Halloween Alternative Event Sketches

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Halloween... what’s a Christian to do with it?

Some few, remembering their own innocent childhood fun, celebrate it with their kids, creating new memories.

But generally, believers fall into one of two camps. Either they ignore it, wishing it would go away, or they severely lambast it and condemn those who participate in it. Neither reaction is particularly effective for reaching people with the gospel message during the season. As another, more positive option, many churches have “Fall Festivals,” “Hallelujah Nights,” “Harvest Parties,” and so on, as Halloween Alternative events. Many parents, Christian or not, are looking for safe places to take their kids on Halloween to avoid the dangers of trick-or-treating, and the local church harvest festival event is often the place they go, or might consider taking their kids to.

The goal is, to make the event fun and a part of the October theme, without going too far one way or the other. One extreme is to ignore the Halloween season completely and make the event just a fair-oriented event or special church service. That’s not too attractive to those wanting only a safer, but still fun, place to go. On the other side of the fence is the church that has a Haunted House or Trail or even a “Hell House.” Those aren’t attractive to those looking for a less scary atmosphere.

The best and most well-attended events are those that make the kids feel that they aren’t missing out on Halloween, but are without the usual horror and occult overtones. Pumpkins, fall leaves, and other decorations traditionally associated with fall and harvest, will help make the event fit in with the season and make it fun. Skits and drama can be the part of the event that contains the “gospel outreach” elements that are so important.

Looking for “anti-Halloween” skits to convince people of how bad it is?

Sorry, you won’t find them here. Those kinds of skits turn off the very people you want to reach. The skits here are perfect for October events, and not only fit it nicely, but come with a strong Biblical message.

These are written in such a way that the spookiness and scariness are not treated as foreign themes, but are recognized and used as a powerful and integral part of the method of sharing a positive message. We see this principle in Scripture. Below is a good Biblical example of a scary scene used to impart a spiritual truth…

Remember Ezekiel 37:1-14? Who would try and argue that the “dry bones” vision shown to Ezekiel by God wasn’t a frightening and creepy scene? Seriously, what must the prophet have been feeling, as God showed him a scary vision of scattered human bones rolling together to form skeletons, which then rose up, and began to grow sinews and muscles, then organs, then skin and hair? Sounds like a scene from a Tim Burton or Clive Barker horror movie to me! Yet, God was using it to illustrate how He would one day bring Israel back as a people into their land, “brought back from the dead” in a sense, to serve Him in full knowledge of, and belief in, their Redeemer… Christ! Likewise, you can use the skit scripts below to “push back the darkness,” and shine the light of the Gospel at your event!

Click on the links below to explore some great skit ideas that will make your event more successful!

Tricks Or Treats: Scare vs Share”
(Soundtrack key: You do your own lines and the Skit Trax supplies the background music and sound effects.)

Synopsis: A Christian wife takes the opportunity to hand out Gospel tracts with the candy for Halloween: “share,” but her husband has a different idea: “scare!” Will the kids get “tricked” or “treated?” And what about the neighbors that pop in unexpectedly? A short, fun (and very easy-to-do) skit that uses 4 adults and a half-dozen kids (that come to the door.) Read more here!

A Midnight Dreary”
(Soundtrack key: NO LINES TO LEARN, the Skit Trax supply the narration, background music and sound effects.)

A man is spending a stormy night at home by himself. When he thinks that a dangerous escaped convict is lurking outside, he forgets the Bible lesson on fear he was studying and panics. A comedy of terrors results, as circumstances conspire to bring him to the brink of a nervous breakdown. Absolutely Perfect for Fall Festivals and Halloween Alternative events! Read more here.

“The Telltale Talent”
(Soundtrack key: You do your own lines and the Skit Trax supplies the background music and sound effects.)

Relaxed in his passive inactivity, Stan gets a rude awakening when the talent he buried years ago comes back to haunt him! Perfect for October fall festivals, but good any time of the year, this short-but-scary script can put as many as 10-12 actors (two main, two brief, and 6-8 walk-ons) to work for about 15 minutes. May be the ultimate church Volunteer Recruitment drama! (Features the track from our album for preview and inspiration!) Read more here.

“In The Shadow Of Death”
(Soundtrack key: You do your own lines and the Skit Trax supply the background music and sound effects.)

In this modern parable, a young person at a party is confronted by the Grim Reaper and seeks the guidance of those around him for ways to deal with it. Death closes in as the main character rejects the typical advice given for dealing with it. This script is not quite as humor-oriented as the others, (although it does have funny moments) but it’s very effective in the portrayal of the ways people try to avoid facing the fact that a dark predator is stalking them. Good for some chills, with guaranteed goosebumps when it comes to a powerful conclusion! About 10 minutes, and can use as many as eleven actors. Read more here!

“The Creature In The Closet”

(Soundtrack key: You do your own lines and the Skit Trax supply the background music and sound effects.)

What is the nasty little monster that is hiding in Ron’s closet? And how is it coming between him and his neighbor? A parable comedy skit about the dangers of unforgiveness. Something stinks in this guy’s house, and it ain’t his socks. This 8-10 minute script uses four people and the included alternate male/female version is good if your available cast is different. Read more here.

“Attack of the Monster Tongue”
(Soundtrack key: BOTH OPTIONS ARE ON THE CD: NO LINES TO LEARN –OR– You do your own lines and the CD supplies the background music and sound effects.)

Looking for something short but hard-hitting and fall-down funny? Why not perform our radio hit song with skit elements, “Attack of the Monster Tongue?” Lots of others around the country have; puppet teams, singing groups, drama teams, and more. You’ll cackle and chortle over this story of Gossips Gone Wild! About 6 minutes long. Read more here!

“Assignment: Witness!”
(Soundtrack key: You do your own lines and the Skit Trax supply the background music and sound effects.)

The interaction between a believer and a non-believer at a bus stop is influenced by unseen (to them) spiritual beings representing both sides. The very real powers of Heaven and Hell are revealed as they strive for a soul. Churches all across the country have performed this one! Runs for about 10 minutes. Click here for all the details and script preview pages!

“Assignment: Hindrance!”
(Soundtrack key: You do your own lines and the Skit Trax supplies the skit open and close music.)

This short skit follows the chance meeting of a couple of demons, Scuzzy and Sleazy, as they converse about the ups and downs of being assigned to hinder Christians. The one that has to deal with an on-fire believer is not happy about it! Funny, direct, and easy-to-do, this script goes great as a follow-up sequel to “Assignment: Witness,” or stands alone. 6-8 minutes. Read more here!

“A Canvas of Lies”

(Soundtrack key: You do your own lines and the Skit Trax supplies the skit open and close music.)

The devil is a master painter, and his paintings are beautiful, displaying scenes of sinful situations. He paints a pretty picture of sin that leaves out the consequences. He is being interviewed about the art in his exhibition and comments on the various paintings, each named for a particular sin. As the newscaster questions the deceptive artist, the dark secret behind his attractive paintings begins to emerge. A darkly humorous skit that lasts about 12-15 minutes. Read more about it here!

Okay, I’m assuming you’ve browsed through the skit description pages linked above. You’re seeing things in a new light, and you’re wondering about getting one or more to perform at your harvest festival. Consider this: Each of these skit scripts use an element of fear to make strong statements about the overcoming power available through Jesus Christ. Showing that the Spirit He has given us, which is not a Spirit of fear, can overcome things in this life that are scary, is a worthy goal. Being afraid of even touching on scary situations in your skits, shows that fear itself has already conquered you in your desire to witness effectively.

Any of these scripts would add greatly to your Halloween Alternative event with just the right amount of seasonal spookiness and spiritual truth. Have a special Drama night, with several of these skits done back to back or as part of an overall program. Or, do one or more of them in between the events and songs in your concert. Your attendees will enjoy it and go home with the message lingering in their minds and hearts long afterward.

How To Use The Skits

“Great,” you finally say while slapping a knee. “I’m convinced. But I need a longer play than the 8-10 minute scripts here.”

No problem! Just do several of them! Two or even three of them, separated by a song, followed by a short message from the pastor or youth pastor, would make a whole program, in a “variety show” format. Your emcee or host can even be a “Rod Serling” type of character, with each skit presented as a vignette on a theme that he presents. The overall program could be called “The Spiritual Zone,” using music from the “Twilight Zone” TV show. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?