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The Stupid Dummy’s Guide To Higher Self-Esteem

“The Stupid Dummy’s Guide To Higher Self-Esteem” Written by Frederick Passmore Copyright 2004-2018 Sheep Laughs Publications Synopsis: The author of a book on self-esteem has her first book-signing at a local bookstore. A series of ego-crushing encounters with various customers demolishes her own self-esteem, demonstrating to her the uselessness of her approach to it. She starts to have a meltdown until… Read more »

Battle of the Sexes: Round One

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“Battle of the Sexes: Round One” by Frederick Passmore Copyright 2003 Sheep Laughs Publications Synopsis: In this “post-fig leaf” script, the world’s first couple hit their first speed bump on the road to marital bliss. After being evicted from the Garden of Eden, will they ever get over blaming each other? About 10 minutes in length, this light, humorous, but… Read more »