Rachelle Kibler
Cochranton Presbyterian Church
Cochranton Pa.

What a huge blessing these skits were! Our Youth Group performed “Season’s Beatings” and “Testimony Show” on our Watchnight service and everybody loved them. On “Season’s Beatings,” an older brother nearly enjoyed himself too much when “beating up” his younger brother (who played Wally), much to the delight of the rest of the family [which has me a little worried]. Thanks so much for the help, God bless your ministry!
-Kevin Collier
Victory Baptist Church
Carterville, IL
I just wanted to inform you that we performed “Testimony Show” with the soundtrack CD for an all-church Thanksgiving dinner. It was a huge hit! I plan on doing “The Great Church Robbery” on December 14th for a Christmas service.
Thank you,
Pastor David Dibene


Hello Fred,
We had our Community Thanksgiving program last night. It was attended by 90 plus people. Your skit was a success. The kids loved doing it and the audience were treated to some good humor. I do appreciate your sending the cd so fast. We were able to listen and get a feel for it, and get familiar with the personalities of “Testimony Show” and then used the music portion as a background. IT WAS GREAT! Our pastor was very impressed and wanted to know where we got the skit. I am passing your site on to him. We will look forward to working with you again soon. THANK YOU!!
Sincerely, Sherrie Hazen


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