Tricks Or Treats: Scare vs Share

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Tricks or Treats: Scare vs Share”
Written by Frederick Passmore
Copyright 2005 Sheep Laughs Publications

Synopsis: A Christian wife takes the opportunity to hand out Gospel tracts with the candy for Halloween: “share,” but her husband has a different idea: “scare!” Will the kids get “tricked” or “treated?” And what about the neighbors that pop in unexpectedly? A short, fun (and very easy-to-do) skit that uses 4 adults and a half-dozen kids (that come to the door.)

Soundtrack key: This is the type of script where your actors deliver their lines and the soundtrack supplies the background music and sound effects as the script calls for them.

Length of play: 8-10 minutes
Number of cast: Four; a man and wife, an elderly neighbor lady, and a neighbor friend. You can use as many children for the trick-or-treaters as you wish or have available.
Category: Comedic, Halloween, Holidays, Shorter Skits

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Note: Offering an alternative to ignoring Halloween, this skit also makes a great addition to the annual Harvest Festival events at your church. Not endorsing the holiday, but acknowledging it and suggesting that it be used to witness, it can add some seasonal fun to your event and give some ideas at the same time. (Please don’t write informing me all about the evils of Halloween, I am well aware of all the arguments. But many churches have Halloween-type events, or alternative events, and this skit is for those comfortable using it.)

Setting: a family’s living room on Halloween evening. Some candles may be lit, and a pumpkin may sit by the door on the table where the candy dish is.

Characters: Husband and wife Karen and Howard, elderly next-door neighbor Mrs. Snelling, five or six trick or treating kids in costume, and Stuart, who is a neighbor in costume.

Costumes: As many kids Halloween costumes as you have kids in the skit, plus one scary adult costume with mask (or just the mask) for Stuart. Also a fright mask for use by Howard.

Props: big bowl of candy, stack of tracts or booklets. Note: For an extra touch, light a pumpkin-pie scented candle on stage before the skit and let the aroma permeate the area to simulate the smell of the “baking pie” the dialogue refers to.

(A general description of the script; not all details or scenes are here, but it gives you an overall picture of what it is like.)

As the skit opens and the musical introduction plays, we see Karen, the wife, answering the doorbell and handing out candy to a couple of trick-or-treating neighborhood kids with whom she has a brief conversation. She is handing out Gospel tracts with the candy. She asks her husband, Howard, to answer the door some while she checks on the pumpkin pie that she has in the oven. As he comes into the room, he is carrying a Halloween monster mask, which he laughingly puts on as he plans to scare the next bunch of kids. When some arrive, he throws open the door and roars at them, scaring them all away amid screams of terror! Laughing, he closes the door and notes that they left without getting any candy. Eating some of it, he thumbs through the Gospel tract that he was supposed to hand out to them. After a moment, the doorbell rings again, and he repeats his prank, but instead of kids, an elderly neighborhood lady is at the door, and his roar nearly frightens her out of her wits, causing her to scream! Seeing that she is not a kid in costume, he takes off the mask and attempts to calm her, to no avail. Karen hurries into the room, and seeing what happened, she scolds Howard for scaring her like that.

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here: tricks_or_treats_sample_01

As they try to get her calmed down, she tells them that she was coming over to get away from the constant ringing of her doorbell from the kids. Even though her porch light is off, they still bother her, and she laments the entire situation. She is surprised to see that they, a Christian couple, are participating in it. Karen explains that she takes the opportunity to hand out Gospel tracts along with the candy, taking advantage of the one time a year that the neighborhood children come to their house. The lady had never thought about doing that, and she changes her mind about handing out candy, and leaves with some of their tracts to share.

After she leaves, Karen insists that Howard stop frightening the children and hand out the candy and tracts as he was supposed to. Disappointed, he agrees, and before long the doorbell rings again. But when he opens it, there is no-one there. Turning back around, he shrugs, but before he can close the door, a large figure sporting a monster face leaps into view, arms raised, and belts out a huge roar that scares Howard into throwing the candy into the air! Removing the mask while laughing, his neighbor and friend Stuart has a big laugh at his expense. Karen, rushing in expecting to see the same situation as before, sees instead Howard recovering from the fright and Stuart laughing at him. She joins in the laughter as she realizes that Howard has had a taste of his own medicine.

As Howard begins to laugh at himself, the doorbell rings again and Karen offers Stuart some pumpkin pie as Howard is left to answer it. He calls after them as he hands out more candy and tracts, warning Stuart not to eat all the pie!

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here: tricks_or_treats_sample_02

Preview some of the effects and music provided for the skit by clicking on the player below.


Read some of the testimonials about the script from just a few of the many users:

The Claridon Christian Fellowship Church will be performing your script, “Tricks or Treats: Scare vs Share” on Friday, October 26.
This skit is perfect for our annual Harvest Festival. Sure beats hiring expensive entertainment as we have in the past. It’s very funny and cleverly written. I like the fact that your scripts address Halloween head-on by using it to bring a positive message. Thank you for putting your work out there!
God Bless!

A week or two before Halloween, the Rabun Creek Baptist Church will be doing your script “Tricks or Treats: Scare vs Share.”I think it will be a big help with our advertising for volunteers for “Trunk or Treat” this year, hosted by our church. Hopefully, this will entice more of our church people who are against it to actually support it and help by decorating a trunk! Last year was our first year doing trunk or treat and we had over 300 kids stop in! Talk about an outreach opportunity! Thank you!

-Andrea Creasy
Gray Court, SC

Okay, if you liked the story breakdown, and enjoyed the Skit Trax previews, and were encouraged by the testimonials of those that have done it, buy the complete script and soundtrack here! 

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(This script and soundtrack is available only for download, there are not enough audio tracks to offer a physical CD.)

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